ORGANIC WHEY – THE BEST WHEY PROTEIN FOR MUSCLE GROWTH STUDY – Body Composition, Blood Plasma and Your Immune Health.

Alright gymrat, this will be a super quick post, because whey protein is one of the most known supplements in our “subculture” as I definite it. When striving for that genetic optimum, we have to use whey. Fact. But whey is so much more than just the perfect powder to kickstart protein synthesis for 40 mins. ORGANIC (!!!), not denatured is it extraordinary immune health supporter and a GSH enhancer + globular protein, hence blood plasma turn up source. Fu!k cancer, the flu and build muscle with this awesome stuff. A must have and the base supplement of every post workout. Why is it in CEILINGS, though? Because it is not absolutely mandatory for your life to be called a life. Why is it in the EATC System then? Because it is absolutely mandatory to reach your genetical potential in every sport and has got benefits that outreach all medical treatments you can think of. The Whey I are.. (old times <3 nostalgia so creamy for the soul) at least it goes ALL THE WHEY UP. There are whey protein muscle growth studies out there, promoting a 100% increase of muscle growth post workout in young athletes.

Immune Health and GSH

Your immune system is more important than you think at first sight. It is the slowest biochemical system in your body and get’s fucked in the end which will lead you to get all kinds of stuff you fear when asking google for medical advice (like pictures and people who tell you what kind of disease you have 100% for sure). The chain goes like this:

Fucks up first:

NERVOUS SYSTEM: (overtraining exists and it’s a result of chronic “i don’t sleep, nor eat good and train stupid with lots of cardio”, #yeah buddy!, disease.)

Fucks up second:

ENDOCRINE (hormone) SYSTEM: When always stressed out and catecholaminificated with all kinds of chronic stress hormone levels through the irresponsible fu!king with your nervous system through (contemporary assessed normal) stimuli + 8 cups coffee to get your ass up, the direct effects will be an always burning sympathicus. Which means norepinephrine and epinephrine etc. (YES, the sh!t from the movie Crank 1 (fu!k yea)) constantly flowing in your blood circulation and therefore being in a constant fight or flight state. FU!KING HEALTHY YEAH.

Remember Yin and Yang, bros and hoes: Get your REST, SLEEP, YIN and follow the tao of a balanced 50/50 lifestyle.Gelatine (glycine) and magnesium help you with this.

Fucks up third:

IMMUNE SYSTEM: it’s all tied together and closely linked. Remember, you are just some atoms that form a holistic organism. Everything is related, combined, interacting and quite frankly: ONE.

How does organic whey help with this? Well, there’s highly bioavailable cysteine, lots of globular protein and overall EAAs. But let the fingers do the talking:

“The results show that dietary supplementation with a whey-based product can increase glutathione levels (46,6%) in cystic fibrosis” (lungs and cancer)

For the peeps who dunno yet:

Cysteine, which contains an antioxidant thiol group, combines with glycine and glutamate to form GSH. GSH is the major endogenous antioxidant produced by cells, providing production for RNA, DNA, and proteins via its redox cycling from the reduced form, GSH, to the oxidized form, GSSH. Though direct conjugation, GSH detoxifies a host of endogenous and exogenous toxins including toxic metals, petroleum distillates, lipid peroxides, bilirubin, and prostaglandins.”

Cysteine is a double edged sword. Using acetyl L cysteine directly after working out diminishes muscle growth due to the too strong anti-inflammatory effect. The acetyl “shell” “around” the cysteine amino acid protects the cysteine so good that it is as strong as a medical treatment. Use it on off days and when sick. More about cysteine in my cysteine guide.

In WHEY, however, this stuff is highly bioavailable, not too high in dosage and naturally not as stable. It’s the perfect combination of recovery and WANTED inflammation for muscle growth. Immune health is all about inflammation and fighting it.  For all the athletes who want to improve their immune health, whey is the whey to go.

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Globulins are your blood plasma proteins that have all kinds of important functions. Heres some WIKI action, but beware: All proteins in the blood circulation and the interaction with tissue cells (brain etc.) is done through globular protein. Your liver synthesises it from amino acids but whey makes it all pretty much super easy for your body by providing the globulins themselves. Go HIGH PROTEIN with WHEY over an extended period of time to give your liver the anabolic signal to make HAY in form of globulins. They really ARE the master keys to your blood plasma. So overkill your liver (shorty) and get it all the whey up. Shorty what you want? Shorty what you need? I got what you need (organic whey protein).

  • Messengers, by transmitting messages to regulate biological processes. This function is done by hormones, i.e. insulin etc.
  • Transporters of other molecules through membranes
  • Stocks of amino acids.


Whats next is the amazing natural blood composition. The globuins in organic whey are extremely good and an addition of your blood globulin.

  • “b-lactoglobulin binds retinol (vitamin A) and promotes uptake of retinol via gut; by a similar mechanism it may also facilitate the uptake of long-chain fatty acids
  • a-lactoalbumin kills tumour cells (in vitro) and exerts anti-bacterial effects in the upper respiratory systems; it has also been shown to have protective effects on gastric mucosa.
  • lactoferrin regulates the absorption of iron via gut; it will inhibit the growth of various bacteria and regulates immunological response of immunocomponent cells
  • serum albumin binds and carries fatty acids and bile pigment
  • immuno-globulin G involves with bactericidal (anti-bacterial) effects with complements and prevents bacteria from adhering to tissues; neutralizes toxins and viruses
  • immuno-globulin A inhibits growth of various bacteria by condensing them; prevents bacteria from adhering to the surface of mucosa; neutralizes toxins produced by viruses and bacteria.
  • immuno-globulin M has the same effects as IgG, but its bioactivity is stronger
  • lactoperoxidase catalyzes the reaction of producing cyanogen ion with strong bactericidal power from cyanic ion and hydrogen peroxide in the body
  • lysozyme kills bacteria by destroying cell walls”

Source (SuppV is fuck!ng awesome)

To sum it up: Globulins are extremely important for your blood plasma which is a marker for your life experience objectively and subjective wellbeing, too!

Getting more low fat Diary Products is good, too. Casein and calcium are fu!king BEASTS when it comes muscle conservation and shredding fat. Natural NOT denatured, hence organic protein is the whey to go. Get your globulins wherever you can and keep your blood plasma DENSE as a MOTHERFUCKER. Not to mention the scientific proven change in body composition..

As always: Nature fu!ks them all.


The perfect POST WO consists of only 3 things. You don’t need anything else and after the post immediately after the workout, you wait 40 mins and get your post WO meal with proteins and good fats (beef liver/ wild salmon/ eggs (IL-6 superior husL)). Heres the formula:

30-50g Organic Whey Protein + 5-15g Creatinemonohydrate + 5-15g Taurine

= Scientifically proven BEST POST WO POSSIBLE

You DON’T need extra carbs to “spike that insulin”. The leucin in the whey do the trick well enough (= 100%) and theres no more stimulus at that point for your muscle cells and liver you can provide. I recommend to not get carbs for more mitochondrial density, less unwanted fat storage (abundance of leucine + carbs) and your insulin/ leptin sensitivity without ANY “muscle growth potential” sacrifices. This stuff is longterm and the muscle growth happens when resting the hours after with good fats, protein and clean carbs, EATC and SLEEP.

30g of whey are sufficient, the 25g of EAAS in there are the maximum of your liver protein synthesis of those super fast acting whey aminos.

Creatine monohydate is absolutely mandatory for your ATP/PCr levels and LIFE, taken it in the POST WO provides a +5-10% better overall effect (Science! Fu!k yea.)

Taurine makes you more insulin sensitive etc. and inhibits neurotransmitter in your nervous system. You get calm, drowsy and ready for that awesome parasympathetic state you strove for.

“Just as I told you on Instagram to finish this post this night, I tell you to follow your balls, meditate and reflect, go hard and help as many people as possible to become stronger through the fully expressed gifts you’ve been given.”

To recap, Organic Whey is the best whey there ist because it promotes regeneration, muscle growth and gets you more glutathione.

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.