Lets get it started again. As with everything in life: You have to warm up first. This really is true with even the most unorthodox things you can think of. So this D, K, Calcium thing.. Yeah it’s super essential and promotes not only immediate real life improvements on your organism (Vit D3 depression, VITAMIN K2 MK7 DOSAGE RECOMMENDATION, bloodfow, etc.), but of course LONG TERM optimisations in form of prevention and day to day protection. Big topic, small post. Thats how we do this here (not really). But this post will be swift and light. Simply on point, due to my constantly growing ability to write posts and put together information. Do one thing more often and you will get better at it. No matter what it is. As with everything in life. (D3 (cholecalciferol) is the D to get, due it’s absolute superiority and domination in every supplement store/ sense about bioavailability. D2 is less efficient, but still used in pharmaceutical circles.) We check out the best vitamin K 2 MK7 dosage recommendations, too and evaluate, why MK7 is the best form.


Lets get it quick with the basics:

Your bones, teeth, nails etc. are important. Every day without the minimum amount of calcium draws away a little bit of it from your bones because you lose some through digestion.

Vitamin D3

draws calcium out of you bones and let’s more calcium flow through your system, creating osteocalcin. Which is not bad, if you get Vit K and superbad, if you don’t.


should be around all the time because it is part of the building blocks of your bones, nails, teeth and could result to be the “weakest link“, which usually should ultimately be time, which should ultimately be accepted which should ultimately lead to a life of the fully embraced tao. Magnesium is important in this, too because it is also an essential building block (with phosphorus!).

Vitamin K2

puts the calcium flowing around in your blood into bones, nails, teeth and closes the cycle of

Calcium in Bones -> Vitamin D -> Calcium in Blood -> K2 -> Calcium in Bones

by activating the osteocalcin through carboxylation and putting it back.

Fun fact! After the age of around 30/35 your body DOES NOT store in any more calcium in bones etc. Oh you didn’t eat dairy as a child and still don’t because your mom made you eat like her and be a vegan? Osteoporosis: #ALLTHEWAYUP.

Vitamin D3 and Gainz

Yay, we all want the D. I got it, though! 5.000 i.u. = 125µg per day is the perfect intake for EVERYONE. You want to stay above 125 mol/l. Fu!k YEA, being a doc and giving advice on the internet is SO easy. Science says:

Some people did front squats “while in the Vitamin D2 supplemented group the relative content and mean diameter of type II fibres increased.” They finished the set, with 5kg+ their own bodyweight.

This means basically, vitamin D supplementation and training increases the diameter of your type II fibres, which are your hypertrophic cytoplasm mass gain affine fibres you hit with 6-16 reps, more than without. Strength gains in athletes were recorded with about 50-60% more output WITH Vit D3 in the 80s. And your know: All good things come from the good old 80s, except Postmodernism.

But Blackwell, I sunbathe every week and walk around naked in the streets! What do I do? Well I know your exact circumstance. I am sorry to tell you that even on heavy supernova substorm latitudes, white athletes did not raise their Vit D3 levels high enough. Maybe theres some other stuff going on with the nutrition in THAT specific study, but I have to tell you to supplement and pop two pills more in the morning. Do us the favor.

To cite one of Prof. Dr. Andro from Cologne, again. After no significant improvements for elderly, young individuals can really profit with muscle gains from the D3:

“they are the most interesting reason to still supplement w/ vitamin D2. Eventually, both effects could affect your gains in the long-term: (I) lower myostatin = higher protein synthesis; (II) more type IIa fibers = higher growth potential.”

For the douche: Vit D3 is an anabolic pro hormone, promoting growth and differentiation of your muscle fibre Type II in the long run and improves your protein synthesis. All the other improvements of Vit D3, like anti-depressive effects and further detail about optimal gene transcription is left to be untold. We are here to get gains, quick and without any sense of responsibility + we CHOCD UP, ANYWAYS, pop tryptophan for natural serotonin (the “my life is good” hormone) and have enough bioavailable magnesium INSIDE our cells to prevent stress and max out atp levels in all our cells. Ah and we sleep like fucking newborns.

Vitamin K2 and Gainz. Heartbeats and Q10 copycat

Vitamin K2 is a new addition to my supplemental horizon. Okay, not that new but blew my mind the latest. You certainly know that vitamin K is in plants etc. which is ALWAYS Vit K1 and super bad in bioavailability due to chemical bindings it suffers. You won’t get that much out of it (if any). No hating on veggies, just don’t eat veggies for the K.

Vit K2 is always made from bacteria, and usually, if we would eat like our forefathers 7 million years ago, summing up every day until now and the food interaction taken as an average nutritional intake reference, our gut microbiome would still be able to produce Vit K2 MK4 or MK7 by themselves.

But we don’t. So get your MK7 because of it’s absolute superiority in bioavailability and also cost efficiency. Shit’s not only correlating!

Vit K2 MK4 is mostly found in the brain of animals and humans. Ballsy Intuition straight up!

Get your K2 for the significantly improved carboxylation (activation) of your proteins and therefore overall body functions.

VIT K2 even boost your mitochondrial respiration chain similar to coenzyme Q10 everyone substitutes in the United States. K2 improves cognitive function and makes your cell membranes more fluid, too. This helps with substrate flux, insulin sensitivity and a fluid, like a charm working energy production of all your cells. #Permeability

Fun fact: Vitamin K and K2 let’s your blood thin out, can relief you from blood pressure and helps your blood and vessels flow, grow, and getting an overall vasodilation pump.


Calcium is a known one, right? I don’t think so. Atleast not the awesome parts of calcium (which supplemental ratio with magnesium should be 2:1, magnesium:calcium). Getting enough calcium helps you not only to preserve bone, teeth and nails, it furthermore inhibits the calcium influx into your fat cells and therefore makes it easier to NOT GET FAT, and at the same time to LOSE FAT. PEOPLE WHO TOOK CALCIUM LOST 30g FAT PER DAY EXTRA. JUST LIKE THAT!

This is one of the “secret” factors of the magical magerquark/ greek yoghurt fatloss results. Although, casein, and (natural) bcaas play a key role in there, too.

Should you supplement it? I’d say: –

haha of course, you know what im gonna say. But decide for yourself. D, K, Calcium. The gears of war. Slowly and efficient. Just sayin. Greene and Tzu would doubtlessly agree with me. GET IT OR GET DAIRY.

Usage and Dosage

Get your D3 in the morning (fats dont matter.) at a dosage of 5.000 i.u. which is 125µg and you are golden forever.

Take your calcium or diary products so you get a 2:1 ratio with magnesium:calcium split throughout the day for optimal absorption. Don’t forget to take calcium and magnesium in form of citrate because of its base/ acid ratio augmenting effects. Get around 1000-2000mg of bioavailable calcium per day.

The final Vitamin K2 MK7 dosage recommendation is 200-600mg whenever you want, I prefer to get it in the morning with food, though and pre workout to support blood flow and carboxylisaton of the protein I eat.

The Three Musketeers D3,K2, and Calcium will always protect you. They are the angels that guard you from inside, even if you don’f feel it acutely. True essentials. God bless.

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.