Welcome BACK, back to black, Back to Back and back to the beets. Back to the roots, the beet roots of the BEETROOT, the ultimate nitrate food and nitrate. The reason vegetables really are healthy. Nitrate is the new rising star in the supplement industry, too good to be true and deeply interwined and on a higher level interacting with your NO (=nitric oxide) in your bloodstream. Specifically the arginine NO enzyme (eNOS) (for which you need Iron, Vit B2, BH4, (All found in abundance in beef liver), which creates the best enzyme out there, and by that I mean inside you and me (Not between us though, no homo): Arginine -> NO enzyme -> NO. More info in my citrullin malate guide and why to enhance with dat dope stuff. Some phallus PUMP on the go as a sider (still no homo).

Fun fact: More arginine does most of the time NOT improve arginine concentration and therefore NO as a result in your plasma. All those “NO-Booster” supplements suck and are too low in concentration, too!

Dr Dre’s BEETS Nutritional Value


Protein: 1.53g

Fats: 0.10g

Carbs: 8.38g

Fiber: 2.50g

Okay so the micros “suck” in comparison to the other nice foods in the EATC System (the micros would still be promoted as being “amazing” on the random health website). BUT this looks not too bad for a pre workout ingredient and fits every diet, because of its small kcal amount. FURTHERMORE those beets fill you up and put some nice good fructose/fiber in your belly for energetic continuity and the beets have the purpose to be the synergetic NO maximiser. Don’t misunderstand this shit. Get top PUMP and allday veins popping insulin sensible hours by popping this into every other meal.

NO Fatigue with the NO in Beets

You have to know: NO is very unstable as a molecule and therefore just a “trigger -> enjoy -> gone” agent. So you have to promote it acutely or passively with high arginine and the right enzymatic precursors in your system.

What else for you to know: In beetroot is nitrate NO3. There are bacteria in your mouth and digestive system that takes away an O2 atom and then you have nitrite NO2. This stuff can easily be turned into NO. YES THE MAGIC arginine NO! And that’s where you can enhance your own enzyme on a different track. We want it all here at EATC. So we have 2 ways to improve our holy NO:

Acute BEETS intake: NO3 -> NO2 -> NO

Info: NO2 can be turned into NO, WITHOUT O2, so it’s available to be created in your bloodstream and organs even in mostly anaerobic energetic cell flows (when hitting it super hard in the gym).

The indirect NO enzyme as mentioned before:

Arginine -> (Iron, Vit B2, BH4) -> NO

So, science says: “acute dietary NO3(-) supplementation can elevate plasma NO3(-) and NO2(-) concentrations, improve exercise performance, and reduce blood pressure in COPD patients.”

So this shit acute.. soo.. why not make it acute every 2-3 hours, right? Man, I love bodybuilding!

Instakick before workout with some Beetroot Juice or 300g of cooled beets with 3 raw eggs and 50g organic cacaopowder? Dem arachidonic acid flow, cacao NO, mysostatin inhib (?) and constant balanced macro and micro energy/ synergy intuition flow going. Longterm stuff. Amazing stuff.


To make it quick, beetroot even enhances your erectile functions, kills evil bacteria in your mouth and promotes endothelial plasticity and glucose uptake (carb and insulin and leptin- sensitivity) (See creatine monohydrate and L carnitine!). Furthermore NO furthers mitochondrial density and even anti inflammatory effects due to the higher oxidative capacity and anti COX-1. Makes sense: Bigger blood pipelines and therefore more surface, more (most of the time fatty acid) substrate flow, more relaxation and less stress due to anaerobic energy availability: Let’s build some mitochondria!

So, we got a higher VO2MAX with beets and more NO. We have ACUTE NO3 and NO2 in our bloodstream more FOLIC ACID (Folic acid is some nice plant based Vit B8 for your overall blood production and life), some nice fiber and a shitload of beta carotine (The more color particles in natural food, the more antioxidantive potential, e.g.: blueberries, curcuma etc.).

As a nice gimmick: The beetroot will kick your NO up and therefore promote some nice PGC-1α/ Sirt-1 mitochondrial biogenesis.

To get some citing action going with crucial points highlighted, heres a big text for you to digest. Its too much to believe. NO is everything, everywhere when it comes to life quality and health:

“NO is known as a ubiquitous, an omnipresent and a pleiotropic signaling molecule [184142] and plays important roles in almost every biological system [1743]. It is a potent vasodilator and considered as a key regulator in vascular homeostasis by inhibition of platelet activation, inhibition of vascular smooth muscle proliferation, and control of blood pressure [4446]. Neural transmission [4750], memory [44], apoptosis [51], reproduction [52], lipolysis [53], regulation of energy balance [42], and host defense [48] are among other physiological processes where NO plays some roles. NO regulates hormone release in the hypothalamic-pituitary axis [49] and inhibits prolactin secretion [54] and may play a role in catecholamine release and steroidogenesis in adrenal gland [48] and can regulate actions of insulin and carbohydrate metabolism [5556]. NO also has a role in thyrocyte/thyroid function and sodium nitroprusside, a precursor of NO, increases cGMP in human thyrocytes

Aaaaand HOP to dem GYM GAINZ!


We at EATC go all into intuition, experience and we HAVE a bigger pump with beets. So science is not providing us with actual pump data. But you know. Science of today is slow and empirical. I miss the old times where the emperor could just decide some things to be true with the legitimacy of god himself.

But get your beets then and experience your own enhanced pump. This is not new, the vessels get bigger and NO is doing his thing. Your soft muscle tissue relaxes and the heart is able to beet some nice intense reps out for the whole system. Fu!k yeah.

The 1998 Nobel Prize in getting the biggest pump went to Schwarzenegger and then to those guys.

So nutrition wise, this shit cray and pump wise, too. Antiox the shit up and kick dem free radicals again with some NATURAL antioxidants and fu!k your over 9000 Vit C infusion. Furthermore, trust in the power of mother earth and get back to the (non paleo) roots and lot’s of folic acid, too.

Oxalate and Nutrient Absorption

Ah and before I forget what everyone else forgets: The OXALATES in those beets are HIGH! So make sure to get your calcium with the beets to form calcium oxalates, get your vitamin D and magnesium and drink enough. You will be good to go, shred some iron out of your system and get even more carb sensitive which is fu!k!ng yolo awesome for us IFBB Pros. (You eat the beef liver with highlander levels of Vitamin A and iron, though. Trust in your dharma, then.)

Your nutrient absorption and overall INSULIN SENSITIVITY in your muscle and everywhere increases naturally with more NO3, NO2, NO in your bloodstream. Your blood vessels get wider and theres more blood contact with your tissue from inside, you get your Vit K2 from the EATC System and your salmon from your FOODFRAME for omega 3 to thin out your blood even more. And of course ALL the other good ingredients (magnesium + carnitine + creatine + taurine + zinc etc.) from the legendary EATC system to make sure your holy insulin sensitivity and of course your whole body is able to run at its absolute genetical optimum. Yeah, that would be cool for you but it’s only me so far who goes THAT far. True hardline high five to myself and my achievements. I still hope to be able to inspire you to go hard somewhere else and make the best of my content for your own gains.

Dosage and Usage + PRE WORKOUT

Get dat damn thing in supps, better RAW and COOLD in the fridge for the taste and go BEET IT!

I really ENJOY eating my beets with 500mg of cooled magerquark demeter, 250g frozen berries demeter, 2 raw eggs demeter mixed with 50-60g of organic cacaopowder demeter. I call it the EATC Polska Cake. Fu!king awesome and even triggers the EATC Refeed combo with iodine and selenium because of the crazy leucine and insulin spike that promotes your hypothalamus to fire all kinds of bonfires and release fat and heat and lifegains.

The Beet Pre

If you can’t get them RAW and organic, get the rawest pulver or extract you can find and take the dosage high before your workout.

1kg Fresh Beetroot have around 1300mg nitrate.

You want around 8-13mg/kg nitrate bodyweight to be golden before the workout.

300-1000g beetroot a day will promote you with ultimate longterm gains in all aspects.

Totally doable with your organic cacao, beetroot extract, fresh beets. And don’t forget your nice citrullin malate and arginine (gelatin) supplementation in the indirect NO backup plan to promote you with ultimate eNOS enzymatic gainz. Get the beetz 30-60 mins before the workout and you are good to go. The beets enhancing effects are about 4-5hrs active in your system. Shuttle all your nutrients and clean carbs through the ultimate vasolidation into your organs and muscle tissue cells. So basically you CAN stay insulin sensitive vain popping and ultimative nutrition absorbing throughout the whole day. Just saying. But you know, I’m lost in the beet.

“Showin’ how funky strong is your fight
It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right
Just beet it, beet it…”

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.