SKIN CARE- BEST HEALTHY SKIN SUPPLEMENTS AND PRODUCTS – Vitamin A, Benzaknen, Inner and Outer Skin Care.

Hello BACK my fellow beauty queens aka. Men’s Physique Athletes. Just kidding (?), this guide is about the only skin care routine you’ll ever need until you kinda die. The NO BULLSH!T SKIN CARE guide, divided into two ways of approaching your body: inner care and outer care, as to say nutrition for skin health and outer products for skin health. This post will be pinned into the forever (“SKIN CARE/ BODY CARE”) young internet nutrition fame by exactly YOU. All hail beauty and physical wealth. Why the fuck is everyone talking about spirituality behind closed church doors? Wait, no one IS even there? Ah I forgot: We are all “secular nihilistic existentialists who believe in shit, except that we drag our as!es off” to cite Robert Moore in his primes. God bless his soul. Of course I talk crap, the sport is everywhere. In the arts, in the bodies in the sound of every full hearted laugh. Now, back to skin care. That’s why you came here and that’s what I’ll deliver. Straight up Nutrition/ Body Care advice that actually works and ups your physical wrapping paper game. Get some chicks, dude. Jerk!ng off is not the answer to the beauty of life. Skin care and body care definitely is, like logic and reason, an entity outside our reach of full understanding and just fuck!ng awesome to have. The Mens Phyisque Workout Routine Guide got some amazing tips to get an attractive body posture.

This post is divided into

“Outer Skin Care” = Skin Care Products and Routines, and

“Inner Skin Care” = Skin Care Supplements and Nutrition

for the CLEAN SKIN ZINC Guide Hustle and the best HEALTHY SKIN SUPPLEMENTS supplements and products!

Small 101 on Skin, Outer Skin Care Baseline

Gotta hit it soon, I know. This is one of my last posts here. You can notice by the splendid quality this dope shit is written with and the diversity of words used.
Skin is an organ. Skin is the last chain link of your bodies organ-priority-list. That means if any other organ/ organ-chain-link is fu!ked: your skin is fu!ked.
If everything goes smooth and your skin

  • can breathe,
  • is clean and
  • exists in a nice pH milieu,

Soap (Nubian Black Soap: Healthy Skin Product 1)

A no-brainer? I don’t think so. There’s a lot that can go wrong here like taking some cheap gel bullshit and/ or just the shampoo. We are talking about the soap you cover your skin with while showering. And another lookalike no-brainer:
You have to literally shower every day. No days off, please. This is a must get, like brushing your teeth. Habits like not showering every day exist and they have to be spotted, and deleted from your life. The fat that gathers within your skin is fucking up your whole skin health. Letting all kinds of pimples and bullsh!t appear. I suffer from fast-get-pimple action, although I do not seem to have many fore this skin guide is a direct derivate out of my life into yours. A constant stream of value flowing into your consciousness, while your body makes the best of it. You are welcome my dear d!ck skin friend. So fu!king homo: #SorryNotSorry.
Get this soap for the best skin care possible in this time and place. If you cannot get it, get something with Aloe Vera.

Benzakne Gel (Healthy Skin Product 2)

As you might remember from the MENSPHYSIQUE101, you wanna fight pimples with bonfire action. There is a product out there… It might not be known that much yet, but somehow it is very well known already: It’s called Benzaknen or Acne Gel. Whenever you get a pimple: NEVER touch it and smear some of this fine, golden stuff on there. I got a stock of this dope cream at home by myself for the years to come… Oh boy, I’m ready to get old with this sh!t. Should take about 24-36 hours and the pimple will be shrivelled like a BONFIRE. It’s designed for worst case scenarios but works for single pimples, too. Just use 1ml of cream and you have that little guy killed.

Aztec Secret Peeling Healing Clay (Healthy Skin Product 2)

Peeling! What a feeling!
Aww yea, this stuff is really good and gets you rid of ALL kinds of little black nose pimples. You know the ones no one really gets, not even the hottest women out there (You can see it through the make up!). Kind of confidence boosting, that YOU can get rid of them now (the pimples) and spread your knowledge, fore once you’ll be gone, the sacred message stays and develops further. We are all just clay, forming more and more complex structures out of ourselves.

Protip: Combine this pore cleansing with some BENZAKNE cream rubbing action and your nose will cry tears of cleanness. Make sure to not touch the nose afterwards, fore your fingers are always dirty little cun!s.

Let’s head straight to the “Inner Skin Care” aka. Supplements and Nutrition:

Active Vitamin A/ Retinol (Healthy Skin Supplement 1)

You can think of this as a healer from inside. Real dope vitamin A is not only a key element of a superb Bonfire T3 thyroid (in combination with zinc and selenium). It’s alsoa crazy anti pimple agent. To quote some…
“Results: Four weeks of retinoic acid and retinol treatments both increased epidermal thickness, and upregulated genes for collagen type 1 (COL1A1), and collagen type 3 (COL3A1) with corresponding increases in procollagen I and procollagen III protein expression. Facial image analysis showed a significant reduction in facial wrinkles following 12 weeks of retinol application.”
You can eat collagen as much as you want, it is not that likely that bulking it will improve your collagen synthesis. Retinol will!
That’s basically some hindsight of anti wrinkle aging protein DNA transcription, you DON’T want too miss but it get’s far better here. We are talking about smooth and TANNED! Skin, too:
“Topical retinol improves fine wrinkles associated with natural aging. Significant induction of glycosaminoglycan, which is known to retain substantial water, and increased collagen production are most likely responsible for wrinkle effacement. With greater skin matrix synthesis, retinol-treated aged skin is more likely to withstand skin injury and ulcer formation along with improved appearance.”
“This study confirms that a stabilized retinol (0.1%) formulation can significantly improve the signs of photoaging, and improvements in photodamage continue with prolonged use.”

Photodamage sounds like the latest Instagram filter (not, it doesn’t), but, it really is damage by sunlight or other UV-Rays, penetrating your skin. Active vitamin A protects you against skin damage AND free radicals since vitamin A is an antioxidant. But what is the “most important” short term thing:
VITAMIN A HELPS YOU GET TANNED. Those little vitamin A molecules get stored just below your skin, so when you fuel up for around 50 days, go tan and shred fat: you will have NICE, SMOOTH, TANNED, SKIN. This is fucking amazing and it looks natural, too. Maybe because it is the most natural thing in the world to eat liver and get tons of A.
Get 50.000 vitamin A a day, beef liver or those dope handy pills in the beef liver guide. Oldskool.
Because I know only solid Men’s Physique Athletes and gays dig tanning, this is the product for all pink pawed bitches-snitches, wo do not eat beef liver:

Protip: Vitamin A is absolutely vital for your fat oxidation and thyroid function, too! But this is just the skin care guide. Stay clean folks!

Zinc is the Blink (Healthy Skin Supplement 2)

& I’m Quoting Myself

Zinc is just a must get in terms of fuck this life like its the only one you’ve got.

This is an easy one: Zinc helps you with inflammation (the superior marker for immune health) and therefore augments ALL your organs function and productivity. Yes, your skin is an organ and profits as well. To be honest you have to experience it on your own: Zinc helps your body to transform c18:3 -> c18:2 fats on the surface of your skin and therefore dries it out. Amazing news for all men’s physique competitors out there, due to the fact that the criteria there are almost 30% based on looks, e.g..: skin quality, tan quality etc. That’s because it’s a model-sport!

Do NOT underestimate the meaning of zinc for your immune health. As stated in my whey post, the immune system itself plays a vital role in your well being on all levels. I would even label it pivotal. So how does zinc help us here?

“Zinc is crucial for normal development and function of cells mediating innate immunity, neutrophils, and NK cells. Macrophages also are affected by zinc deficiency. Phagocytosis, intracellular killing, and cytokine production all are affected by zinc deficiency. Zinc deficiency adversely affects the growth and function of T and B cells. The ability of zinc to function as an anti-oxidant and stabilize membranes suggests that it has a role in the prevention of free radical-induced injury during inflammatory processes.”

To dig deeper into this:

“Results and Conclusions: Skin is in a continual state of renewal, placing a high demand on zinc-based enzymes and proteins that direct this process. The importance of zinc physiologically is especially evident in studies of wound healing and inflammation reduction. During these processes, the high needs for zinc can be supplemented externally, generally increasing the rates of the natural processes.”
To sum zinc up in regards of skin and life:

  • Your skin will become dry and healthy
  • Your thyroid will function better = More testosterone and protein synthesis
  • Zinc is anti oxidative and helps to fight free radicals
  • Your DNA transcription and protein formation is optimised
  • No more, and I swear it: 2-3x 60mg every day for 2 weeks and you will have NO MORE PIMPLES.

Milk Products

have a lot of leucine in them. Wich makes them good mTor aka. cell growth promoters. What people do not know that much is the mTor spill-over-pimple effect that can come across. I got peeps out there who suffer from milk pimples all day and sue the whey.
Stretching Boundaries aka.
“…especially BCAA + Gln or BCAA + Pro are vital in stimulating the FSR (fractional synthetic rate) of skin tropocollagen independently of insulin. However, the dermal collagen protein synthesis stimulation mechanism of these amino acids mixtures is unclear. Further study is necessary to understand the mechanism of the increase tropocollagen FSR by these amino acids.”
by either getting enough Zinc and/ hacking away milk products!
And they are right: It IS the whey. Get it clean, unflavoured and organic, without mixed carbs, step up your zinc game or skip milk products altogether. Some people are just lactose/ other stuff in milk intolerant. It’s the person ones enzymatic preposition and HIGHLY individual. Make the best of everything available to you and honour your limits.

Final Skinclusion

We got soap, peeling and Benzakne and tanning as outer skin care.
We got (active) Vitamin A aka. retinoid acid, organic zinc and skipping milk products as inner skin care.
Both aspects are vital for a rounded skin care routine. Maybe I was able to sharp yours up a little. We have healthy skin products and healthy skin supplements.
Mind that eating clean and EVERYTHING that promotes anti inflammation promotes a nice healthy skin. That means fresh veggies, omega 3, glycine, cysteine (!!!) etc. are also VITAL for nice skin. Benzaknen kills them all, though.

“Stay healthy AND beautiful. Theres NO shame in wanting to look good fore it is the promotion of the hygiene of our species, the honouring of our bodies and the creation of God. What is real is there through logic, reason, legitimation and spirit. Negating this is death himself.”

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.