FAT TO RIPPED – WHATS THE FASTEST WAY TO LOSE FAT – The Ultimate Hardcore 30 Days to Start Your New Life.

Good evening, brother. Since I talked to some clients who wanted to kickstart their LIFE by getting RIPPD, they kept asking me the kind of same thing over and over again: “Whats the most hardcore way to get started?” Fu!king awesome question, since I am ONE CRAZY HARDLINER who is hard to himself and can therefore be hard to other individuals. I put it down to “30 days to change your life”, just to keep you motivated with an observable time period and true hard value days of life changing experiences and results. As always, ask your doc, your conscience, your health insurance and your unconscious before doing any of the sh!t I promote. Best case, you write down one piece of paper with 30 fields to check the days. Just to be sure of course. Again, this is completely hardcore and only for the best of the best of the best of the… basically the top 1% strongest constructs out there who got “triggered” and will be a success story. If you feel thats you, im honoured you read this.

So what can you expect after those 30 Days of the EATC Bootcamp?

  • A complete different worldview on your body and food in general.
  • A completely healthy working metabolism, in fact super high thyroid hormones that make you burn all kinds of fat. You can be that guy that eats and eats and eats and still burns fat. That’s science, that’s EATC. Just be careful with your food choices and every healthy genetic preposition can be a fu!king protein turnover, fat kcal burning superoven.
  • 100% control over your body and the way it looks. You will know everything about YOURSELF and know what will take what, what will take how long and how to get those abs, even.
  • An indestructible mindset of a king dominating and winning his path and the true proof for everyone to see brand marked on your existence every breath you take in your new life, a fire burning in your chest that shines brighter than every darkness any whisper of irritation or fear or doubt could ever create. Fu!king awesome.

First we have to get some points clear to have the same baseline.

The Baseline

  • Motivation is completely your job. You want to get shredded, just yield to my crazy shred and be kind of sensible to what your body tells you and HUSL this. Again, you have to motivate yourself, I just provide the info here.
  • Basic Knowledge is completely your job. You have to know the fundamentals about MACROS, KCAL IN & OUT, and some basic knowledge about general healthy food. Some ideas about sports or working out won’t hurt. GET THE APP MYFITNESSPAL to get to know the foods in your surroundings you interact with all the time.

Alright, bro, that’s it for the baseline. Not much, huh? Let’s get started.

Days 1-15 (Print out, create a checklist) (WHATS THE FASTEST WAY TO LOSE FAT 1/2)

Tomorrow is day 1. If its shortly after midnight, today is day 1.

  • You immediately start intermittent fasting 16/8 to get your body used to fatty acid oxidation, to get to know normal food cycles and to make your food tracking more easily. IF is just the best shit out there to become sensible to your body, food in general and the ups and downs of life.
  • You immediately go LOW CARB and HIGH PROTEIN.
  • This will look like this: 0.5g/kg bodyweight on carbs. 3-4g/kg bodyweight on protein. Get the rest of your kcal intake from healthy fats like salmon, overall fish, eggs, avocado. (focus on omega 3 hustle.) etc. NO NUTS, though.
  • You are in a caloric deficit (-300 or -400), or AT LEAST in the utopian isocaloric state (for the first days, because you are too weak) check my Shred101 for that stuff.
  • You go TRAIN, REALLY WORK OUT, 3 times a week. Get your lil carbs before that to peak out the muscle stimulus you put on your body. Your body will laugh tears of joy for being moved in such a primordial and natural way for the first time.
  • Best case you just walk every morning/ day or so for 30-60 minutes, too.

Okay so what is this?

THIS IS NOT GOING KETO. Because of the high protein intake, your glyconeogenesis will produce enough glycogen to not go ketogenic and live off fats only. That’s a good thing, because the protein will make you full, release more GH and create all kinds of heat in your body to burn fat.

Furthermore, Because of IF and Low Carb and maybe the first time working out you will experience some significant mitochondrial biogenesis. You will have more power CERN cells in your cells that burn fatty acids, make you insulin sensitive and create more ATP, energy in your body. You want this.

Combined with BEETROOT, BEEF LIVER and CACAO, and the other above mentioned EATC ingredients you will have the essentials and some good solid basis for maximised mitochondrial growth, fast flowing blood and a true cleansing of your system. Enhance your experience with those foods and they will carry you.

What next?

After Day 15, Day 16 will kick in instantly, haha. That’s where the magic happens.

You went all low carb the first 15 days. Now there will be some significant turning point action. A real plot twist. Due to the caloric deficit and NO REFEED (!). Your body is kind of burned down to the ground and you will feel like shit. This is a good sign. You did it. Now the fun begins.

Days 16-30 (Print out, create a checklist) (WHATS THE FASTEST WAY TO LOSE FAT 2/2)

  • You continue Intermittent Fasting. Should be super easy right now but you still need this body sensitivity it promotes and the hormonal benefits that come with it. Furthermore, the kcal tracking will continue to be super awesome easy.
  • You immediately go HIGH CARB and HIGH PROTEIN and LOW FAT.
    • This will now look like this: 3g/kg Carbs. 3-4g/kg Protein. And about 0.8g/kg Fats. Again from above healthy sources. STILL NO NUTS.
  • Day 16, Day 20, Day 25 and Day 30 are your CARB UP REFEED DAYS, in the sense of EATC Refeeds. They look like this:
    • Caloric surplus!
    • Almost no Fat.
    • Abundance of clean Carbs + Protein. Fueld with the edubily styled thyroid hormone T3 blaster: IODINE + SELENIUM + TYROSINE especially with the high carb meals (this shit is EATC rookie knowledge).
  • On the rest of the days you remain in your caloric deficit.
  • You continue to TRAIN, STILL REALLY WORK OUT, 3 times a week. Now you should be more comfortable with training and your fitness place of choice. The people there should know you now and greet you because you are the uprising star. (After the first 15 days you made so much visible progress, everyone will ask you “how” or already know because they are skilled fat shredder).
  • Still, keep walking every morning/ day or so for 30-60 minutes, take the stairs etc. Every step counts.

Okay so what is THIS?

The crazy change in your diet will “reset” your whole metabolism. Your thyroid hormones skyrocket and regulate up the kcal baseline, your brown fat cells will increase. You muscle will explode and your fat will shred so fast, you will call me a magician. The high carbs promote this. Carbs are your friend. The low fat will prevent unwanted fat storage while being in “GROW AND BURN” mode. The 0.8g/kg will provide your hormonal health. The EATC Refeeds will be your craziest experience. The mitochondria in your system will go so hot and burning, Day 16 will be the hottest of your life. All of it will be fat burn. Getting the essential minerals and trace elements is mandatory. The combination and order of the days is mandatory, too. DONT start with high carb or you will just get fatter. You have to relearn fatty acid oxidation FIRST (mitochondria/ oxidative capacity/ insulin sensitivity), and then ignite the superoven that will burn for the rest of your life.


That’s it. Its not much, but it’s super hard and tough. Not for me, I kind of live like this every day. But relatively, this program is the absolute pain for people who just start living a healthier life and really want to go hit that RIPPDness. It’s only hard in the beginning and after those 30 days you will say: Those were the best 30 days of my life. This plan executed 90-100%, the progress will be so unbelievably huge, it will be a blast for everyone you know. You will be that person who “did it”, who worked for his position in life and proved it to himself. You can do it. After this, you will be a whole new construct in 100% full control of you body. I promise.

Some Nice Tips to get through that

Keep doing, it’s only 30 Days! Start NOW, don’t put it on tomorrow (tomorrow means always never, just like maybe means always no).

  • Fill yourself up with veggies and CLEAN FOOD. Fill yourself up.
  • Find your personally preferred foods with a low kcal density. Focus on THEM.
  • Start imagineering  and visualize your goals every day.

“Some people live in the belief, they would have unlimited time.”

To recap, let go of everything, print out this guide and just do dat. 

About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.