What’s chiseling Leucine Brothers? Not your quads or glutes am I right? Maybe your supplementation su!ks and your girlfriend no d!cks. Is that a good thing? Depends! Just like with supplements: sometimes getting them and the right ones (strokes?) are the key to success and sometimes they are not worth the coil at all, or even detrimental if furthering others interests. Did I make you jealous? In addition to this sh!t, I will outline the supplements that really ARE an option and can be put into your CHAMP supplement stack category. The EATC System is so individual, I couldn’t stand it if I were right wing. So, are those supplements really the best supplements for muscle growth? Let’s debunk some.


So I heard everyone is sipping their BCAAs while working out or doing fasted cardio, right? That’s pretty clever. Branched chained amino acids jump into the citrate cycle and prevent your bodies glyconeogenesis from breaking down muscle tissue due to a high energy deficit while working out. But what about the other essential amino acids in your blood? They can be used as fuel, too. AND BCAAs deplete/ block your brain tryptophan (serotonin = happiness) levels while working out and can even trigger depressive emotional tendencies while working out. In addition to this, theres plenty of BCAAs in your daily high protein food routine. There’s BCAAs in meat, fish, eggs and gelatin. If you really need to substitute bcaas because you go vegan or sth. like that, be careful to not overdose them. They are no wonderful secret substance at all. Not to forget that BCAAs block your AMPK cell mode while doing cardio and therefore killing all anti cancer/ mitochondrial biogenesis– effects in terms of PGC-1α, SIRT1 and AMPK. Pretty shitty and literally depressive.

Glycine helps with the prevention of muscle breakdown, too and tryptophan even more due to it’s protein synthesis rate limiting counteraction. Get yourself some glycine and tryptophan and experience more destress in your life, a lower recovery time and more peace of mind.


The Omega 3/ Omega 6 Ratio is very important, that’s right. But what’s more important is to get omega 3s naturally and to understand the omega 6 IL-6 inflammations + the hormonal and cellular effects of these essential fats in your body. IL-6 inflammation is caused by arachidonic acid (omega 6 fats found in animals) an can in slight dosages promote muscle building inflammation. This is why steak and eggs are so good at building muscle tissue eaten around working out.

Newest study says: omega 3 fish oil is full of toxins and oxidative bullshit. From my experience I can tell that natural omega 3 is somehow much much more “noticable” in your life. If anything. I eat 154g of the cleanest salmon every day in the evening. 3x per week fatty fish will suffice, too.

Verdict: Rancid fish oil is not worth the coil.


Dunno why all the sponsored athletes take this in abundance. YES glutamine very important and YES it’s the most abundant amino acid in your blood plasma. BUT if you are on a super high protein diet like I am (+250g), due to the high T3 and zinc levels (= protein synthesis +40% ), your body will take all the not used protein molecule chains and form glutamine by itself. The chain goes like this:

Glutamate + Ammonia = Glutamine

Ever been afraid of too much ammonia in your system? Don’t be: The more amino acids you consume, the more ammonia (bad) will be formed from “excess” protein molecules. BUT, at the same time there will be more glutamate formed and in combination with our HOLY CITRULLIN MALATE, the urea cycle will laugh tears of joy and synthesis it all/make motherfu!king glutamine folks.

Isn’t that amazing? Quite frankly, it is.


All about the stims in this one. I am a dopamine person. That means I am NOT enhancing my life with L-tyrosine, caffeine or synthetic drugs of any kind. This is not me. Apart from cacao: I dig cacao and CHOCC UP ALL DAY LOOONG. Otherwise, I take stuff to calm down like taurine, and calming thoughts + meditation and visualising. Yeah and Alpha GPC of course, when I’m not out of cash.

For everyone else, the perfect PRE WORKOUTS are:

L-Tyrosine + Taurine +

100-400mg Caffeine (Coffee or Cacao) +

200mg Alpha GPC + 14g Citrullin Malate

Disclaimer: Do not take stims as chronically as to forget to rest and listen to your body. That does not work. You will burn out eventually and your body get the 50% Yin it deserves. Use stims to enhance peak performance and use it as a sharp sword. The less you use it, the sharper it gets. Be wise, be proud, be samurai.


Caffeine is best taken as coffee for the polyphenols etc. but beware! Even here is the devil in the details when it comes to pesticides and huge dosages. Stay below 200mg caffeine per day, thats roughly 4-5 cups of coffee (coffee bean types vary greatly in caffeine), and say “f!ck you” to coffee resistance. Some people are fast coffee metabolisers and feel a big decline in concentration after even 30 minutes. They should stick to green tea, or even better, for that insane natural theobromine, caffeine, tyrosine combo. Raw cacao is a much better choice for the mind. It raises your serotonin levels, makes you feel well and high in status and also wakes you up in the morning. Not to forget all the anti-carcinogenic effects.

I did my coffee days in the second half of 2015 with piracetam, 12-15 cups o’ coffee and L-tyrosin all day long while grinding International Relations Theory 4-5hrs a day and studying + doing 24-48hr+ Intermittent Fasting. I’m done with that shit, I use coffee as a booster and never as a crutch. Build sleep days into your life.

Otherwise, you gotta know what coffee does: It raises your catecholamine levels in your bloodstream, triggers a “stress” response, gets you more insulin sensitive and raises blood triglyceride levels.

Verdict: Coffee is a good and healthy stimulant when taken with care and responsibility. 40 min before workouts is the perfect timing and more is (scientifically proven!) not better.


There was a time in april 2016 when I consumed 2kg of high quality organic maca powder in 1-2 weeks! I mixed it with greek yoghurt and had all kinds of crazy dreams, felt dizzy and weird as fu!k. I think this stuff works but it is definitely not for me. I am not a powder person. I binge powder and don’t believe in any kind of powder extract etc. fore I eat the foods in whole and get the antioxidants from natural sources and amino acid derivates (eg. taurine, L cysteine etc. and Vit E and C from berries and broccoli consumption).

If you want a huge dick and phalltastic pumps -> Get 14g+ citrullin malate, beetroot extract etc. and be sure to eat clean (no excess alcohol) for the hormones. Ah, and live on the edge of your psychological possibilities. Do fearful stuff (ask a 10 out, talk with your boss for a raise, promote your fuck!ng opinion, regardless or travel into a foreign country with nothing but balls in your pockets) and jump into the “subjective” fire fore it’s nothing in comparison to the new person you will be after taking actions you fear. This will raise your overall life testosterone. Back to nutrition.

Verdict: Nitric oxide for a huge phallus.


Eaas are a funky piece of supplements. Fairly expensive and not THAT well known they can enhance your daily EAA uptake and given at the right times (pre/ post WO) they can really make a difference if you go vegan or sth. like that and lack them. If you are on a high protein diet with meat, eggs, fish, the AMINOS with tryptophan (!!!) and/ or gelatin, you do not need them at ALL. Save the money for organic whey and stick to whole protein sources (gelatin, whey, egg protein etc.):


Buying casein is like buying egg protein when you can just buy and eat eggs. Getting organic whey is worth the price though and it’s devoid of oestrogens due to no milk fat. Not worth the coil but sometimes really making sense (saving time in the morning, food combinations and cooking, personal preferences etc.). BUT, you should know that caseine from other sources than human breast milk is kind of drowsing and has got side biochemical effects that are similar to morphine. This is why greek yoghurt or all the Deutsche Michels who binge on Magerquark, god bless, feel so awesome all the time and can work out at inhuman rates. We pump our gut flora full with morphine precursors and pray to God fore we are about to hit the Ye’ button. Fuck!n awesome: You should try out 1-2 weeks without dairy products, though and maybe incorporate clean weeks into your life “diet cycle” regimen. Keeps the head fresh. Do you even meditate? Let’s move on to GABA.


Gaba is praised and taken to put minds to ease and let people with insomnia sleep well. “Dominate breakfast, dominate rhythm sleep”, as a rapper on told me in a track I listened on my iPod shuffle. It was a joke of course. And it is just the same with Gaba: STOP FUCK!NG WITH YOUR RYTHM SLEEP. Gaba can have some sleep promoting effects, but why don’t you just get the natural stuff right first, like eating at the same time every day, not drinking coffee after 3pm, getting your 0.5-2g L-tryptophan in the morning while adding B6, zinc and magnesium in the evening? Not to forget to enhance your life/ sleep rhythm with the plugin f.lux or skipping bright blue screens in the middle of the night altogether/ keeping your mind calm after hitting 11 hours of a fine, nice office grind and gym and girlfriend bullsh!t? That’s a place to start. Not hammering down your nervous system with another supplement thats not really much evaluated to fall into a trance of paralysed, spit dripping sympathicus while having a boner.


“Know when to stop. Fore sh!t not to be too much.”

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.