Has been a while. I wrote The Golden Ratio and got my life back on track with reflective Soul Work I had to do. But nothing of that matters here, or does it really ALL matter? Through subliminal subtextual unconscious vibes I send out with every letter that triggers a response of cognitive health and holistic growth in your brain? Maybe not. This shit is about Men’s Physique which criteria is just as subjective some might say. Men’s Physique was established in 2011 as a new bodybuilding division. It’s commercial goal was and is to make bodybuilding great again, aka. get normal people to like it due to the freakish tissue blobs that walk around (Phil Health is a legend, I point at all the other ones! #unbiased) “on stage”. Where are the old Arnold Times everyone talks about? This is where Men’s Physique comes into play. You gotta look like a fitness cover model, and thus train and live to achieve just that. You see, I threw “live” in there: just to make sure that there’s more than just 6 meals of talapia and hypertrophic machine pumping in this division of BB. You have to look like a model, too! With smooth skin, a nice face and smile and cool suave walking going on etc. More about that later in this post. I love writing this sh!t. A nice Mens Physique ABS Guide can be found here. Let’s get it started:


Men’s Physique 2015 Motivation: The Aesthetic Stage Lifestyle
This video is from 2015. We have 2018 now and the sport is much much further developed. I assume this to be one of the best videos to get a feeling for the sport’s vibe, though. Immerse!

What The Media Says

The official NANBF criteria:

1.  “Leanness/athletic build
2.  Symmetry and balance of the body
3.  V-shape form from the shoulders to the waist
4.  Stomach area must be muscular and tight from all angles
5.  Calves must show muscularity and thighs if visible”
“Judges will be looking for fit contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with muscularity and overall condition. This is not a bodybuilding contest so extreme muscularity should be marked down.
Promoters can choose number of height classes dependent on total number of competitors in total class.
Male physique competitors need to wear board shorts, (shorts must be just above the knee in length and can be one inch below the belly button, no spandex and no logos are permitted on the board shorts however a manufacturer’s logo such as Nike symbol or Billabongs are acceptable.)”
“1) Being the best: Hair neatly groomed, facial hair groomed, good tan (color) & proper use of oil, ability to smile, fitted board shorts, ability to present self in best light, no jewelry or body accessories
5) being the worst:  No color, unshaven, board shorts don’t fit properly, not groomed, distracting body hair, inability to present self in best light, not smiling,  jewelry or body accessories worn, too much oil or not enough, tattoos distracting from physique”
To round those very loose subjective definitions up a little, here are some quotes to spice it up and give you a sense of vibe.

“Most aesthetically pleasing from head to toe”

“Overall package, stage presence, smile…”

“Head to toe balance and proportion”

“Good skin, good complexion”

“Good condition but effortlessly”

“The class was picked for the guy that had an active lifestyle, ate healthy, had an aestethic good look about him as opposed to that excessive muscle”

“You want the physique that would be on the front cover of a fitness magazine”

So much for the “official” outlines. It becomes clear, that it is completely different from a bodybuilding show. It’s so much more about looks, attractivity and “lifestyle” that you could call it a gay division.


It’s 30% body care and performance, then and 70% hard hard hard, I cannot state this enough: hard work in the gym aka. top movement and top nutrition specifically for this exact sport ( aka. art).

Let’s get concrete here:

We gon’ go from head to toe (head and toe) to get some structure into this whole approach to become the physique of a man:

Body Care and Performance: 30%


-> Get on Pinterest god dammit and find some haircut and styling that fits your body size, head shape and hair colour. For a rule of thumb: You can always go twice as hard as you think and you will need twice as much effort/ time/ consultation as you think. Short is better and saves you lots of time. I recommend the shampoo Newsha. If you are not bald, you need to style it somehow. Period. Developing hair style needs time.


-> Easy stuff that gets forgotten: Always do it with ease on stage, and whiten your teeth before that. If your teeth are crooked no one will notice and it’s even more congenial (stage presence!). Smiling needs practise and should be a part of your life.

Skin Quality:

-> Check out my Skin Care Guide

Skin quality counts and it’s development does also TAKE TIME. Good luck fucking testo shortcut suckers: for not only your liver and heart sucks balls, your literal balls get sucked in by oestrogen counterbalance plus your shorter life will be even more ugly with bad skin quality. Wish you the best.

Tan Quality:

-> Do not save money on this one. Do your tanning with Australian Gold once a week, get your skin smooth with omega 3, Aloe Vera, zinc and retinol and l tyrosine and you (your Self and your skin) are golden with the longterm stuff.

On peak week and peak day: go to a close tanning service that’s near your event or arrange one. You want spray tan, maybe two layers and you want to win this shit. Do not screw it with being fucking miser and become legend with shining skin.



-> Hahaha, good thing we are all doing them front squats, deadlifts and chin ups am I right? Yea cuz otherwise you are fucked here. You posture is vital for your success in Physique: Your stage and life presence comes down to the holistic projection your being can throw at others biologic sensors and having a fucked up posture signals only one thing: weak. fucking. loser. (Girls notice it, too) Good thing you can go the hard work route and improve your posture with the Posture Guide in here.

Doing compounds, lifting clean and stretching responsibly gives you the power of proactive posture fixing. Posture is all about pure anatomic health, full rotation of all of your joints and structural integrity. We gonn make it, get one of my Training Plans for functional Thought Gradients and the real information and mindset for holistic physique training. Humble baseline: THIS SHIT SUPER LONGTERM, SLOWLY FIXED WHEN FUCKED.


-> Super important and the maker or breaker of your winning physique game. “It’s all about an illusion on stage” and this is always true. It’s not only about your physical data, it’s about the way you move, stretch and expand muscle tissue to make it look the best possible. Creating the WOW effect is done here. We like movement, not pictures. We are amazed by living things, surprising flexes, not stiff stone figures.

You want to become a master of posing. Every movement should express you and be part of your flow fit for you individually. Max out everything, get a flow, become a flow. Squeeze and learn to hold your abs in while smiling for some plus minutes. Be the muscle #mindmuscle, be the performance.

Make the best out of your bod, pronounce your strengths and make the best of your weaknesses. You cannot “hide” them as many people say. Effort IS visible and under the spotlight every weakness IS visible, too. Make the best out of everything. Hide nothing.

This shit should look like you do it every day and that’s exactly what you will do: Pose and flex and try things out every day. Figuratively speaking: if working out is painting, posing is cleaning the brushes. If working out is playing the violin, posing is making sure the strings are tuned and in best condition. It’s an essential part of the game that keeps the artists craft clean.

Protips: skip the mirror and record yourself, hire a posing coach, watch the latest posing videos of the latest big big Men’s Physique shows (and always Olympia!).

“Objective” Contemporary Physical Ideal: 70%

Shoulders/ Delts:

-> You want round FULL shoulders that extend your V Shape to the possible max. Train them at least once a week and train your front, mid end rear delts effectively. Get The IV+V Training System for in depth shoulder and physique training. Otherwise watch all kinds of Videos on YouTube from Phil Heath, Jeremy Buendia and Matt Acton.

Shoulders are the new “Chest” that everyone lacks and equal there to the “Upper Chest” that everyone lacks. Everyone wants dem boulders but no one wants to really invest time to build that mind muscle connection from all sides. Better check some anatomy pictures of your most complex joint complex in the body that fucks up the most times the most bad. #mind muscle safety brah

Delts are the absolute thang to incorporate into your MEN’S PHYSIQUE WORKOUT ROUTINE.


-> Must have, no chest no life in any game that’s about looks. The chest is the muscle that lets you arm extend to ram spears into tissue. If it’s huge, your cock is, too. So never let it flatten out. Ima train mine two times per week to bring it to life. Your chest genetics can be very unique but will never look shitty like abs. Be proud and never ashamed of your genetics. Side with “weaknesses” bro and develop your fucking upper chest, too: get that upper shelf. No one wants gorilla tits because you flat bench so much. It’s dem incline golden gold god talking.


-> It’s no secret: we want more than just the nice V-Taper in Physique. We want thick 3D thickness and well developed deep latissimus muscles and a wide and gigantic upper shelf belt. Shoulders, Infraspinatus and Teres Major muscles should exist in a sculptured fashion. Theres only one way to achieve this: Row row row your boat and super clean mind muscle perfection. Bent over barbell roves with underhand grip, single dumbbell rows and al kinds of hammer strength in the end will do the job. The art of physique back training cannot be explained here right now. It’s possibilities and thought gradients are too much and belong to the IV+V Training System. Training more than four times per week will get you the strong core AND a nice upper shelf view from behind due to it’s pivotal importance as a stabiliser. Don’t forget to chin the fuck up in all this.


-> The Legendary Arm Day. Find out how your arms grow because this shit is highly individual and kinda like magic. You need big full rounded arms with a nice bice and sick triceps striations. Skullz and Bones + Cable Pulls and super super super sets are your friend here.

Abs/ Obliques:

-> Check out the ABS101 for how to create men’s physique abs that are functional and good good looking with a slim waistline! It’s all about structure and function here while still looking perfect. Hard to do but the unconscious cannot be tricked: the posture and the hip vibes give every weakness in your physical construction away. From “something feels not right” to “your lack of skill in this sport is clearly visible”. Step down to the ground and build something strong from there instead of being blown away one day and having to start all over again (if at all). #Inflated #PuerAeaternus

The rule goes like this:

Amazing Ab-Section Equation=

Low Body Fat x Big Rectus Abdominis x Strong and Dense Obliques

A small free sample AB Routine:

With abs, it’s more mind muscle training than ever. Reps 15-30 and shorter rest times than usual. Contraction is key here.

  1. Straight Cables Crunches, Hanging Leg Raises and Ball. -> Contractions are your gold: superset, too! Best first 3 Exercises.
  2. Abs machine for some Seesaw (4-5×30) action.
  3. And finish off with 5 rounds of 15+ seconds of vacuums.

(External and Internal Obliques and Transverses Abdominis should be strong by doing the IV+V compound optimised sacrificial ritual 5 times a week.)

Otherwise check the basic ABS101.


Why train calves? “Because they are EXPOSED.” Look at the calve development history of this sport. Look at JEREMY BUENDIAS calves. They are more than superior formed of granite. I saw them. I touched them. In order to have the legendary impressive X-Frame look and a streamlined silhouette, you gotta have those calves. You have bad calve genetics? Well, then make the best of it or change the sport or accept your genetical inferiority in this. Calves are IMPORTANT to be top notch. This does not mean that you can’t be place 1, though. They are just important. Keep grinding folks!

How Much Training In Your Mens Physique Workout Routine?

This shit is highly individual. You gotta have a flow going on and everything perfectly FIT for YOU. Get some coaches to judge you objectively and take their words seriously. The worst you can do is go all by yourself and fuk up the big project that you are by becoming blind whilst in and by the process. This happens all the time and you want feedback from real honest experienced people. No one else. -> Mine deep, trust your guts with the choice of one coach and then trust only him: take a big dump on everyone else. Enjoy the fucking process. You are not in charge of the outcome. Ever. Just do your best and become the best physique you can ever be. Maybe you will be assessed the best of a show one day and get a trophy. That’s it, so be sure you want the grind, the sacrifice and the muse of it all. Now you know how and can be honest to yourself. Roll hard when aligned. Your Mens Physique workout routine should be individual and focus on compounds and your weaknesses. It has to focus on Chest, Back, Shoulders, Legs, Arms, Abs and then Calves.

Last tip: Men’s Physique is a new sport and still developing in an unbelievable pace with new body and performance criteria and new “subjectivity” every season. Stay tuned and always watch the newest shit. It’s like empirical science: the old shit is not the optimum anymore and the new shit is better, if proven better and developed from the old stuff:

It’s with fucking everything. Like the tree does. Know your roots, strengthen your roots but grow high and green and prosper. Science, Life, Development. Nourish it!

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.