IODINE and SELENIUM = T3 HORMONES – REAL IODINE WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS and The Best Selenium Supplement To Get More T3.

New post new shred.  That is The Motto in this craft. Like a friend said, the supplemental and nutritional OPTIMUM. This post is originally inspired by Whole credit to that nutrition king, all responsibility to me of course. As always and especially in this topic: Ask your doc, you consciousness, your health insurance and your unconsciousness before taking this stuff in the dosages! If you have some auto immune health injuries, you might fu!kup your whole system even more. For the healthy roundabout person, this will just expand your nutritional horizon, up your protein turnover, overall metabolism and turn you into that crazy human superoven I always talk about in my coachings. To the guy who reads my stuff: I encourage you again and all of you to look up everything (terms, functions, ideas, maybe even apparently wrong and dangerous stuff) you don’t know by yourself on all the other websites that act like they know everything and really know a lot. Get that info and get the real crazy sh!t here. I’m just the nutritional latest information melting pot with a slight Blackwell flavour. A true hardliner on his path. Back to the Fat Burn Selenium T3 Guide. This is the real iodine weight loss for success.

The thyroid-complex is the ultimate screw for your metabolic health and optimisation of your “gains” e.g. protein turnover, fatty acid oxidation, feeling of satiety, caloric baseline, leptin stuff etc.

This will be a kinda quick topic. Some nice facts and then you go GET THAT NUTRITION IN THERE, BOY. (Okay it went bigger than I thought, but now we have IODINE and SELENIUM in one as it’s supposed to be).

IODINE and your thyroid complex

Alright folks, get your IODINE. Our grounds and fields are completely deficient of iodine. You get some iodine with fish and shit, but don’t rely on that dosage. It’s too little for that contemporary OPTIMUM we all thrive for. Don’t miss the details, the chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Never forget that.

Okay so our grounds are deficient, and you don’t get enough in your system without supplementation. In some countries they (the governments) made it mandatory to put iodine in their salt because it raises the IQ and helps with brain and organ development in infants.

Please consider donating to an effective charity on like the Iodine Global Network.

Good folks they are and I’m proud of every government out there that respects mass nutrition like it should be. It honours every individual as it is, fuels it’s life potential and helps humanity to grow in the right direction. So we got salt, yeah. But we don’t want that salt because of the “kalium overflow” baseline we want in our cells. True magic. So no salt, no iodine? Not really: Supplementation is again key to 21st century health. Not a big but maybe weird pill to swallow.

Iodine is one of the KEY COMPONENTS for your thyroid hormones. Turning dem T4 in dat nice T3 all the time in your tissues is only possible with iodine.

Fun fact iodine: Iodine is not only vital for your thyroid and all it’s related hormones, but also vital for brain tissue, testicles and a well known substance to prevent breast cancer etc.

T4 to T3: the Real Deal

The Hypothalamus

is a part of your brain almost exclusively related to your thyroid hormones etc. It is the headquarter of your thyroid complex and senses and regulates everything related to it. Don’t forget that it is directly and deeply connected to your brain with neuronal pathways and, as we do here at eatcfit we look behind the scientific curtain, there’s evidence that eating too low calories for whatever time heats up and therefore promotes activation of “signal of hunger” cells in your brain. This is triggered through your hypothalamus, from the hormonal and organic state you are in right now into your brain cells. Even when you eat again, those cells are still heated up and promote the hunger signal. Sounds like real binge science after you already ate a lot. You can counteract that stuff with our EATC Refeeds by taking care of your thyroid by eating enough, especially carbs.

The Thyroid

is the organ that does the whole direct hormonal job that is connected to your bloodstream. It is a hormonal gland and the place the active and direct one-to-one interaction with your bloodstream is done.

T4 (Tyroxine/ Tetraiodothyronine)

is your relatively inactive thyroid hormone that is flowing in your whole system. Kind of the longterm hormone that is the foundation for the action (T4->T3). It’s made of 4 iodine atoms and 2 TYROSINE amino acids.

T3  (Triiodothyronine)

is your ACTIVE thyroid hormone. It’s made of 3 iodine atoms and 2 amino acids TYROSINE.

If you read this with attention, you will have noticed that the difference between T4 and T3 is a single iodine atom that is “lacking”. Well, that’s the trick of the whole thing. It’s called deiodinase (D1) and your tissue/ organ cells set the iodine atom kind of “free” and creates heat, energetic release stuff and cellular interaction (DNA hustle all the way).

The takeaway should be this:

I skipped a lot of info and gave you only the most important ideas about your thyroid.

Maxing out your thyroid hormones needs the following things. All of them are MANDATORY:


= IST-Combo

= Optimised Thyroid and Thyroid Hormone complex! (aka REAL IODINE WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS)

Why KELPS as the Iodine Source?

Kelps are super natural, cheap and have fucoxanthin in them. This stuff is completely awesome, since it sticks to new stored fat (which you always do over the day, natural fat flux for shortterm storage, e.g.: going to bed and sleeping fat release and fatty acid oxidation) and makes it a little bit more sensitive to being released in the bloodstream and being used as the current energy substrate. Plus, it creates a lil heat INSIDE the fat cell, that makes those burn energy in form of heat. Free kcal fat burn, so to speak.

Definitely awesome and with true longterm results. I can tell. Furthermore they promote a pretty good feel, too! Since you put in so many calories in a refeed, it’s nice to know to have those little fuco fucica fucoxanthinos put in there, too! Nice inside job, mate. Just don’t get emotionally attached.. Kelps for the win, then.


Maxing those intracellular selenoprotein levels TAKES TIME and a HIGH DOSAGE. The extracellular blood flow has to be FULL OF A MINERAL/ TRACE ELEMENTS a LONG TIME (100+ days) for the cells to automatically adjust to those extracellular/intracellular disbalances  and PUT MORE STUFF INSIDE, where you want to have it. Close to your DNA, doing it’s job like it is supposed to be. How its designed by NATURE and the creator . No essentials close to your DNA means no or miserably underachieving essential DNA Transcription, expression and energy management of your cells. Welcome to the future.

In addition to this is SELENIUM an always lacking essential trace element in human bodys. Getting it will enhance your overall life performance, and is even vital to produce the strongest and ONLY INTRACELLULAR ANTIOXIDANT ever: Glutathione (GSH). Your body can produce it on is own and it catches those lil free radical bastards INSIDE the cell. Prevents oxidative damage to your telomeres and therefore DNA and makes you life longer, reduce inflammation and stress in your body/mind/life and you won’t get sick that fast + faster recovery time. Detoxing your organs, especially the liver, too.

Get your own GSH, then

Natural gluthathion (GSH) ingredients for that, OF COURSE naturally included in the EATC Nutrition System:

Intracellular SELENIUM + L GLUTAMIC ACID (liver, almost every protein source) + L CYSTEINE + GLYCINE (gelatin)


Taking it in pure and paying a lot of bucks is stupid, counterproductive and ineffective. Intracellular biochemical enhancements are best approached naturally, longterm wise and out of the BODY ITSELF.


Okay folks, so we got the IST-Combo and will put it to some use in the real fitness life. Whenever you would do a high carb refeed in your diet, just do the EATC Refeed. Use this formula:


= IST-Combo

and do this:

    • Eat as many clean or spiky carbs in combination with a tyrosine protein source (or supplement) as possible with the above supps.
    • Ideally eat almost no fats that day but still LOTS OF PROTEIN
    • Burn, sweat, poop and embrace the fucked up manipulation of your own body.
  • Gain muscle and lose fat in the superior EATC fashion, optimise your body composition in the 21st golden formula!

Dosage, Usage and Results

If you think you will overdose on iodine, this is not likely if you are healthy. Check that before and your immune function etc. They gave pigs a complete overdose on iodine and nothing happened. They gave humans a complete overdose on iodine and after 2-4 weeks the hormonal balance was set. They called it Wolff-Chaikoff-Effect. In those weeks you will feel hotter than usual and sweat more (The IST-Combo is new to your body and it is playing around, adjusting, checking out the new hormonal mileu and usage of it all). After that you will have always iodine in reach to build thyroid hormones and be all clear, fueld and superior. I take iodine in high dosage for over 2 years now and I am doing pretty good. As a reminder: I just share my sh!t and you make the best of it.

Getting your intracellular selenium levels to reach your PERSONAL optimum and getting your “overdose” on iodine and doing IST-Combos, you will finally turn on all kinds of superoven action: More brown fat cells, more protein turnover, faster and better immune function, faster metabolism, higher caloric intake per day, less hunger, more fat shred, getting closer to the golden 21st century ideal of building muscle and losing fat as a whole construct. You need enough vitamin A and zinc in your systemfor your thyrdoid hormones to work properly.


I run around

200-800mg Selenomethionine/ Day, EATC Refeed and

500-2000mg Iodine from Kelps or iodine drops per day.

Last Info

How do you know it works? Well, you will have to poo much more often in a higher frequency (metabolism sped up) and feel hot (fat burn, organs and tissue making heat).

Don’t forget to UP YOUR PROTEIN INTAKE, TOO! Remember, everything in your body is faster now. Protein turnover means more in and more out! Otherwise you could be suffering protein loss and burn muscle, when in a deficit (up it for about 30-40%). Don’t worry though, as a reader of this site you already get at least 250-300g of protein every day and more is “always better”. I’m a protein head, so stick to what works for you.

Take the selenomethione, it’s better than yeast and your body responds resourceful to methionine protein complexes.

Also a newsflash: T3 preserves (!) Muscle tissue when short term fasting. This means you have a higher caloric baseline, burn more fat, build more muscle and preserve muscle with more T3 in your bloodstream.

Good luck becoming shaped shredding fat and gaining muscle through optimised protein turnover and thyroid hormones. Work out to your absolute limits and push those hard every time. Do more than “common sense” and never bow to old  restrictions. Dead info brings death in life. But you know, that’s rookie knowledge around here.

“Think unconventional and go hard in the direction of your heart. Think unconventional, pile up some effort through focus and sacrifice and expand knowledge of humanity/ the believed “possible” in the fashion of your own taste. Risk and pain is your vibe, food and drive.”

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.