Slowly but safely as I like to say does the EATC legacy come to an end… All supplements are described and the craft stands for itself. Maybe some Shreducation will follow and the books to complete the masterpiece of my 20s. I feel it in my bones. I come closer to a “mental winter” as a friend from Cairo would say and have to take some steps back from going too hard. This is normal, life comes in cycles as uncle E told us all. Good thing will meet a beautiful woman soon and enjoy the flowers of life. True life. Not the gym! The gym is just the subjective manifestation of our libido in form of lifting sh!t and vice versa. You can do anything, it’s the how: The intensity and the vigour you pursue your craft and express the depth of your balls/ unconsciousness/ feeling. Call it however you want. A pretty gift I found is taurine. So much more lies within it and it is, like carnitine, a true underdog of the “amino acid derivate family”. But let’s pile up some facts and get some yin. After all, winter is indeed coming.

Testosterone and Health (TAURINE MUSCLE GROWTH STUDY 1)

As stated, taurine is the SHIT in cheap supplemental optimisation. To cite a relatively new study:

“The mechanism of this action has not been studied. Taurine is a chemically simple compound, but it has profound effects on cells. This has led to the suggestion that taurine is an essential or semi-essential nutrient for many mammals.”

In combination with the further information I will cite and provide here, the message is clear: BALLSY INTUITION is still valid and more valid than ever, due to more and more knowledge and therefore gaps. All hail #Empiricism.

“taurine is a fairly inert compound, it is an ideal modulator of basic processes, such as osmotic pressure, cation homeostasis, enzyme activity, receptor regulation, cell development and cell signalling. … taurine functions as an indirect regulator of oxidative stress. Although this action of taurine has been widely discussed, its mechanism of action is unclear. A potential mechanism for the antioxidant activity of taurine is discussed. Fourth, taurine stabilizes membranes through direct interactions with phospholipids.

Remember phospholipids? Choline? Anyone? Phoshoplipids form the membranes of all of your cells. Muscle, heart, brain, fascia and vessels profit from taurine inside your cell and make them keen to promote fatty acid oxidation and therefore result in a healthy blood lipid level and insulin sensitivity mid- to longterm. Furthermore:

“improved antioxidant activity (SOD, ACP, GSH were all elevated), reduced oxidative damage and markers of muscle and liver damage, AST and ALT, as well as lipid oxidation, MDA, were all significantly reduced) and theincreased expression of nitric oxide synthase and subsequent raise in nitric oxide production”

The nitric oxide synthase, the production of NO through your NO enzyme aka.

Arginine -> (Iron, Vit B2, BH4) -> NO

is fueled and you know how much value I account to nitric oxide through nitrate or citrullin malate, either way! It is the maker or breaker of your epithelial tissue that makes it all ONE from the blood flow aspect and forms the biggest inner surface in direct contact with your blood -> everything else. Soft tissue (heart, lungs), big pumps and insulin sensitivity inclusive. And for all who don’t know why I celebrate the holy insulin sensitivity. Here a nice extra fact. Insulin and IGF-1 are closely intertwined and act like twin brothers.

This means:

Insulin Sensitivity = Growth Hormone sensitivity = Recovery, Sleep (Brain recovery) and Overall Life Experience Enhanced.

Due to all mentioned effects does taurine lower blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and supports all kinds of organ function (liver, kidney, pancreas.)

Taurine ups the testosterone in rats by around 50%, which is quite a lot. Therefore it helps with preserving muscle function and capacity + fatty acid oxidation while exercising. It is a vital counterpart in breast milk and being a vegetarian reduces the taurine amount of your breast milk.

Depression ingrains itself in an early stage of your life and then spreads out into your unconscious life plan. Taurine helps to relax your nervous system, become less anxious about everything and decreases the symptoms of schizophrenia and alcohol addiction.

Fun Fact: Cats HAVE to “supplement” taurine because they cannot produce it themselves. A whole range of ills pain your kitty when taurine deficient.

If you want to get more taurine into your diet with whole foods: Eat more seafood and dark meat. The darker, the more taurine is in there. Natural taurine is even better for your gut health. Just saying.

Muscle Regeneration and Gym Performance (TAURINE MUSCLE GROWTH STUDY 2)

Taurine helps your muscle cells work and contract at high intensity. It regulates enzymatic functions and is linked to phospholipid membrane formation and function. Theres longterm gainz, then AND “immediate” gym performance enhancing effects of having enough taurine in your system: More peak force, more fatty acid oxidation and longer endurance! As stated, there is not that much information “out there” to really make a clue of taurines full range of effects.

To be short: More peak contraction, better recovery. And don’t forget all the other good health benefits for all your organs etc. which increase your overall life performance and therefore your gym time, too.

In addition to this, the hypothalamic response to taurine looks very much like mTor growth effects due to ampk repression and, as mentioned before, a feeling of satiety. Awesome amino acid to shred, feel full and trigger muscle growth after the workout without spiking insulin.


It is proven to best be taken in the POST WO, due to the augmented glycogen uptake and drowsy making effects. Intra WO is not beneficial for trained individuals. This leads us to the perfect post WO:

30-50g Organic Whey Protein + 5-15g Creatinemonohydrate + 5-15 Taurine

= Scientifically proven BEST POST WORKOUT POSSIBLE #TaurineBCAASynergy

Usage and Dosage

I go with 5-7g in my post WO and go good with it. Some people respond to little dosages and I can recommend to take it before sleeping with glycine (Carl Jung HusL). Will really relax the fu!k out of you. Spread it over the day in meals when getting stomach issues, which is very unlikely. Try out 5-15g per day. Taurine sets your mood on ease and lets you relax. Drop the thoughts and enjoy all those awesome things this little secret tip provides for you. True magic, true ballsy intuition.

“Spring? Jump and Try Out. – Summer? Invest and Grind. – Autumn? Reap and Relate. – Winter? Meditate and Mentor.”

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.