THE GOLDEN RATIO – Psychology and Physiology of Getting Shredded + EATC Shortguide

You work out?
You just started living healthy?
Having plateaus and no real concept of what to do or where you are heading?
Dieting must be confusing when just starting out!
So many promises in your surroundings and no clue what “pills to pop” and when!
Better take nothing at all, right?
Ever wondered what the 
REALLY BEST nutrition looks like?
The true scientific optimum right now in this time and place? 
Get in charge of the process and kickstart your progress with the graphics and outlines I put down for you to recreate your body composition and looks forever.
Get your individual path of getting ripped with my graphics and realistic outlines of how to approach this gigantic mountain of work. 
It IS possible to climb that mountain. I climbed it and many others. Why not have a map to prevent walking into the wrong direction and have some guidance from someone who walked the path before you?
Here’s the chapters for you to have an overview:

  • Intro and Baseline
  • Survival Of The Fittest
  • New Surroundings
  • Goal Outlines Plan
  • Superior GSD System
  • Goal
  • Outlines
  • Plan
  • Shredding Context
  • Shredding Process
  • Understanding the Process
  • Shredding Graph
  • Shredding Explained
  • SCMMT Priority
  • The Golden Ratio
  • The Golden Ratio Outlines
  • The Lifestyle Golden Ratio 
  • EATC Tool and Food Foundation
  • EATC Shortguide & All Ingredients
  • Outro and Prospect
  • Disclaimer and Legal Contact

No secrets, easy variables.
80 pages of high quality put down experience of over 7 years of body composition shifting.
7 exclusive graphics to visualise the variables of changing your body composition. 
Be sure to know what to focus on.
+ EATC Shortguide to understand the legendary supplement stack in just 5 minutes. 

Nutrition, Physique, Structure.
Get in charge NOW and know what to look for in training and nutrition forever.

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