ALPHA GPC – THE BEST CHOLINE MUSCLE GROWTH STUDY – Satellite Cells, GH Release, Choline Muscle Growth Study.

Welcome back to another episode! Today a CHAMPS supplement, and by that I mean individually (by yourself) selected supplements that you want to put into your stack and take responsibility for. Alpha GPC (L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine) is the best example for this idea of the EATC System: It is not as essential as the other ingredients (zinc, magnesium, iodine, selenium, AMINOS etc.) but still extremely beneficial for your overall well being and muscle growth. Plus I feel a sick push when taking it as a PRE workout and the taste makes my muscle tissue horny to go out there and contract like a motherfucker. In addition to this simple fact, GPC is a different kind of (republican) choline source, other than that of all the nice foods of animal origin like beef liver, egg YOLK, meat, fish and chips etc. (no, of course not chips). It goes straight to your brain and triggers some amazing responses. But more about that in the reasonable part of my post, as follows:


Phospholipids.. That’s what it is almost all about here. Read the following wikipedia and ill “explain” haha, at least i’ll talk about it.

“Choline and its metabolites are needed for three main physiological purposes: structural integrity and signaling roles for cell membranes, cholinergic neurotransmission (acetylcholine synthesis), and a major source for methyl groups via its metabolite, trimethylglycine (betaine), which participates in the S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) synthesis pathways.

CELL MEMBRANES, NEUROTRANSMISSION sounds pretty damn fine. Like hot pants and short shorts look. Fu!king libido flow. Gotta hit it. Choline is directly involved in cell membrane formation and what’s more noteworthy: Your satellite cells! Those little jokers you still have left when your cells die/ the most important thing when it comes to muscle building hypertrophy. You want those cells, as much as possible circulating. What happens when there’s no or not enough choline flowing around to support those? Exactly, you lack potential and in this always striving world that’s the last thing your parents expected. Don’t forget the GAINZ, though. They lack, too and the lack of lacking ego compensation is even worse.

Your brain is completely reliant on choline to function, as it was stated: Neurotransmission says it all: We all got a mission to fulfill. Your neurons, too! And as you know that all life is process, they have to process perceptions, thoughts and life through a chemical cascade in the synapse through which the neurons fly and scream for expression. Acetyl choline is a neurotransmitter in this, and highly involved in the interaction of your circulatory system <-> nervous system. #pituitary gland #ganglia

Fun fact: It interacts with the monoamine neurotransmitter like serotonin (happiness), dopamine (gomode) and melatonin (sleepwell).

Supplying enough choline will ensure your think and cell growth potential and impacts therefore greatly your life experience. Check your diet and your choline intake. If it’s not enough (3000-4000mg/day), supplement. If you want gym peak performance and experiment/ don’t believe in contemporary health institutions so much to provide the optimum of your gains. Please brother, read on.

Gym Performance and Growth Hormones (THE BEST CHOLINE MUSCLE GROWTH STUDY 2)

“These data indicate that a single 600 mg dose of A-GPC, when administered 90 minutes prior to resistance exercise, increases post-exercise serum GH and peak bench press force.”

Nice, the bench is all we need. So bench peak force (+14%) and more growth hormones in the the serum post workout? What else is there left to be asked, wished, prayed for? Sounds like the perfect pre workout addition to pop some 10 minutes before working out.

“The A-GPC treatment resulted in significantly greater isometric mid thigh pull peak force change from baseline”

It also helped with isometric thigh pulls (what the f), but the augments were not statistically significant. It was the same dosage, but not acute and only sometime in the day. The choline muscle growth study did “kind of” an effect on muscles by choline, but a significant one on your brain and satellite cells, which are the indirect precursor for muscle cell growth.

This leads to the assumption that ALPHA GPC or CDP should be taken ACUTELY when used for gym performance enhancements and statistically proven taste placebo strength gainz (44x fold growth hormone in serum while benching instead of 2.6x fold).

Your pituitary gland will turn up the overtime GH production, fueld by your intense workout of course and promote long term muscle growth through a bigger provision of choline and satellite cell production. As always, though: EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE and train insane or you’ll remain the same.

Alpha GPC Vs Citicoline CDP

GPC is better and leads to higher plasma serum. CDP is much expensive and lower in choline by the gram. A sh!tty deal, so to speak. Fu!k the haters. Done.

Dosage and Usage

Because of your digestion that decreases the net dietary choline intake you should keep in mind, stay there and dwell on the question of supplementation a moment longer than usual. And remember: ALPHA GPC increases the plasma levels in the brain so much more than by natural sources. Eat 6+ eggs per day and beef liver regularly and your choline should be fine. If you want to increase your satellite cells after working out, you should also take citrulline malate and cacao.

When hitting it super hard and pushing your believed limits to the next level, GPC should be your thing. Intuitional science right there, but as long as the letters GH and serum pop up in a natural substance, I’ll look at it twice.

ALPHA GPC 500-1000mg provided acutely will suffice.

“Do or die. Weakness doesn’t exist, only limits. Embrace yours, good and bad and expand some boundaries by expressing what comes up in your heart and going hard.”

To recap, Alpha GPC is some top notch supplements that can be useful if you are rich and don’t eat eggs.

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About the author: Blackwell is obsessed with essential nutrients and applied biochemistry since he was 14 years old. He does not believe in dogmata. You can revere his body on Instagram or in Cologne, Germany.