TRYPTOPHAN – THE BEST TRYPTOPHAN SLEEP SUPPLEMENT DOSAGE – Underrated Amino Lord for Muscle Mass, Serotonin and Sleep Hormones.

New day new craft. Time for tryptophan, one of my favourite secret weapons when it comes to getting shredded and expanding the nutritional boundaries of contemporary fitness knowledge. First of all, there are several aids to help you with sleep. And with help I mean balance out your sleep rhythm and depth to normal. You should get f.lux to lower down your screen brightness and stop those hormone fucking blue lights in your whatever screen in the middle of the night. Even apple got their own f.lux going on now but the true shit never dies. Back to the aids, there are melatonin to get you sleeping, 5-HTP which is tryptophan in a smaller broken down form to get you sleeping and then there’s tryptophan itself. The chain goes kinda like this Tryptophan->5-HTP->Serotonin->Melatonin. If anything in this chain is fu!ked, your sleep is fu!ked. Melatonin is too much of a pivotal hormone for me to mess around with + it’s a medical treatment here in Germany. 5-HTP made me able to drip away faster, but I felt stupid taking it and kind of became drowsy. The real KING of this chain is tryptophan in the morning and you will be good to go to sleep and live and ALWAYS STRIVE AND PROSPER. (Don’t forget to play New Level while you break a new strength record on your fronsquat.) TRYPTOPHAN is the way to go then. Lets get some info straight up.

Tryptophan and the Circadian Rhythm (THE BEST TRYPTOPHAN SLEEP SUPPLEMENT 1)

Everyone knows ZMA, that zinc magnesium B6 combo I really like. It’s super expensive and too low in dosage to be bought and taken but the idea and biochemical reach in the gymrat-industry is amazing. All hail nutrition. If you HAVE money and no time, I recommend it nonetheless.

The Idea in this is to promote the production of your sleeping hormone melatonin and help you sleep and gain. Well guess what, you need tryptophan for that first and that’s where we constantly add the little 500-2000mg TRYP per day to promote this.

Science says: “Vitamin B6 With Breakfast Increase Serotonin and Wakefulness During the Day and Melatonin and Restful Sleep at Night”

Get your B6, magnesium, TRYP, zinc etc. ( … standard EATC Synergy) add some glycin (Oh EATC again) and sleep, recover, gain like a suckling GH newborn. I can tell! science, too: “Assumed sleep, actual sleep, and sleep efficiency were significantly increased in the breast fed infants with respect the formula fed infants.” Nuff said, TRYP in breast milk.

Don’t underestimate the circadian rhythm of your unconscience and body and conscience, go to bed when it’s dark and get your TAO. By that I mean your yin, bro. Get some balance, natural enhancement I like to say. Your Psyche will thank me in the afterlife. So become holistic and go to bed at 22 most of the time. Go hard and go home, skip this unimportant shit like going out with friends. Go to sleep, enjoy life with your girl and become the socially accepted fitness guy. #Legit #Purpose

Hidden Gem for Gainz

Ah your gains, almost forgot that (Jk, bro..). You can’t forget gains, the fuel of your life but you can forget to stack tryptophan in your Aminostack. This shit is fairly overlooked and not very well evaluated by science. The leucin brotherhood strikes back again, but we stay strong and give them their credit! Leibniz action: everything and everyone has their cause and meaning.

When going on your daily fasted cardio, everyone is sipping their BCAAs, why not supp some TRYP and CARNITINE, too? Or just get it in the morning with your other stuff like D3, K2, Calcium, zinc etc. and stop your protein breakdown by providing this rate limiting precious amino acid. Intermittent fasting brothers out there, this is your holy grail… It furthermore promotes follastatin, the myostatin inhibitor. Makes sense, more serum protein in your system at all times = More hypertrophy possible!

As always, get your blood protein serum as high as possible for life joy. TRYP is your ultimate friend in this. Overlooked and underrated. But life is not about rating, life is about now and today. How you FEEL. So get your TRYP and serotonite the fu!k up.

“These results suggest that dietary TRP deficiency decreased muscle and liver protein synthesis rates in relation to a decrease in the post-prandial release of insulin following a decreased rate of nutrient absorption.”

Insulin Sensitivity + TRYPTOPHAN = Ultimate gains and protein synthesis


There’s some tryptophan in CACAO, too. Oh wonder. Always depressed and stressed out? Get your magnesium and eat organic cacao and tryptophan.

“tryptophan is also important for the production of 5-HT (serotonin), growth hormone (GH) and the thyroid hormones, TSH, T3 and T4”

Fun fact: CARB UP, when insulin sensitive and get more serotonin!

Yeah, depression, schizophrenia, your circadian rhythm and your T3 are all tied up to form the experience of your reality. And don’t forget the GAINZ in this. Huge factor.

Usage and Dosage

Don’t overdo it, this stuff is even more powerful than tyrosine for your life experience. BALANCE, TAO, SLEEP.

500-2000mg in the morning will suffice. Don’t take it before sleeping, won’t work. Get it on EMPTY or fasted so it get’s into your brain. BCAAs transporter block TRYPTOPHAN transporter. Get it with carbs if you will.

I think it’s NUFF said again, my content gets better as it gets more concise and works with quotes. So UP your life, sleep, dreams and gains. All in one package with the full intuition EATC ingredient tryptophan. So.. Tryptophan in the morning is indeed the best sleep supplement, together with 13g of glycine.

“If it feels right, it is right.”

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.