This will be a very personal post, I feel it in my balls.

What’s the HUSL? This topic will burn some individuals out and give me some hate credit form all the soldiers, sworn to the ordinary life. There is no mistake in the ordinary life and the need to have things not to be excessive. It is important that these values are being protected. This is true conservatism (in the european sense) in it’s detailed and deepest manifestation in our society. In addition to this, being a soldier under whatever oath is a manifestation of a will that protects it’s own psyche and worldview. All of what we really need more in this world. So keep going soldiers, fight and hold on to your flags. Fore life’s sake, I respect that. So far, so good. WHERE’S THE HUSL NOW? Hold on a second, we are getting there soon enough. This topic is about FOOD RESTRICTION in it’s most intense form. True asceticism and cray TOP NUTRITION mission husl. For all the soldiers out there who want to GO HARD, GO EXCESSIVE, and LIVE LIKE THIS in their fullest expression. Let’s get it done, then. IT’S THE BEST WAY TO STICK TO A DIET.

This will not work for everybody, most people (even the hardliner) need their cheat meals and “social foods” (pasta, bread, etc.). This is 100% okay and I recommend you to not force this FOODFRAME approach into your life fore this will make you depressive or angry at your surroundings. This is the best healthy diet plan: NONE! Just foods you don’t eat forever.

FOODFRAME, What the funk?

Fancy name, huh? It’s not in the dictionary and I created it, the smartass that I am. The goal is to create a PERSONALLY fitting “frame” of CONCRETE FOODS, I call them my Legendary Foods (The 4 TOP FOODS + 9 Personal CONCRETE FOODS), you eat in combination with several FOOD GROUPS (NON-FOODS) you do not eat. Super easy and I believe over 500 Mio. healthy eating people out there do just that habitually. I just happen to write it down. Cute, right? In combination with the EATC System of course, your overall Top Nutrition can look like this:

EATC Nutrition + The Legendary Foods = Whole Caloric Intake

So… just do the math, haha.

But wait! When you just stick to those concrete foods, why put in some ascetic non-foods? What the fu!k. Yeah that question makes sense and here’s the answer: For your flexible and always changing dynamic life to be called a life. You will never be able to stick to your concrete foods all the time, this is a 95% solution. Everything else would be counterproductive even to your 100% top nutrition goal since you are a many layered psychological construct and need that 5% leeway to be able to trying new things out etc.


Okay now the shit begins. Those are MY personal foods. The only foods I eat. Ever. 95% of my life is that clean. I tried out many foods and those are the ones I can stick to for

  • optimal insulin sensitivity,
  • leptin sensitivity,
  • nutritional value,
  • money efficiency,
  • time efficiency, (investing only 45min a week to buy food is godlike)
  • satiety,
  • and taste. (Going 100% top nutrition and eating clean sources will up your taste sensitivity by 2000%, midterm).

MY PERSONAL food list:

The Legendary 13 Foods:


  1. Beef Liver
  2. Gelatin
  3. Beetroot
  4. Organic Cacao
  5. Eggs
  6. Magerquark (german greek yoghurt)
  7. Wild salmon (frozen)
  8. Thuna
  9. Potatoes
  10. Legumes (all kinds)
  11. Rice (all kinds)
  12. Broccoli (vitamin E + vitamin C + fibres)
  13. Berries (all kinds, preferably blueberry, strawberry)

Fun fact: I eat only the best quality foods here in germany. I make the best of everything available. Always. The hierarchy here goes:

Conventional < Bio < Naturland < Bioland < Demeter

That’s it. Of course you can just pin down some anchor foods to have an orientation for your daily food choice. E.g.: You have salmon on your list and have to go eat out. You can still eat sushi with other fish etc. and book that under “I ate clean today”. Again, this is fu!ked up shit and all individual. I do not recommend anyone to read my site when suffering under eating disorders etc. It’s just for people who know themselves and feel this is resourceful to them. In a hardline fashion of course.


Check this, folks this is what I am very proud of. AGAIN. I recommend you to not copy paste this lifestyle. Chances are this is not the way your genetical combination wants to be expressed and you will be depressed and miserable. Anyhow, it works FOR ME and I can live this way.

MY PERSONAL non-food list:

  1. Alcohol (I drink Pinot Noir)
  2. Caffeine (I drink organic coffee as a booster, never as a crutch)
  3. Tabacco
  4. Salt
  5. Sugar
  6. Sauces and pulvers (sauces make me puffy, pulvers let me binge and I feel no use)
  7. Grains  (lectin inflammation, kcal density, brain fu!kup -> all kinds of shitty foods that pop out of your life)
  8. Milk fat (neu5GC inflammation, oestrogen, DNA fu!kup, cheese and butter kcal bombs, ethical reasons
  9. Transfat and UFat (The latest hit)
  10. I eat what I want. I’m a human with a free will. And as you know, I do not believe in dogmata.

Now I got some science cred, use it till it’s maxed out. Especially the abandonment of grains and milkfat do the trick in my daily food interaction. Alcohol, coffee and tobacco is a no-brainer for me. Salt and sugar go in handy. So much for that. Good luck with your list and what you can abandon.

Protip: If you get hungry, take 12g of glycine, wash out your mouth with 2g of l cysteine and then 3g of sodium bicarbonate. Eat cacao nibs or powder on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, my life is so much easier for me since I go that hardcore. I seem to respond very well to harsh restrictions and can accept them in a way that made any food cravings stop instantly, just because “It’s not on the list”. Furthermore, buying food is the most time saving thing in the world now. I go straight to my stuff, can buy in bulks and only the dosage varies, weather I am in a bulk/cut or just feel to need more food in my system at the moment.

So, if you feel this is for you or this idea of approaching your food life, feel free to make the best of it and alter it to fit your lifestyle and approach to life.

“In this world of food abundance and the ridiculous overeating on empty kcals, with malnutritioned, malfunctioning bodys as a result it is once again the daily less that makes the real difference.”

About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.