The days are getting colder, darker, faster stronger! Yea and that’s exactly what YOU are going to be with some nice citrulline malate in your pre workout. 

This is the last post of my self individuation bullsh!tting myself a little aka. promote knowledge to the world in form of the EATC system which is kinda super strong and magical, but at the same time very weak for people to believe in, because their construct does not provide this. How could they? It’s just a random number sending out sign combinations through your always glimmering iPhone screen into your, still not in pace struggling brain here at the other end. No offense, though. As I said: We are all not “in pace”, thus to our hunger/ incapability of chasing due to structural psychological imbalances deep inside. You won’t even notice. I promise. You name it, I’m making air for myself and project the shadow onto you. That’s weak, but now that it’s conscious, I can assimilate and we can move forward to citrulline malate.

Okay, so NO is the absolute new star of nutrition, life optimum and gainz. Being healthy and getting a pump. By pump I mean phallus pump, too. But what else? We all want the ELSE, the MORE, cuz nothing is ENOUGH. But I’ll deliver because that’s my thing, bros: It’s the interaction of GSH and NO in your cells. Something ringing there? Latest studies and older ones show a very close relationship between the strong antioxidant GSH and your epithelial flower power nitric oxide through synergetic effects like enhanced availability of both, a smoother synthase of both and the elimination of even the slight oxidative stress resulted by (healthy) NO release (which is mandatory). So called nitrosative stress. Which is in turn reduced by more NO when fucking with your health chronically.

That’s just a gimmick, though. The real deal is the rise of arginine levels in your body. Arginine is super precious and used for a bunch of vital processes in your body. Like fat burning, muscle building and tissue formation etc. It REALLY IS ESSENTIAL.

But how does the MALATE help us with this? Life, and therefore human life is all about cycles. Day and Night, Yin and Yang, Men and Women. Check this:


Take a moment, relax and maybe get the following:

Citrulline (bound to malate for krebs cycle action pew pew) is an essential substance in both cycles. The for us subjectively interesting cycle is the nitric oxide cycle. Why? Why.

Citrulline malate is the reason you will always be 1000% “safe” to eat as much protein as we promote here. You will never have to worry about ANYTHING related to ammonia/ toxicity/ whatever when getting your citrulin malate and enough lysin (->ornithine).

Back to arginine!

As you can clearly see, the arginine box is in the middle of it all and therefore important. Furthermore, arginine becomes holy nitric oxide OR ornithine. So what do you want your arginine help to produce? HOLY VESSEL EPITHELIAL and PHALLUS PUMPIN NITRIC OXIDE or simply piss? Of course you need to piss, but you want arginine to do both. Because your body thinks pissing is more important (which it kinda is on a more grounded level), the pissing progress will be fueled first. Time for citrulline malate to jump into both cycles:

Arginine <- Arginosuccinate <- Citrulline -> Arginosuccinate -> Arginine

So with supplementing citrulline malate, you get your citrulline, some malate extra (krebs ATP cycle enhancing/ gut flora) and basically just more arginine. Why not supplement JUST arginine? Well your body uses arginine like any other amino acid for more than just these two cycles/ syntheses. Therefore, a lot of arginine you swallow up gets used for fuel even or other stuff. Which is not bad, but not creating a NO overlord organism of you. Studies show that citrulline malate helps you raise your arginine levels significantly better than just arginine. Don’t get confused with citrulline in urea. This is the sign: It works!

Health, Performance and GymLife with Citrulline Malate (CITRULLINE MUSCLE GROWTH SUPPLEMENT 1)

“L-citrulline-malate supplementation can enhance the use of amino acids, especially the branched chain amino acids during exercise and also enhance the production of arginine-derived metabolites such as nitrite, creatinine, ornithine and urea.”

As we have evaluated before: C-malate is the shit and jumps right into your most important cycles. The NO and krebs cycle (ornithine).

But don’t think it’s just good for your vessels, heart, phallus and vaginal mucosa (YES! Tell your gf about me and let her add me on instagram!). Oh no, it is a very potent gym performance supplement. Kind of the new best pre workout ingredient you cannot miss. At eatc, we rely on NONSTIM to promote our circadian rhythms and yin yang balanced lives.

“Repeated-measures analysis of variance indicated that subjects completed significantly (p = .045) more repetitions throughout upper-body exercise when consuming CM versus placebo”

So more reps and less perceived fatigue! Perfect PRE workout to hit the sh!t is building up.

Now some citrulline malate action straight up:

“CM ingestion resulted in a significant reduction in the sensation of fatigue, a 34% increase in the rate of oxidative ATP production during exercise, and a 20% increase in the rate of phosphocreatine recovery after exercise, indicating a larger contribution of oxidative ATP synthesis to energy production.”

Oh some more aerobic oxidative ATP production, too. That means fatty acid oxidation by enhancing your krebs cycle with the provision of ornithine and malate for example. Sounds like endurance and type I fibres? Not really:

For you (just to be sure) to know: Your gym meathead type II fibres are anaerobic and work with carbed up cytoplasmatic buff tissue (e.g.: 6-12 reps). But as you also know: Your cells and therefore the whole construct You makes the best out of everything available to it and uses the super slow type I fibres (all fibres inbetween) to your fastest type II fibres to move everything. It’s just a matter of efficiency in the moment/ movement and of genetic expression of your holistic manifestation as an athlete (some people are just fucking sprinters and others run type 1 overkill 100km marathons through deserts.) God bless, I am genetically gifted with and my mind alined for being a fucking men’s physique freak. Yes, I AM short. #almostbuendiagenetix God bless again. If your ability “can” and will “want” is balanced, you are one. blessed. mother. fu!ker. Meditate and reframe yourself if necessary. Thank me in the afterlife.

To sum it up: I write stuff to cleanse my soul and you should definitely supplement with citrulline malate in the PRE workout for max ATP, PUMP, REGENERATION and of course longterm arginine levels and NO hustle. More reps and more overall strength was assessed in upper and lower body. But all you need is love. And delts. And calves. And abs. AND YOU GOOD, BROTHER.


People ask me: Blackwell! Blackwell! What should I do? My life suxx and I got no money to pay for those stupid pre workouts. First of all: Your life is beautiful and second of all: Just take this, my dear struggling striving brother and soulmate. I Love You:

300g Beetroot/ 500ml Beetroot Juice + 50g Cacao Powder + (optional Casein/ Magerquark)


400mg Magnesium + 12-14g Citrullin Malate + (optional 500mg Alpha GPC)




Get atleast 25-30g EAAs in your system before working out. Do NOT overrate BCAAs. Throw in some whole EGGS into around your workouts to promote IL-6 synergetic muscle growth and myostatin inhibiting effect. #HiddenGems #YouAreWelcome

Usage and Dosage

As a pre, get it acutely. Otherwise just any time you want. Mixes nice with carbs due to the vasodilation of your vessels and therefore temporarily augmented insulin sensitivity. Get your citrulline malate in dosages of 12-14g because the ratio is most of the time 1:1 or 2:1 malate:citrulline. This is not bad, just something you should have in mind. Pure malate is slightly more expensive and tastes super weird in my honest opinion. I stick to a spoon of citrulline malate and be good to go. Take it on off days, too, before sex and everytime you want to pump. You basically can’t take too much because “too much” will just leave you through the urea cycle. Just like that. Just like your first gf did, homie.

“Every human construct has got an ingrained sense of what could be and what should be true for it. This is true through interaction with the surroundings from the second 0 of life to day x. Striving towards it is the ultimate goal of self individuation and bringing human kind forward. Enjoying the process is life’s joy itself. Yield to it.”

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.