CREATINE – CREATINE FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND MUSCLE BUILDING REVIEW – The King of Supplements and why Everyone should take it.

Whats going on? Really not in the mood for trash talk today. Already did that in my head to myself I think. The dreams will tell. (Carl Jung action going with gelatine glycine husl), todays topic will be CREATINE, the real KING of bodybuilding I’d like to say and why this is true. This is the fuck!ng creatine monohydrate benefits review. It really is mandatory for every pump head out there, every athlete, every fitness dude and I would even say creatine is even good for the full-time single mother that want’s to keep her weight in check. (Keep going we are with you in our hearts. Honestly.) Let’s jump right into it. Before I forget, creatine monohydrate is the only way to go, everything else is expensive useless sh!t with the absolute same effects, only one or two chemical steps further broken down etc, which is ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT when it comes to creatine. So keep reading, dear upcoming nutrition pro. Oh nutrition, I Love You.

First things first:

“Natural” Gains with Creatine?

Okay, so it is well known that creatine is the absolute must-have when it comes to making the optimum gains in building muscle or sports in general. Is it natural? Hell, I think taking 5-15g every day your whole life through is more natural than not taking it. Why? Because the human body has developed itself in a triad of different surroundings spread all over the whole world, but one of them was most of the times having around 1kg of MEAT/ day in the belly. The last 7 billion years (origin of men as we genetically are now), we did not have a 5-9 resource system to sit on our asses and get energy in form of money that way. We had to go out and catch what’s there as long as it took to get that meat/ berries/ roots or whatever your band chose to gather/ hunt today. Of course, they did several days of intermittent fasting 48+ inbetween to optimise their ampk cell mode and autophagy… Guess they were amazed by the testosterone and GH levels! Back to creatine, 1kg of meat or fish contains about 5g of creatine in a so much better bioavailable form than monohydrate. Therefore, supplementing creatine is more “natural” than not to. To all the paleo bishops out there, Im not one of you and never will be. I come from a completely BIOCHEMICAL background and try to make contextual sense with the information we have about the nutrition branch of contemporary anthropology to help make intuitional supplement decisions. I come from a different place, so to speak.

The Deep Mechanics of Creatine Monohydrate (CREATINE FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND MUSCLE BUILDING REVIEW 1)

Wow, that sounds good. How does it all work and what is creatine? Creatine can and is synthesised by a 1-2g/day rate by your body from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine. Supplementing it will therefore save those for other useful interactions in your body.

Having a throughout high creatine baseline in your body will maximise the following things:

  • Your Pcr (Phosphor-CREATINE)/ ATP levels in the cells of your whole body increase. (don’t forget, all cells means ALL cells: brain, heart, other organs, and muscle of course)
  • You have more satellite cells in your body, a mandatory factor for hypertrophy
  • Your have more short term ATP mobilisation in your muscle tissue and therefore more ALL-TIME stimulus in your workouts. Same goes for sprinting and other short term high intensity sports.
  • You can finally carb up properly since carbs need a phosphor atom and water to it to be stored in your cytoplasm in the muscle (Water + Creatine + Carbs = Full Muscle)

But there are “responders” and “non-responders” out there, right? NO, some people just have a better synthesis by themselves and eat more meat/fish than others and have therefore a better “no creatine” – performance and don’t respond as crazy as vegan brothers would after 3 years going hardcore vegan and then supplementing creatine for example.

Creatine and Timing

Take 5-15g creatine AFTER your workout with 5-15g taurine and your undenatured and unflavoured whey protein 30-50g.

This is slightly (5-10%) better than taking it at every other point of the day. Your goal is to just take it every day and have a high creatine baseline at every time. 5-15g of creatine monohydrate once a day promote exactly that and “loading” or “creatine pauses” are completely unnecessary  and without any scientific, biochemical or experimental foundation. Just sheer broscience which is the ordinary gym narrative, just like common sense is the ordinary life narrative. Both have their sense and meaning, but not in our goal oriented hardcore approach at EATC BRAHS.

Creatine, Insulin Sensitivity IQ and your Testosterone (CREATINE FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND MUSCLE BUILDING REVIEW 2)

Because of your enhanced ability to store glucose in your muscle and liver and everything, your cells will be more keen to store glucose. Thus your body will become more insulin sensitive which is the holy grail of your metabolism. You want to reach that level by eating clean for a long time without prolonged spiky carbs all day, working out a fuck!ng lot and getting your omega 3s ratio and staying in a nice c16:0/ c18:1 fatty acid intake ratio (best would be 1:3 over a course of 2+ months). Good luck with that hardcore optimisation for the last 3% of performance… Not worth it for everyone, for me for sure. A nice complex formula for optimised insulin sensitivity inspired by would be:

MAGNESIUM + CARNITINE + CREATINE + TAURINE + OMEGA 3 + NO Sources + High Frequency of Muscle Stimulus + Low Frequency of High GI Meals

= OPTIMISED Insulin Sensitivity

= Kill the metabolic syndrome, loose body fat as your second nature


will not increase directly. BUT THE BIG “DHT” BROTHER of it will! How awesome is that? Just a lil quote from the study:  “levels of DHT increased by 56% after 7 days of creatine loading and remained 40% above baseline after 14 days maintenance”. So.. Creatine enhances even the foundation of testosterone.

My intuitional idea about testo would be: The more potent energy is flowing through the body and therefore being able to be released (e.g.: intracellular zinc, T3, Creatine), the more testosterone will be produced and is part of your holistic organism. Makes sense, big energetic potential as a construct triggers the GO MODE.

Your IQ

will raise by 10+ Points. I think it makes sense, since ALL CELL ENERGY PCr/ATP levels rise with creatine supplementation and that includes of course neurons, and other brain tissue. Nice gimmick. I think 10 IQ points will help your brain fluidity to give you that 1% more quickness in the bros before hoes conversation with your gf or when calculating your protein intake for today.

Final Words

Theres not much left to say, creatine is just too awesome to be skipped. It is the ultimate supplement. Cheap, effective and has a lot of other health benefits, too. I honestly think not getting it and not giving it to your kids is a big mistake and will turn out to be irresponsible in the future. Don’t tell your grandchildren, you didn’t know better. Gains are the worth of contemporary society, so get your top food, huge chest and meditate. Ah and your creatine of course. AFTER your WO in the POST.

“Wanna achieve some muscle goals? Hack away the unessential, what’s left has definitely to do with creatine.”

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.