ABS101 – THE BEST PHYSIQUE ABS WORKOUT EXERCISES And Your Strong Functional Men’s Physique Abdominals and Obliques.

Good morning folks. This will be a nice ABS101 for travellers out there on the odyssey for a slim waist and V-TAPER ratio, or just the average gym dude who wants to know how to improve their “abs” muscles, when low enough in body fat percentage. To be honest, THAT’S the real deal in general. But you want those crazy 3D Abs, right? At least in the Men’s Physique division, they will be judged from *all sides*, how fancy! And not to forget the SEPARATIONS with dem SERATUS? Sure. I know dat. We hustle this. You will have to have a fundamental knowledge about training types (strength, hypertrophy etc.) and basic but crucial movements. This post will give you ALL you need to know about abs training, providing some leeway even to make it fit into every individuals training biography, training taste and style. Fuck!ng awesome and honouring every one of you as you are. I’m blessed.

When I talk about “ABS” I talk about your inner and outer “core” muscles that form the tension to hold your guts in and your back straight. They go all the way AROUND and are many, many, many layered. Creating the life giving tension that makes you able to vibrate to the sounds of life as Hulse would say… To make it easier, I mostly refer to the abdominis rectus, obliques and the transverse abdominis.

Do you have to train “ABS”?

DEPENDS. If you train like a successful human being and an individual worth reading this site of genetical and psychological freaks, you will do COMPOUND movements as your meat and patata. If you do those without a belt, you will work your transversus abdominis, obliques and abdominals all at the same time in a very nice fashion. In addition to the fact that you cannot for example make your abdominals “super big” because the muscle is just not genetically designed to be superbig and it therefore really comes down to body fat percentage, you will train them with your COMPOUNDS.

All of which executed with

Mind Muscle x Structural Integrity

of course. That means contracting your ABS to stabilise yourself as a natural procedure during ALL exercises.


I present: The ABS without AB-TRAINING Tierlist. As there are:

  1. DEADLIFTS (full core>abdominals>overall, kill it.)
  2. FRONTSQUATS (abdominals>lower obliques>overall)
  3. SINGLE DUMBBELL ROWS (side obliques>seratus>back core)
  4. BARBELL UNDERHAND ROWS (back core, front abdominals)
  5. BARBELL SHOULDER PRESS (abdominals>overall)

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Frankly spoken, every exercise kind of trains abs. But those are the most remarkable ones. Do those AT LEAST once a week each with peak intentions and you will be good to go for a loooong time with your abs.

Wearing no belt makes your transversus abdominis grow. 10+ weeks before a men’s physique show you want to train more often with a belt to make that one smaller, but not always to keep it as strong as possible (heavy, short and intense reps).


Of course you want to go rise into higher levels of living on mother earth. WITH CRAY FUCK!NG PSYCHO ABS. BIG, STRONG, SLIM WAIST AND FUCK!NG SHRRDD. I know.

The “no!” post was just the test if you are hardline enough for the ultimate physique and willing to sacrifice everything humanlike in your fitness life to become the beast you are… Yea let’s check the abs workout then you do IN ADDITION to ALL or THE MOST of the above exercises. Without those, your abs will be dysfunctional, body posture fucking tension sit up pop boy strings. Fucking your body posture your gut flora and your whole life in general. Mark my words.

Train them 1-2 Times in addition to the upper said exercises executed with excellent form and mammal killing intensity. Be mindful what you are doing at every time and maybe split the ABS training into “obliques first then abdominals” or vice versa. Your style and mind muscle feel tells you the way.


You want your abdominals to be big and thick. Not tooo strong to fuck up your posture by crunching your whole body you fucking hunchback.

Exercises for your orientation:

  2. Straight Cable Crunches on Knees
  3. Straight Hanging Leg Raises
  4. Straight Exercise Ball Crunches for Ultimate Contraction

The trick is to not twist and focus exclusively on the straight execution to hit just the abs and make the big and huge with a hypertrophy mindset while hitting them. The good part follows:


To stay functional and strong you want strong obliques that keep your body in in structural integrity by balance and healthy tension all over. Look at the external obliques and their muscle fiber flow. Think about how this tissue and the strings are holding you together as an organism and from where to where contraction occurs. Visualise your muscle to work and hold together the beautiful body you form and sing a song about those functions. Mind them to go not straight but diagonal and pull a lot of force.

You want those strong and support your core and body and mind in a holistic fashion.

Exercises for your orientation:

  1. All Twist Exercises
  2. Twisting Hanging Leg Raises
  3. Cable Abs Woodcutters (all angles)
  4. One Hand Cable Twist Crunch

Twist with HEAVY INTENSITY to get that mature strength in there. When ripped You will always see your beloved seratus, which is directly connected to your upper obliques and lower rips.

As the PumpChaser told us: NEVER DO LOWER OBLIQUE Exercises if you want a slim waist! This is just piling up dysfunctional tissue around your waist and not doing SHIT with your core function. Just like training biceps all the time without training shoulders and fucking up your whole life I can imagine.

-> It’s about balancing it out here: You want to keep your transversus abdominis strong with using the belt as little as possible, but when fatigued due to so many compound movements per week, you gotta use a belt. Furthermore, you want to keep your waistline slime aka. obliques small but strong and dense.

Transversus Abdominis

This muscle lies within your body around your intestine like a bodybuilding belt, just inside you and being a functional piece of equipment. If that one is STRONG, your belly will be tighter and leaner in a relaxed pose. Ever wondered why ripped stomaches are not only ripped, but also flat most of the time? Its’s the transverses abdominis shining bright on those genetic constructs to show their contemporary worth as idols. Get this one STRONG, but not BIG. Again: Strength and short sets with high weight movements, but NO hypertrophic pump squeezing with doing reps of reps of reps.

Train it without a belt when you are no IFBBPro yet to become strong and functional in the beginning phases… Vacuums are KING in this one.

So get your inhuman shreds and hypertrophic abdominals, killer strength oblique combo. Some nice improvements in your midsection to be made. Hope this helps and is resourceful to you.


“… are the fucking legend. Do it or regret it, after every workout or abs workout. Push yourself to the limit and embrace the classic era with true pain and the absolute kick without oxygen for as long as you can. Grow as a human being by expanding yourself.”

To recap, this is the best gear to get a core and then abs:

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.