GELATIN – THE BEST GLYCIN SUPPLEMENT STUDY and How Glycine Improves Your Sleep and Recovery.

Moving like the speed of SOUND. BOOM IM MOTIVATED. Lets do this, guys! And by guys I mean everyone reading my stuff and embracing it! Paleo? NO! Gelatin is no dedication towards the big paleo tribe that expands itself as a band like the foreign people did… remember? Don’t get me wrong paleos, I like you but I look at biochemical molecular levels, science, inflammatory stuff and my own perceived long term well being (which is sensed extremely well) and move on from THERE to make biological anthropological sense. Not the other way around.

Let’s check why gelatin is too good to be skipped and what to do if you go vegan (glycine). But still, brothers and sisters. Gelatin is in addition to the extremely praised science based medical value (who needs that shit?) a magical paleo voodoo substance for the ultimate health. And by THAT I mean all the potential that still lies in this cheap, natural substance. There is still a myriad of studies to come that unveil more and more magic and complex amino acid interactions for example. THE BEST GLYCIN SUPPLEMENT STUDY! Let’s roll:


Energy: 343 kcal 1435 kJ 

Water: 14.00 g Protein: 84.20 g 

Fats: 0.10 g 

Carbs: 0.00 g

Fiber: 0.00 g

Isoleucin: 1370.00 mg 

Leucin: 2740.00 mg 

Lysin: 3800.00 mg 

Methionine: 760.00 mg 

Cystein: 0.00 mg 

Arginin: 7450.00 mg 

Glutamic Acid: 9580.00 mg 

Glycine: 22960.00 mg 

As you can clearly see: Gelatin contains almost of amino acids only. IT STILL IS A TOP FOOD, though. I sense it to be more than “just” an isolated amino acid for example or trace element. It is a magical addition to your food intake because it makes your protein intake “whole”. All the protein you eat over the day (filet, fish, dairy) is unnatural in a sense of not balanced like it should be amino acid wise. Your body is lacking certain amino acid amounts it did always get when eating flesh and organic protein. Those we do not know, but we DO know several amino acid functions that are ALWAYS lacking in the contemporary individual (like glycin) and I conclude theres more imbalance going on in the human bodies right now. Not to forget all that good glutamic acid, phenylalanine or lysine (urea cycle/ ammonia/ citrullin malate SYNERGY!). Theres a significant amount of L-arginine in there, which so many of us supplement and methionine which is an ofttimes lacking amino acid, too.

You, me and science doesn’t even know how much more action is going on there with dem precious amino acids, the holy grail of your organism.

Baseline: Gelatin is a no-brainer. Get your 40g gelatin per day and you’ll have every amino acid enhanced and balanced in your system. Every amino acid cycle will run smoother, your organs will laugh tears of joy again and your gains will pop, too of course (through direct and indirect interaction).

Holy Glycine Protect Us

L-GLYCINE is the, up until todays knowledge, magical ingredient of gelatin. It is the simplest amino acid out there and science agrees: It is lacking by around 10g in all humans. Glycine can be synthesised by the amino acid serine, but that is NOT sufficient and to compensate your glycine deficiency. It’s more of a cry for help and making the best of what’s there. (40g of gelatin contains around 9g of glycine)

“In a previous paper, we pointed out that the capability to synthesize glycine from serine is constrained by the stoichiometry of the glycine hydroxymethyltransferase reaction, which limits the amount of glycine produced to be no more than equimolar with the amount of C 1 units produced. This constraint predicts a shortage of available glycine if there are no adequate compensating processes.”

The only thing I red, was: GET THAT GELATIN #weakestlink

But what does glycine really do for ME you might ask. Heres some effects:

Antioxidants and Inflammation

Some random quotes for the always asking buff dudes:

“It is now clear that dietary glycine protects against shock caused either by blood loss or endotoxin, reduces alcohol levels in the stomach and improves recovery from alcoholic hepatitis, diminishes liver injury caused by hepatotoxic drugs and blocks programmed cell death and reduces the nephrotoxicity”

“Glycine protects against shock caused by hemorrhage, endotoxin and sepsis, prevents ischemia/reperfusion and cold storage/reperfusion injury to a variety of tissues and organs including liver, kidney, heart, intestine and skeletal muscle, and diminishes liver and renal injury caused by hepatic and renal toxicants and drugs. Glycine also protects against peptidoglycan polysaccharide-induced arthritis and inhibits gastric secretion and protects the gastric mucosa against chemically and stress-induced ulcers. Glycine appears to exert several protective effects, including antiinflammatory, immunomodulatory and direct cytoprotective actions”

Long story short:

The smallest amino acid glycine is extremely valuable for everything in your body. Your organism WORKS and CONSIST to the most part of amino acids aka. “the building blocks of life”. The most important takeaway is that glycine is super good for your liver, gut flora, other organs on a makro level and super good for your cells transcription, inflammatory levels and well being on a micro level.  Furthermore glycine detoxifies your liver from fructose and alcohol, supports all the other organs, too and therefore makes you feel good. This is not just talk, this is extremely potent evidence and facts.

In addition to this, just 15g of collagen (GELATIN) + some vitamin C increases your exercise-induced collagen synthesis by 100%. That means your joints and cartilage will recover twice as fast when supplementing gelatin (proline and glycine mix etc.)

Leaky GUT and fu!ked up with acids?!

The amazing glycine helps here, too:

  • “increased small-intestinal villus height (could reverse leaky gut and will improve nutrient transport), intestinal transport of glycine, plasma concentrations of glycine and GSH, as well as whole-body growth and protein accretion, while
  • reducing plasma concentrations of ammonia, urea, and glutamine, “


Not to forget all the weight loss studies and results, JUST TAKING GELATIN/ GLYCINE provides. And better sleep of course… ah and all the other amino acids you are lacking..

Forever young with Gluthathionine (GHS)


= Gluthathione production of your own body (the strongest and only intracellular antioxidant of your body)

Gelatin IS in fact the ultimate source to get those precursors as you can clearly see. The ultimate top food for selfmade GHS, as it is supposed to be.

Sleep (Dream and grow with C. G. Jung) (THE BEST GLYCIN SUPPLEMENT STUDY 1)

Science says: Improved measured and perceived sleep with only 3g (!) of glycine supplementation before bed in male subjects. I and my clients can tell: This shit IS strong and effective. You will drowse away quickly, softly, smooth and dream intense. Get that instinctual compensation going on and accept it as a part of you. Growing in life in general and as a structured, ordered construct happens to 50% in the sleep. Its just like lifting, buff heads YOU GOTTA SLEEP and fill dem YIN batteries of your catecholamificated always screaming coffee heads.

-> Glycine delivers.


Glycine is the only amino acid that releases growth hormone.

“GH concentrations after GHRH injection correlated significantly with GH concentrations after gelatin ingestion (AUC; r=0.71, p<0.01, Peak; r=0.81, p<0.01). Further research is needed to investigate if gelatin protein is able to improve metabolic abnormalities”

In combination with my gelatin intake and clean bulking ( Iso + 800-1600kcal ) I can say: If you eat CLEAN and bulk you will gain almost NO FAT with additional glycine/ gelatin. Unbelievable results, and only for those who GO HARD.

It Just came out that glycine ups your gainz aka. “Glycine Boosts Protein Synthesis (80%), Reduces Protein Degradation (-30%) in Muscle Cells” More protein synthesis and more muscle retention is SUPERB. And that in gelatin/ glycine alone! The smallest amino acid really DOES make a difference when synergised with more EATC Hustle and clean balanced killing of goals and destructive antipodes in your surroundings. With the T3 HELLFIRE Combo (+ and EATC ofc.), this shit is like taking steroids. I can tell and people tell me that, too! How good is that.

When aggressively cutting, skip some gelatin days because of all the protein gluconeogenesis kcals and the high levels of GH. 40g Gelatin are STILL KCALS! -> Get glycin here, if you are feeble! (With clean eating and going EATC of course) Being HEALTHY is the absolute foundation of living at your optimum (Lookswise, energywise, moodwise). When familiar with intermittent fasting, you will feel the grhelin spikes after eating a big fu!k!ng meal and know where THAT came from. Glycin will also pop up your GLP-1. Pretty nice for nutrition gathering tissue mate.

Glycine in fact IS the secret weapon against first unhealthy body fat and then body fat in general. This is true in combination with the other EATC ingredients. Especially iodine, selenium, creatine, carnitine, vitamin A and EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE for dem GELATIN GLYCINE BENEFITS!

Gelatin Vs Collagen Vs Glycine

If you worry about your cartilage, get collagen. It’s more expensive and easily digestible. The amino acid profile remains THE SAME. It is just a more broken down form of gelatin. The building blocks are the same, I believe in gelatin and my body to handle my cartilage.

If you stick to gelatin, your digestion will be slower after taking it with food. That’s due to the water binding ability of gelatin. You will still have the ALL WINNING and BALANCING AMINO ACIDS. Just cheaper and without potential cartilage enhancing magic. Get vitamin C and gelatin to repair cartilage.

If you choose glycine to enhance your system, I have to say: Just the 2nd best choice, but better than nothing! I estimate 70% of gelatins magic to be in the high content of glycine. You also see, that the most anti-inflammatory and GH-release effects come from glycine, so it will be a solid choice, too. But you never know, could be less and I like to be on the intuitional side of nutrition to stretch some boundaries with (IFBB) health and nutrition experiments.

Dosage and Usage

Get it regularly and from 20-60g. Get hydrolysate if your stomach is a lil bitch and not cleaned and healthy with 30-100 days.

When bulking, GET IT for the ultimate growth hormone release action. Get it in the evening for the sleep improvement and slower and smoother digestion. Before working out, that would not be optimal. Balance out your system with the aminos it is lacking, give it the tools to repair and flow in it’s own optimal pace. Release your body and make it rain. Embrace the magic of gelatin and finally sleep a night through. Hell, there’s even scientific evidence that glycine helps treatment of schizophrenia (just like taurine does). I guess because of the  calming, ordering and life-giving balance the improved physiology provides for the psyche (and the other way around). Don’t forget: It is all one. To get the real gelatine of glycine benefits you have to meditate a lot and go to bed early. Remember to war a sleeping mask and use a blue light dimmer!

“If you fill your cup to the brim, it will spill. Do your job, then step back. If you take more than you are, the world will balance itself out for you. Get your 40g of gelatin and stay balanced, bro”

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.