BEEF LIVER – BEEF LIVER HEALTH BENEFITS and Your Improved Skin With Vitamin A Supplementation.

My top food, your top food, everyones top food. God bless, liver is ridiculously cheap in western society (not so in the mid east, relatively spoken) and no one there really cares about the nutrition of the foods they eat on a daily basis. Wait, but this is exactly what we “fight” against here at eatcfit, isn’t it? Yes, it is: So god bless to my subjective individual being, since I can buy cheap liver and god bless to the bigger picture we strive for, though liver will in the end become more expensive due to more people buying it. A small price to pay for all the cell ATP and life joy “I” helped to generate through the tao flow and the selfless recommendation to eat beef liver. Still a step closer to my true Self. I will show you the beef liver health benefits you have never heard of.

Why beef liver? Beef liver has got the highest nutritional density (apart from selenium in calf liver where that one wins.) and is at the same time the cheapest. Winner in all classes.

Ancient (Beef) Liver protect us? BEEF LIVER HEALTH BENEFITS!

It is no coincidence, beef liver or human liver or liver in general was a sacred piece of food for many many ancient cultures. It was SACRED and those folks (linguistic wordplay straight up) never did anything without an underlying reason that points to a higher TRUTH, although they could not assess nor explain it. The pressure of dying was too high back then as to do useless shit on a daily basis like 95% of our fellow men (If you are offended, you should maybe start to meditate and get your life vision straight!). Subjectively assessed, looking at an allegedly catechomalificated spurned mindset of course. Truth is truth and is neutral in essence but hurtful to the misbalanced subject. Get alined and ordered, then! Dipshit.

Back to the liver:

For one: This is NOT vitamin A! ACTIVE vitamin A is: Retinoid acid (RA). Only found in liver. Plants can’t provide this.

Okay science, straight up! ANTI CANCER. Quoted from “Prof. Dr. Andro” (from, based in Cologne, Germany):

Organic Antiox/ Cancer/ Heart disease/ Parkinsons

Vitamin A is is not only a highly antioxidative, like taurine, and vitamin B and cysteine, too, no:

“retinoic acid (active, real vitamin A) triggers in cancer cells of lung cells in cigarette-smoke exposed rodents does effectively counter the upregulation of the 120 mostly cell-differentiation and proliferation related genes scientists believe to be a causative factor in the etiology of lung cancer.”


“regulate the epigenome, such as DNA methyltransferase and histone deacetylase inhibitors, as well as classical chemotherapeutic agents.”

Helps you prevent AND fight cancer!

It also regulates lot’s of positive and protective genes in us plus programs us on burning more fat AND promoting a healthy thyroid function.

Furthermore Vitamin A:

“itself is a biomarker for the risk of heart failure (Salam. 2013; Takeishi. 2013). When it’s administered with zinc at a daily dose of 25,000IU retinol can the improve serum apoprotein A-I, apoprotein B and the apoprotein B/apoprotein A-I ratio in patients with type I diabetes (Shidfar. 2013) and may thus directly reduce their heart disease risk.”

Not eating Raw Bloody Human Beef Liver/ being a pussy?

Get the A for alternative beef liver health benefits, it’s still active retinol, so you can sleep well at night.

This is due to the higher oxidative capacity of your muscle tissue which let’s you burn more fat in rest mode (combined with carnitine!) and makes you more insulin sensitive. Oxidative capacity does ALWAYS indicate more mitochondria. Everyone should know those by now (5 years ago no-one would even know how to write it), and NOW know that eating liver (retionic acid) increases overall mitochondria in skeletal muscle cells, fat cells and your brain, too. Furthermore, it up regulates UCP3 (uncoupling protein 3) which is responsible for a higher isocaloric baseline due to more heat production. More heat production can also be done with more natural T3! Why not have both? Or ALL with going EATC?

Did I read BRAIN? Yes! As with all cells, your brain cells profit, with everything that raises ATP levels, too. Clean eating and EATC do have a meaning for intellectuals also, then. Although they will have to let pass some generations to find that out again, or just read socrates…

“The data described here strongly suggest that retinoic acid could be used as a therapeutic molecule for the induction of axon regeneration and the treatment of neurodegeneration.”

Axon regeneration? Wait a second: AX(E) on? Sharp that AXE? Wow that sounds like some good stuff not to hack away! Viking stuff. Axons are the the essential cell construct to build your peripheral nervous system and tie it all together with your spinal cord and shoot dat action potential through every nanometer to make it all one: brain, cord, peripheral nervous system, tissue, senses, reality. #Be holistic That went far, but the message is clear.


We Want Nutrition Facts!


200g Beef Liver:

Kcals: 294 kcal 1230 kJ
Water: 133.33 g
Protein: 44.40 g many EAAs
Fats: 6.98 g 2:1 omega 6 arachidonic + phospholipids
Carbs: 12.78 g organic starch long chain


As you can see: The protein content of 200g beef liver is super high, only little fat content and some starchy carbs. The hawk-eye pump chaser has seen it: 200g beef liver state the PERFECT POST MEAL 40 mins after your 30g organic whey shake with 5-15g creatine and 5-15g taurine. Get it or die in suboptimal spheres.


Vitamin A: 36168.00 µg 800 µg
Retinoid acid: 36168.00 µg 800 µg
Beta-Carotin: 0.00 µg
Vitamin B1: 574.00 µg 1400 µg
Vitamin B2: 6808.00 µg 1600 µg
Vitamin B3: 30140.00 µg 18000 µg
Vitamin B5: 14968.00 µg 6000 µg
Vitamin B6: 1602.00 µg 2000 µg
Vitamin B7: 206.00 µg 100 µg
Vitamin B9: 452.00 µg 400 µg
folic acid: 452.00 µg
free folic acid: 452.00 µg
Vitamin B12: 134.00 µg 3 µg
Vitamin C: 36.06 mg 100 mg
Vitamin D: 4.00 µg 5 bis 10 µg
Vitamin E: 1440.00 µg 12000 µg
Vitamin K: 162.00 µg 70 µg
Calcium: 14.00 mg 1000 mg
Chlorid: 174.00 mg 830 mg
Kalium: 564.00 mg 2000 mg
Magnesium: 34.00 mg 300 mg
Sodium: 224.00 mg 550 mg
Phosphorus: 694.00 mg 800 mg
Sulfid: 464.00 mg
Trace Elements
Iron: 13.53 mg 14 mg
Fluorid: 250.00 µg 3,5 mg
Iodine: 24.00 µg 150 µg
Copper: 6082.00 µg 1500 µg
Mangan: 0.50 mg 3500 µg
Zinc: 9.32 mg 15 mg


I higlighted the best features of beef liver. Little iron in your blood? Eat beef liver. No B vitamins? You get the point. As always: Some nutritional intuitional value goes into this with mangan, copper, and all kinds of little trace elements that could prove to be even more important for our health than assessed now. Slow science does what it does! It is slowly/ we just don’t live 100 years from now. You choose the way to look at it. To come to a conclusion, liver is the one and only heavens gift for the active vitamin A.

And don’t forget: Nice EAAs and a high leucine content!

Apart from that, theres some SIGNIFICANT high bioavailability action going on as with all organic products. Therefore: Zinc, phosphorus, kalium, iron etc. will be absorbed super good from your body. Far better than any supplement and those natural minerals do not interact in a bad way inside you as to make each other unavailable like all your other (not in the EATC listed) supplements taken together. Can’t be overlooked: Ridiculously high RETINOID ACID levels straight into your lifegainz. Best food on earth. Remember: It was declared SACRED by the mayan.

Not enough gains and beef liver health benefits from the sacred food of every culture that killed and ate human beings? Fine!

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Sports, Performance and Skin Care

“Vitamin A will also increase the expression of the master anti-oxidant glutathione in muscle tissue and promote the survival skeletal muscle precursor cells (El Haddad. 2012). It is necessary to preserve protein (Esteban-Pretel. 2010). And protects the muscle from the catabolic effects of corticosteroid overload”

Glutathione is an old topic around here, but corticosteroid overload is something to talk about: This stress response of your body occurs when training super intense. Adapting to it is one of the reasons your body is more stress resistant and a better life performer, when working out on a daily basis. If you are stressed out chronically, though, your WHOLE LIFE sucks because you become resistant to stress cycles an feel constant stress. Take your REST, then. Your YIN, aka. DESERVED REST and remember the golden training and nutrition rule: Nothing chronically, everything in cycles. Day and Night, Ups and Downs, Life and Death.

The augmented oxidative capacity in muscle and overall organism was stated. Helps all you marathon runners, too and even more directly than us pump heads!


We profit from the rest time fatty acid oxidation though, also.

Retinoid acid is extremely potent when it comes to growth in children and I recommend everyone to enhance their muscle growth with beef liver. It is no wonder all those old sports legends ate liver every day. Science proves: Embryonic tissue growth and muscle cell differentiation: All the way up #Ballsy Intuition

The anti-inflammatory effects of liver that do not kill your IL-6 and IL-12 muscle growth response improve your overall regeneration BIG TIME. So get it or suffer suboptimal gainz. They do not know what it is in liver, but it makes mice swim 4 times longer before drowning. Swimming Pools again.

To fight cellulite I recommend you to go high dosage LIVER (RA, Vit A) and super HIGH DOSAGE ZINC 150-200mg zincmonomethionine. Get an antibiotic skin care gel and you will be cured within 3 weeks. Not eating fast food, processed food and diary products helps wonders! Good luck to all you hot girls. <3 Glad to be able to help you. Don’t forget to squat and do lunges, though. Women have to work for a nice body (at least at 21+, trust me), too. #SorryNotSorry

Usage and Dosage and Alternatives

Personally, I eat 200g of organic beef liver every day to every week. Here in Germany you can order that super organic grasfed liver pre packed online and be goodto2 go. Too much vitamin A? Not with the antagonistic vitamin D player who balances it all out and gives the body chance to have it all in the right dosage through self regulation. Your body is not a pu!sy. It is designed to kill and endure unbelievable pain. So stop being attached to the ideals you’ve been fed and taking them as your reality. Think and feel for yourself.

When eating liver (2-3 times a week is ok for the normal person) is no option for you, get the Unilever caps (15-30 per day), eat more eggs and try cod liver oil.

Would be a start until you come to your senses and eat this cheap life hack of our time!

“Absolute manifestations are secondary. Embrace everything: Good and bad. When worldly luck strikes you, you did the best to avoid it and embrace it with peace. Share and let go, though. And eat your damn beef liver.”

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.