Whats pumping and never dying? The heart of a champion: #The Real Sadik talking, but now i’ll tell you something about magnesium and why it’s the absolute base nutrition every living creature should supplement. When it’s called ESSENTIALS, it is ESSENTIAL and by that I mean essential for your whole life to be called a constant struggle of your mind and physical growth in the gym. Follow your heart, bro. I know you know what I mean. So magnesium is a must have and that for good reason. You know I am a believer of energy and energy flow. We as dynamic energetic constructs are systems through wich energy flows. That’s where ATP comes into play and in every cell of your body ATP is bound to magnesium. Magnesium is a super complex and just as important mineral for your whole life. Let’s check why. Before I forget: It is CRUCIAL to keep your magnesium intake HIGH over an extended period of TIME. 99% of the bodily-magnesium-storage-capacity is in the cells. Raising those 1% in your blood will take time to get into all cells. Sorry but will take 5+ weeks, so start NOW. 


The holy grail of your overall well being and metabolism. Your insulin sensitivity is the marker for the sensibility of your cells towards insulin (oh wonder). But why is it so powerful? Because of your body composition and the way it enhances nutrients shuttling into your cells. How awesome would it be to eat a normal big meal and having most of it’s carbs zzooooom into your muscle and liver cells instead of fat tissue? Magnesium plays a crucial role in this, because it induces higher healthy blood glucose levels and what’s more important: It’s the fundamental brick in your cell that stores and releases carbs to energy. More intracellular magnesium levels = a higher glycolytic capacity in your whole organism and we are talking about 200-300% here. A sick and awesome insulin sensitivity promotes optimal nutritional absorption and more muscle growth due to the muscle being always horny to get that nutrients inside. Insulin sensitivity is still a bigger book to be read into and has to do with cell membrane permeability, too and all kinds of mineral and trace element availability and of course my favourite NO/ nitrate that keeps your vessels PUMPED and always POPPIN. Check the magnesium citrate studies at the end of the post.

Just as a reminder the magic insulin sensitivity formula is this:

MAGNESIUM + CARNITINE + CREATINE + TAURINE + OMEGA 3 + NO Sources + High Frequency of Muscle Stimulus + Low Frequency of High GI Meals

= OPTIMISED Insulin Sensitivity

= Kill the metabolic syndrome, loose body fat as your second nature


Okay so well being… (yeah awesome). Lets get it over with. Your heart and brain tissue has an enormous ATP turnover that will profit tremendously due to high intracellular magnesium levels. Your nervous system is made out of cells, too and more energy there means more energy in your whole reality: Your cognitive capacity, stress levels and overall life energy levels I like to call the force of being.

So magnesium is essential when it comes to managing and using carbs in the body. It is the energy binding mineral that makes it “all” (life and joy) possible.

What about fatty acids? Oh yeah, magnesium is intervined with lipoproteinogenic processes in your blood, too that lower your cholesterol by bringing fatty acids to your cells and helping good HDL cholesterol to be formed. Want to have strong bones and teeth? Not only vitamin D, K, calcium is necessary. Don’t forget the magnesium in this complex!

Funfact: Pigs who get magnesim aspartate in their food deliver better meat quality… If that’s no improvement! Yea well… But I hope you get the deeper message here and take away some subliminal info.

As a bonus: Magnesium is a direct factor against depression and stress in your life. High magnesium have an anti-stress effect on individuals. Imagine: Losing your job, realigning your life and deadlifting once a week and no stress! Fuck!ng awesome. Let’s attack that.

Magnesium is an allrounder when it comes to substrate usage and production for your body as energy aka. EATING FOOD -> LIVING LIFE.

Because of it’s multifaceted AMAZING effects on your whole system.

And the brain? Your brain becomes a more productive organ, too! You raise your glycogen, ATP levels and anti-stressor cell activity in it, too. Now you just have to meditate and shut the unessential bullshit like Facebook and TV out and direct your life in a more resourceful direction! That’s right, finally create balance in your life by getting that nice consumption/ production ratio from 10 to 1! Too much for the meathead? Help your surroundings with the gifts you’ve been given and help humanity grow in the direction of your balls. #Esoteric? NO! Meditate and embrace new neuronal brain pathways. But what is this? I’m drifting away into self therapy again. Embrace the GAINZ & REST GAINZ:


So you want GAINZ, huh? Let’s git sum. How about putting 400mg of MG in your pre workout and raising your blood glucose levels/ GLUT-4 and muscle glycolysis during exercise by 400-800% of your basal level? Yeah, get dat peak contraction on the bice… because of all the carb mobilisation action going on. Magnesium in the pre also kills any feel of fatigue because of the higher brain glucose levels by around +20% which is A LOT. At least magnesium treated mice were able to swim 2 times as long before drowning than their teammates in the other Swimming Pools… PLUS theres evidence that magnesium improves muscle micro relaxation WHILE doing your reps, in a kind of respiratory way and providing constant minirests while working out with mind-blowing intensity.

Don’t forget the improved muscle cramps everyone knows about but my readers are far from “everyone” and want to know more than common sense.

In addition to this, your lactate production and capacity is enhanced, so you can work out HARDER and LONGER. Not to forget the improved recovery time at ALL TIMES.

Oh you want higher (or at least normal) IGF levels? Better get your magnesium and zinc levels right: IGF optimal, testo +30% IF you want to make it ALL right, go EATC, alter your lifestyle and live life up to your full genetic possibilities #expression.

Fun fact: Having enough magnesium leads with 20-30% more protein synthesis. Just saying.

Dosage and Usage

To all the old people I give advice to: Skip the multivitamin #bubbletab magnesium. This stuff is bullshit. And for all of my readers: Get MAGNESIUM ASPARTATE OR TRI-MAGNESIUMDICITRATE, only. Other stuff scam and fucking with your life. Literally.

Before I forget: zinc and magnesium are like the Hammer Brothers from Super Mario. Super cool and a dream team. Magnesium and zinc happen to remain on the ground, though so no one’s  getting under them to jump up. Nostalgia flow. Pew pew. Mangesium is also vital to utilize vitamin D.

Why citrate? (e.g.: magnesium citrate/ calcium citrate) (MAGNESIUM CITRATE STUDY!!) because it’s highly bioavailable, cheap and promotes a good acid base ratio in your guts and body. Again and just as intense: Fucking awesome.

Get high magnesium levels by substituting 400mg, 3 times a day. In the morning, pre workout and in the evening. Do that and experience true long term improvements in your reality. Have fun!

“Let’s pray to god my foster mom will take at least magnesium and zinc in decent amounts to improve her life energy. She’s just a strong women. I truly love her.”

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.