ORGANIC CACAO – THE BEST CACAO POWDER BENEFITS REVIEW – Cacao Powder And Your Muscle Growth, Myostatin, Antioxidation and the Best Food of Society.

Whats good? Just came back from my chest workout, so my brain is a lil dizzy. Time for CACAO. For me now and forever, for you (world) I wish the best cacao blessings fore this is in my opinion one of the best foods in the 21st century in western society, where only some foods are selected to be able to buy and eat. So I hope you CHOC UP immediately and forever, too. Let’s get started brahs. Once and for all posts, this post posts it up to the wall of internet nutrition fame (which does not and will never exist I suppose). Share this with your tribe and mama.


You should eat cacao powder every day. That’s a nice fact. I’ll put down some WHYS and you just make the best of that. In whatever manifestation.

Some info at the front.

Get your cacao powder with as little fat as possible. The c16:0s in the cacao are not bad but not optimal and as you eat cacao on a daily basis this counts. This comes down to cell membrane lipids and cell fluidity, permeability so to speak. You wanna stay fluid. So go LOW FAT.

Alright with that said, let’s pile up some KING FACTS.

Top Macros

Protein: 23.08g



Fibers: 38.15g


Top Micros

Potassium: 2238.00mg

Magnesium: 483.00mg

Iron: 14.57mg


Mangan: 3497.00µg


As you can see, some nice iron, zinc, even magnesium, potassium, mangan and copper is in there. Make sure to get enough potassium to improve blood vessel pumps, insulin sensitivity and gainz: and cacao helps you with that in a most graceful manner.

Polyphenol KING

Everyone knows, polyphenols are pretty good. They are strong antioxidants that kick the free radicals from fatty acid oxidation to hell. You want those, too since they lower inflammation in the body which are there all the time but you can help out and be more healthy. Helps you a lot with overall LIFE, lifting regeneration time, diseases, anti-cancer, anti tumors and all kinds of shitty stuff in your life (even that unresolved conflict between you and your ex gf, or is it really your inner conflict? No. It’s always 50/50).

In cacao powder there are proanthocyanidine for sure and that shit dope. It’s a rare flavonole that helps with all above mentioned bearings of life. You don’t want to be getting thrown at with details, just GET IT with CACAO and CHOC UP. Before I forget, this stuff is 18 times stronger than vitamin C and 40 times stronger than vitamin E. It’s highly bioavailable and theres some sick synergy with proantocyanidine and vitamins going on. I don’t even wanna know how cray dat is.

Protip: Just as with beetroot, the nootropic and NO enhancing (and of course radical scavenging) effects of cacao are long, mid and short term wise! That means getting cacao just once a day in the morning for example will relax long term blood pressure, happiness etc and getting it every some hours or so in addition to this would accumulate the effects and keep you pumped, enhanced and protected all day long. The cognitive enhancing effects and protection of your brain for example appear 1-3hrs after eating the chocolate and stay for some 4 hours. Be sensitive, though. Not everyone should pop theobromine and caffeine all the time. Everyone’s different and might live better when not that stimulated all the time (get cacao just in the AMs?). As with coffee, you want to use cacao and caffeine, masturbation and intermittent fasting as a booster, and never as a crutch.

Yin/Yang Balance = Life Performance Optimum

Myostatin Inhibitor and Muscle Reg (THE BEST CACAO POWDER BENEFITS REVIEW 2)

This is the stuff you really wanna know and the only reason you will get some more raw choc in your life. Everyone knows myostatin, this little protein that “fu!ks with your gains”. Theres a natural inhibitor for it in cacao. Not much, not crazy high in uberchemo levels. No, but it’s there. Put into workouts, before and after, and just everytime you feel like CHOCCIN up it has a first small and then bigger longterm impact. Some studies point in that direction and there is even evidence but you know, empirical science is forming our reality. SLOWLY. Keep scooping cacao and you will feel a difference. I promise.

Furthermore, theres clear evidence for about 20-30% better muscle regeneration and performance in the gym. My base pre and post consists of organic cacao powder.

Dopamine and NO

What’s more? Hm yea, depending on your cleanness of eating and therefore food sensitivity you get a dopamine spike while eating cacao powder. Completely awesome before a workout and in general. The reason for this is theobromine, tyramine and a little bit of caffeine in the cacao.

You know I’m a big fan of nitrate and NO (thanks to edubily). Cacao builds that up, too. The flavonols do a great job. This promotes blood flow, relaxation of soft muscle tissue and overall health and even insulin sensitivity. Just as a little addition then, theres a sick nitrate flow going on, too. But you get this with all the BEET ROOT x citrullin malate x arginine (gelatin) and B vitamins from the legendary EATC System anyways, don’t you?

To quote Prof. Dr Andro real quick from this amazing post:

We also and again got:

  • “high antioxidant activity
  • improved insulin sensitivity, beta cell function & carbohydrate metabolism
  • improved HDL/LDL ratios
  • inhibition of detrimental byproducts of the arachidonic acid metabolism
  • induction of NO-mediated, endothelium-dependent relaxations
  • reduced incidence of stroke due to hypotensive effects
  • anti-CVD effects via TGF-β ddecreased tendency of blood to clotting
  • local and systemic TNF-alpha modulation and VGEF suppression => anti-cancerefects
  • immune effects that can protect you from tooth decay
  • protection against UV radiation and rejuvenating effect if its applied to the skin
  • suppressive effect on fatty acid synthesis #Anti Fat Belly
  • increases in mitochondrial respiration #Kill Free Radicals
  • ability to boost serotonine (5-HT), improve mood and lower appetite and cravings” (Just like tryptophan!)

Just to have som scientific background here… Just to make sure ofc. This shit IS superb and dope. Embrace the tissue relaxing polyphenol king that makes you awake and happy and tastes like chocolate. Because it IS motherfu!k!ng chocolate. Not this palm fat + sugar cane bullshit you stuff in in the middle in the night. STUFF THIS SH!T IN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. And then be productive. Face it or face death.

And in the end? It does ALL matter, even the neuroprotective and enhancing effects are measurable. There’s cognitive enhancements, cell potentiation and longterm protection in there (in there = your brain) and therefore your conscious life experience. Remember stuff longer or forever, have a glass sharp and clear window of thought. Meditate and put this little life hack into your daily food routine. You, your family and everyone you serve will benefit from it. In mood, immediate energy, overall longevity and muscle gainz in the gym.

Usage and Dosage

Alright mates, just as the EATC System tells you: Get your cacao powder in a dosage of 40-100g per day. Add your calcium to form calcium oxalates so you don’t get too much oxalate in your system. Use it BEFORE and AFTER training. In the MORNING its awesome, too. If you are not that deep of a  sleeper, don’t take it just before going to bed (caffeine, theombrine mix). You can find some awesome receipts to make cacao-food like desserts everyday on this website.

“CHOCCD UP with theobromine and tyrosine. Party hard. Fu!k yea. Honestly the best food available to us in this time and place. Get it before it’s no longer available to us (in 60 years?) or better: protect it!”

To recap, raw cacao powder or cacao nibs improve your mood, perception of status, wakefulness, blood flow in the brain, insulin sensitivity, protect against cancer and promote muscle growth.

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.