CYSTEINE – THE BEST L CYSTEINE SUPPLEMENT REVIEW – How To Heal Faster and Live Longer with Cysteine.

Let’s get it started. Today is a rest day. Needed that yin due to the total destruction of my upper body and calves + hams still being occupied (tomorrow frontsquat, fu!k yea. I love to train). For me time to get my berries in with the Blackwell Polska Cake for vitamin E and some vitamin C antioxidation action. But not to forget: NAC. N-acetyl-cysteine is one of my dearest friends and a true red healing potion like in any nostalgic online game. It basically works the same way: You sip it and you are healed in an instant. Get some 120mg+ of zinc, too and you can take a big sh!t on any flu, cancer, aids, bitches and all that stuff flying around in your overoccupied non-meditating mind (or do you?) to mess with your life vision. You better stop working at Ben & Jerries. Hack away the unessential. #Hashtag and fu!k the world. Cysteine and of course all of EATC is one of the points to start in this. But what do the cysteine muscle growth studies say? It’s impaired! Hell what?!

ONLY ONE AMINO ACID for natural Glutathione (GSH)!?

Not really. As stated in the selenium and another time with a slightly differently originated context in the whey post, I will just quote myself. Just as I did in my bachelors degree. Fu!k yea:

“Maxing those intracellular selenoprotein levels TAKES TIME and a HIGH DOSAGE. The extracellular blood flow has to be FULL OF A MINERAL/ TRACE ELEMENTS a LONG TIME (100+ days) for the cells to automatically adjust to those extracellular/intracellular disbalances  and PUT MORE STUFF INSIDE, where you want to have it. Close to your DNA, doing it’s job like it is supposed to be. How its designed by NATURE and the creator. No essentials close to your DNA means no or miserably underachieving essential DNA Transcription, expression and energy management of your cells. Welcome to the future.

In addition to this is SELENIUM an always lacking essential trace element in human bodys. Getting it will enhance your overall life performance, and is even vital to produce the strongest and ONLY INTRACELLULAR ANTIOXIDANT ever: Glutathione (GSH). Your body can produce it on is own and it catches those lil free radical bastards INSIDE the cell. Prevents oxidative damage to your telomeres and therefore DNA and makes you live longer, reduce inflammation and stress in your body/mind and you won’t get sick that fast. For the icing, cysteine, properly dosed, will reduce recovery time and therefore your physique achievements. Detoxing your organs, especially the liver, too.

Get your own GSH, then

Natural gluthathion (GSH) ingredients for that, OF COURSE naturally included in the EATC Nutrition System:

Intracellular SELENIUM + L GLUTAMIC ACID (found in beef liver, gelatin and almost every protein source) + L CYSTEINE + GLYCINE (gelatin)


Taking it in pure and paying a lot of bucks is stupid, counterproductive and ineffective. Intracellular biochemical enhancements are best approached naturally, longterm wise and out of the BODY ITSELF.”

Immune Health, Your Brain and Cysteine (CYSTEINE MUSCLE GROWTH STUDY 1)

In contemporary studies, cysteine is tested and infused to treat (or try to find out how to) the deepest shit of sicknesses (Really, all kinds of diseases you never heard of but still fear). Cysteine is by far the most potent substance I know to kill those fu!kers. Even better than liposomal vitamin C, although I never tried that stuff. I do not trust Vitamin C that much and rely on GSH, taurine and all that other good antiox stuff from animals. Down with the sickness, as Disturbed would doubtlessly mix into this -UUUH WAH AH AH AH. But at EATC this sh!t is called cysteine zinc fusion. Kill cancer, the flu and even get your liver cleaner with cysteine. As a reminder: Your liver is kind of the pivot and sensor of your life’s quality. What’s good for your liver is 3 times as good for you.

Fun fact: Always hungry? L cysteine is with arginine and leucine the most anabolic amino acid ever! It’s considered one of the reasons protein really makes you feel full. #Satiety

Here some more quote action and then some “explanation”. 20yo EATC style. #Po!nForTheSoul

“GSH is currently one of the most studied antioxidants as it is endogenously synthesized basically in all cells. Among many, established roles for GSH are the following:

  1. antioxidant defense,
  2. detoxification of electrophilic xenobiotics,
  3. modulation of redox (oxidation–reduction reaction)-regulated signal transduction,
  4. storage and transport of cysteine,
  5. regulation of cell proliferation, synthesis of deoxyribonucleotide synthesis,
  6. regulation of immune responses, as well as
  7. regulation of leukotriene and prostaglandin metabolism.

GSH has an important role in maintaining the redox state of the cell (Kerksick and Willoughby 2005). It thereby exerts a profound protective effect on cells. Of the three amino acids in the GSH structure (glutamate, glycine, and cysteine), cysteine has the lowest intracellular concentration (Aruoma et al. 1989). Cysteine availability can limit the rate of GSH synthesis during times of oxidative stress. NAC is an acetylated cysteine residue able to increase cell protection to oxidative stress. NAC is an effective scavenger of free radicals as well as a major contributor to maintenance of the cellular GSH status. NAC can minimize the oxidative effect of ROS through correcting or preventing GSH depletion (Kerksick and Willoughby 2005).”

Cysteine is the RATE LIMITING AMINO ACID. After glycine, I HIGHLY recommend to get at least cysteine in your diet to compensate that lack of nutrition. Especially if you are chronically stressed out or working out hard as all EATC readers do. If stressed or depressed I recommend you to check out CHOCCIN‘ UP, magnesium, TRYPIN‘ UP and of course any other EATC ingredient. Because life quality starts in cells, is experienced through cells and ends in cells. Functional #ATP regulation and production = Life quality: All the Way up. Don’t forget the oxidative capacity in this! Beetroot (NO, Nitrate, Citrulline Malate) and Intermittent Fasting help here.

In addition to this, and to get a lil precise: N-acetyl-l-cysteine helps with the battle against NF-κB, which is a factor responsible for the growth of tumours of all kinds  neurodegenerative damage and, quite frankly, everything bad in life. This is easy to understand: Life as we experience it ends due to age in the context of too much ROS damaging the DNA of all of your cells until the weakest link “the heart?, the calcium-fat mix engorging your never used (pumped or vasodilator with exercise/ citrulline malate/ arginine/ NO) blood vessels, or just cancer as always?” As we are dynamic construct through which energy flows: Energy “production” in our cells by the krebs cycle involves always the oxidation and therefore ROS. So get used to the idea of maximising your oxidative capacity to reduce the oxidative stress, get some autophagy/ ampk/ intermittent fasting action going on to minimise the risk of cancer and, after you did all you really wanted to do (wanting and being able to do sth. is the exact same thing), you can die in peace. 5-15 years later with overall 200% more life quality. Welcome to the future of food interaction. You are welcome.

Muscle Regeneration and Antioxidants (CYSTEINE MUSCLE GROWTH STUDY 2)

“Thus, NAC has a protective effect against injury induced by fatiguing contractile activity in skeletal muscle.” Sounds good? Beware!

The real danger mingles here: Due to the extremely high potency of cysteine to reduce oxidative stress (ROS) and inflammation everywhere by raising INTRACELLULAR glutathione. This is true only for glutathione. Vit C, E etc. are just quick acute donators for electrons and then gone. Nothing worthwhile, still effective! GSH raising is longterm efficiency. But as with all antioxidants, cysteine is a double edged sword. Even sharper because of it’s potency.

The unbelievably stable molecular structure of the n-acetyl-l-cysteine let’s the amino acid “survive” pretty long in your body and gets passively diffused very efficiently. So taking the NAC 2hrs BEFORE, WHILE or AFTER working out, you sacrifice your good IL-6 inflammation which is one of the MOST CRUCIAL inflammation markers for muscle growth!

EGGS GOT DEM arachidonic acid -> c20:4 -> IL-6

Mixed with 40-100g Cacao Powder =

IL-6 acid + Natural Myostatin Inhibitor (NOT Muscle Growth sacrificing Antioxidants, just like Coffee!) + Polyphenols + Micro Nutrients.

Hidden gem, right there, man.

I recommend to take cysteine only when working out SUPER HEAVY on a weekly basis and then ONLY ON OFFDAYS AFTER 14.00. Otherwise you could really diminish that muscle growth. That’s what I believe in, at least. And take it only 2 days in the week. If you suffer from psychological, neurological diseases: I recommend the complete EATC, as always and especially CHOCC, MAGNESIUM, taurine and cysteine in high dosages! Proven stuff. Augments alcoholism and other types of addictions, too. AND EXERCISE. Got a client with schizophrenia who runs, runs, runs, and therefore his life is running pretty well, too! Heads up people.

Dosage and Usage

Only 2g 2 times per week! MIND THE DOUBLE EDGED SWORD. No cysteine (Nor vit C etc.) after any WO and not (nothing) chronically! My Life Cut Deep, N!gga I’m Nothing To Bandage. But as EATC readers, you guys and girls are very sensitive. I can relate.

True longterm magic. This rate liming little bastard cysteine, so little, so cheap, so efficient! As stated here and in detail here: Get your cysteine on off days only, best in combination with food (including glutamic acid, glycine) and don’t forget the importance of intracellular selenium levels. No selenium: NO GSH. The weakest link again. Spot it and strengthen it. Always. Will resurrect you on a cellular level, too. Anew on a daily basis. Hell yea. We are in heaven.

“Go hard and be you, sing your song. Ressourceful people gravitate towards and unressourceful people away from you. Stay detached from all of them. Respect their craft, do your thing, enjoy the closeness of your loved ones and their unconditioned clinging to your vibe.”

To recap, the best l cystein supplement is the normal form, goes well in combination with selenium to create natural glutathione in your body.

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.