CARNITINE – L CARNITINE FAT BURN AND MUSCLE GROWTH STUDY and Your Fatty Acid Shuttle System For Fatty Acid Oxidation.

Alright peeps, carnitine is this little colourful substance you can put in your gym hydrator for free right? Mhm, no. It is a million times more powerful than just a pseudo fat burner. It is a vital substance for your whole (fatty acid) substrate flow in every cell and the krebs-cycle. Carnitine is not a big topic, though. It’s cheap, effective and for your overall well being a must have. Does it increase your isocaloric baseline? No, of course not. But it’s a substance that is most of (if not all) the time lacking in the mitochondria cycle and will provide you with a better “energy management” for ALL your cells. And that counts.

Carnitine in Food?

You can think of carnitine as the little brother of creatine. It’s a an amino acid derivate that “can” be synthesised by the body from l-lysine and l-methionine. But as always: This small amount is never enough and just a cry for help to get it from outside aka. supplement it or eat a lot of MEAT. Exactly, just like creatine, carnitine (carnis? anyone latin?) is found in big amounts of meat and fish. That fact alone should make you want to supplement it, just because it makes intuitional sense.

Carnitine and your Metabolism (L CARNITINE FAT BURN AND MUSCLE GROWTH STUDY 1)

So carnitine plays a key role when it comes to fatty acid oxidation in your mitochondria. Think about it like this: Your mitochondria wants to create energy in form of ATP through the krebs-cycle all the time. It does not “care” how, so it makes the best of everything available to it. You are burning all substrates (fat, glycogen, “protein”) all the time in greatly varying degrees. That depends on the state you are in (supermuch energy needed right naow??). Creating energy from carbs needs less oxygen than from fats. Broken down protein jumps in and has to help when your energy delivery is “fu!ked” and at it’s limits. So when working out or running or doing cardio you want to use as many fatty acids as possible to create energy and therefore burn fat. When fat is broken down and becomes energy in your cell, theres a molecule that’s left over and blocks further fatty acid influx: CoA inside the mitochondria. Long chain fatty acids have a CoA attached to them which cannot go inside when the CoA pressure is too high.

Long (chained fatty acid) story, short: If you want to optimise you long chain fatty acid oxidation (like all stored fat in your body that is released into your blood flow), carnitine is your must have stack addition. To improve fatty acid oxidation, coffee and intermittent fasting are a good place to start. (To improve the fatty acid oxidation, the Shred101, FatToRipped and Beef Liver might be helpful here)

Since fatty acid oxidation is the main reason for free radicals, every enhancement of your oxidation leads to less oxidative stress and therefore less risk of cancer. More true than ever with l-carnitine.

Performance in the Gym (and life) (L CARNITINE FAT BURN AND MUSCLE GROWTH STUDY 2)

As you can certainly guess, the energy levels in the gym will increase as a whole during the workout due to better fatty acid oxidation. In addition to this, the ability of your liver to metabolise lactate is enhanced and therefore a real booster for ever struggling athlete + there are a tons of genes activated that increase your fatty acid oxidation by breaking down fatty acids (LPL) and much more awesome stuff (PPARalpha, FABP3, ACAT 1 etc.).

“mitochondrial flux during high intensity exercise, thereby reducing muscle anaerobic ATP production. Furthermore, these changes were associated with an improvement in exercise performance.” Tell me more about carbing up all day. What about your beta-oxidation rate?

Pretty cool: Your overall ATP levels are increased by 30-40%.

More fatty acid energy flow? Sounds (as always) like more mitochondria! TFAM increases your mitochondria up to 40% and you know how good those are to promote a long, lean and powerful life.

Don’t forget the increased insulin sensitivity enhancing effects you get by becoming more flexible in your metabolism and substrate management and insulin signaling.

So acetyl-l-carnitine lowers your triglyceride flow in your blood vessels by making your cells more efficient in burning fat as a substrate. Furthermore, carnitine helps blocked cells full of CoA to run smooth and like the little beast they are. Sounds like a real allrounder about fatty acid oxidation, but as you know: It is all one, so your whole metabolism and substrate efficiency benefits. + #GeneTranscription So the L carnitine fat burn studies show us: Carnitine is the substance to go with forever. As a bonus, it is nootropic and lets you think faster and peak your IQ test performance. To improve your insulin sensitivity, you should also look into citrulline malate, beetroot and creatine monohydrate.

So go kill it with overall optimisation and the shuttle system for all fats in- AND ATTATCHED (long chain!) to your body.

Usage and Dosage

Theres no side effects to even high dosages, as with creatine.

So, if creatine is the king of carbs->ATP->energy, carnitine is the king of fats->ATP->energy. Both are brothers for ultimate health and metabolic awesomeness.

1-3g in the morning will suffice and at every other moment before eating fatty foods or working out/ running. I recommend it before walking around, too! Absolute must have. Don’t let the lack of carnitine Hold You Down!

“Carnitine can’t be overlooked. The underdog of your metabolic optimum in the shadow of creatine. The younger brother strikes back hard, though.”

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Welcome BACK, back to black, Back to Back and back to the beets. Back to the roots, the beet roots of the BEETROOT, the ultimate nitrate food and nitrate. The reason vegetables really are healthy. Nitrate is the new rising star in the supplement industry, too good to be true and deeply interwined and on a higher level interacting with your NO (=nitric oxide) in your bloodstream. Specifically the arginine NO enzyme (eNOS) (for which you need Iron, Vit B2, BH4, (All found in abundance in beef liver), which creates the best enzyme out there, and by that I mean inside you and me (Not between us though, no homo): Arginine -> NO enzyme -> NO. More info in my citrullin malate guide and why to enhance with dat dope stuff. Some phallus PUMP on the go as a sider (still no homo).

Fun fact: More arginine does most of the time NOT improve arginine concentration and therefore NO as a result in your plasma. All those “NO-Booster” supplements suck and are too low in concentration, too!

Dr Dre’s BEETS Nutritional Value


Protein: 1.53g

Fats: 0.10g

Carbs: 8.38g

Fiber: 2.50g

Okay so the micros “suck” in comparison to the other nice foods in the EATC System (the micros would still be promoted as being “amazing” on the random health website). BUT this looks not too bad for a pre workout ingredient and fits every diet, because of its small kcal amount. FURTHERMORE those beets fill you up and put some nice good fructose/fiber in your belly for energetic continuity and the beets have the purpose to be the synergetic NO maximiser. Don’t misunderstand this shit. Get top PUMP and allday veins popping insulin sensible hours by popping this into every other meal.

NO Fatigue with the NO in Beets

You have to know: NO is very unstable as a molecule and therefore just a “trigger -> enjoy -> gone” agent. So you have to promote it acutely or passively with high arginine and the right enzymatic precursors in your system.

What else for you to know: In beetroot is nitrate NO3. There are bacteria in your mouth and digestive system that takes away an O2 atom and then you have nitrite NO2. This stuff can easily be turned into NO. YES THE MAGIC arginine NO! And that’s where you can enhance your own enzyme on a different track. We want it all here at EATC. So we have 2 ways to improve our holy NO:

Acute BEETS intake: NO3 -> NO2 -> NO

Info: NO2 can be turned into NO, WITHOUT O2, so it’s available to be created in your bloodstream and organs even in mostly anaerobic energetic cell flows (when hitting it super hard in the gym).

The indirect NO enzyme as mentioned before:

Arginine -> (Iron, Vit B2, BH4) -> NO

So, science says: “acute dietary NO3(-) supplementation can elevate plasma NO3(-) and NO2(-) concentrations, improve exercise performance, and reduce blood pressure in COPD patients.”

So this shit acute.. soo.. why not make it acute every 2-3 hours, right? Man, I love bodybuilding!

Instakick before workout with some Beetroot Juice or 300g of cooled beets with 3 raw eggs and 50g organic cacaopowder? Dem arachidonic acid flow, cacao NO, mysostatin inhib (?) and constant balanced macro and micro energy/ synergy intuition flow going. Longterm stuff. Amazing stuff.


To make it quick, beetroot even enhances your erectile functions, kills evil bacteria in your mouth and promotes endothelial plasticity and glucose uptake (carb and insulin and leptin- sensitivity) (See creatine monohydrate and L carnitine!). Furthermore NO furthers mitochondrial density and even anti inflammatory effects due to the higher oxidative capacity and anti COX-1. Makes sense: Bigger blood pipelines and therefore more surface, more (most of the time fatty acid) substrate flow, more relaxation and less stress due to anaerobic energy availability: Let’s build some mitochondria!

So, we got a higher VO2MAX with beets and more NO. We have ACUTE NO3 and NO2 in our bloodstream more FOLIC ACID (Folic acid is some nice plant based Vit B8 for your overall blood production and life), some nice fiber and a shitload of beta carotine (The more color particles in natural food, the more antioxidantive potential, e.g.: blueberries, curcuma etc.).

As a nice gimmick: The beetroot will kick your NO up and therefore promote some nice PGC-1α/ Sirt-1 mitochondrial biogenesis.

To get some citing action going with crucial points highlighted, heres a big text for you to digest. Its too much to believe. NO is everything, everywhere when it comes to life quality and health:

“NO is known as a ubiquitous, an omnipresent and a pleiotropic signaling molecule [184142] and plays important roles in almost every biological system [1743]. It is a potent vasodilator and considered as a key regulator in vascular homeostasis by inhibition of platelet activation, inhibition of vascular smooth muscle proliferation, and control of blood pressure [4446]. Neural transmission [4750], memory [44], apoptosis [51], reproduction [52], lipolysis [53], regulation of energy balance [42], and host defense [48] are among other physiological processes where NO plays some roles. NO regulates hormone release in the hypothalamic-pituitary axis [49] and inhibits prolactin secretion [54] and may play a role in catecholamine release and steroidogenesis in adrenal gland [48] and can regulate actions of insulin and carbohydrate metabolism [5556]. NO also has a role in thyrocyte/thyroid function and sodium nitroprusside, a precursor of NO, increases cGMP in human thyrocytes

Aaaaand HOP to dem GYM GAINZ!


We at EATC go all into intuition, experience and we HAVE a bigger pump with beets. So science is not providing us with actual pump data. But you know. Science of today is slow and empirical. I miss the old times where the emperor could just decide some things to be true with the legitimacy of god himself.

But get your beets then and experience your own enhanced pump. This is not new, the vessels get bigger and NO is doing his thing. Your soft muscle tissue relaxes and the heart is able to beet some nice intense reps out for the whole system. Fu!k yeah.

The 1998 Nobel Prize in getting the biggest pump went to Schwarzenegger and then to those guys.

So nutrition wise, this shit cray and pump wise, too. Antiox the shit up and kick dem free radicals again with some NATURAL antioxidants and fu!k your over 9000 Vit C infusion. Furthermore, trust in the power of mother earth and get back to the (non paleo) roots and lot’s of folic acid, too.

Oxalate and Nutrient Absorption

Ah and before I forget what everyone else forgets: The OXALATES in those beets are HIGH! So make sure to get your calcium with the beets to form calcium oxalates, get your vitamin D and magnesium and drink enough. You will be good to go, shred some iron out of your system and get even more carb sensitive which is fu!k!ng yolo awesome for us IFBB Pros. (You eat the beef liver with highlander levels of Vitamin A and iron, though. Trust in your dharma, then.)

Your nutrient absorption and overall INSULIN SENSITIVITY in your muscle and everywhere increases naturally with more NO3, NO2, NO in your bloodstream. Your blood vessels get wider and theres more blood contact with your tissue from inside, you get your Vit K2 from the EATC System and your salmon from your FOODFRAME for omega 3 to thin out your blood even more. And of course ALL the other good ingredients (magnesium + carnitine + creatine + taurine + zinc etc.) from the legendary EATC system to make sure your holy insulin sensitivity and of course your whole body is able to run at its absolute genetical optimum. Yeah, that would be cool for you but it’s only me so far who goes THAT far. True hardline high five to myself and my achievements. I still hope to be able to inspire you to go hard somewhere else and make the best of my content for your own gains.

Dosage and Usage + PRE WORKOUT

Get dat damn thing in supps, better RAW and COOLD in the fridge for the taste and go BEET IT!

I really ENJOY eating my beets with 500mg of cooled magerquark demeter, 250g frozen berries demeter, 2 raw eggs demeter mixed with 50-60g of organic cacaopowder demeter. I call it the EATC Polska Cake. Fu!king awesome and even triggers the EATC Refeed combo with iodine and selenium because of the crazy leucine and insulin spike that promotes your hypothalamus to fire all kinds of bonfires and release fat and heat and lifegains.

The Beet Pre

If you can’t get them RAW and organic, get the rawest pulver or extract you can find and take the dosage high before your workout.

1kg Fresh Beetroot have around 1300mg nitrate.

You want around 8-13mg/kg nitrate bodyweight to be golden before the workout.

300-1000g beetroot a day will promote you with ultimate longterm gains in all aspects.

Totally doable with your organic cacao, beetroot extract, fresh beets. And don’t forget your nice citrullin malate and arginine (gelatin) supplementation in the indirect NO backup plan to promote you with ultimate eNOS enzymatic gainz. Get the beetz 30-60 mins before the workout and you are good to go. The beets enhancing effects are about 4-5hrs active in your system. Shuttle all your nutrients and clean carbs through the ultimate vasolidation into your organs and muscle tissue cells. So basically you CAN stay insulin sensitive vain popping and ultimative nutrition absorbing throughout the whole day. Just saying. But you know, I’m lost in the beet.

“Showin’ how funky strong is your fight
It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right
Just beet it, beet it…”

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This will be a very personal post, I feel it in my balls.

What’s the HUSL? This topic will burn some individuals out and give me some hate credit form all the soldiers, sworn to the ordinary life. There is no mistake in the ordinary life and the need to have things not to be excessive. It is important that these values are being protected. This is true conservatism (in the european sense) in it’s detailed and deepest manifestation in our society. In addition to this, being a soldier under whatever oath is a manifestation of a will that protects it’s own psyche and worldview. All of what we really need more in this world. So keep going soldiers, fight and hold on to your flags. Fore life’s sake, I respect that. So far, so good. WHERE’S THE HUSL NOW? Hold on a second, we are getting there soon enough. This topic is about FOOD RESTRICTION in it’s most intense form. True asceticism and cray TOP NUTRITION mission husl. For all the soldiers out there who want to GO HARD, GO EXCESSIVE, and LIVE LIKE THIS in their fullest expression. Let’s get it done, then. IT’S THE BEST WAY TO STICK TO A DIET.

This will not work for everybody, most people (even the hardliner) need their cheat meals and “social foods” (pasta, bread, etc.). This is 100% okay and I recommend you to not force this FOODFRAME approach into your life fore this will make you depressive or angry at your surroundings. This is the best healthy diet plan: NONE! Just foods you don’t eat forever.

FOODFRAME, What the funk?

Fancy name, huh? It’s not in the dictionary and I created it, the smartass that I am. The goal is to create a PERSONALLY fitting “frame” of CONCRETE FOODS, I call them my Legendary Foods (The 4 TOP FOODS + 9 Personal CONCRETE FOODS), you eat in combination with several FOOD GROUPS (NON-FOODS) you do not eat. Super easy and I believe over 500 Mio. healthy eating people out there do just that habitually. I just happen to write it down. Cute, right? In combination with the EATC System of course, your overall Top Nutrition can look like this:

EATC Nutrition + The Legendary Foods = Whole Caloric Intake

So… just do the math, haha.

But wait! When you just stick to those concrete foods, why put in some ascetic non-foods? What the fu!k. Yeah that question makes sense and here’s the answer: For your flexible and always changing dynamic life to be called a life. You will never be able to stick to your concrete foods all the time, this is a 95% solution. Everything else would be counterproductive even to your 100% top nutrition goal since you are a many layered psychological construct and need that 5% leeway to be able to trying new things out etc.


Okay now the shit begins. Those are MY personal foods. The only foods I eat. Ever. 95% of my life is that clean. I tried out many foods and those are the ones I can stick to for

  • optimal insulin sensitivity,
  • leptin sensitivity,
  • nutritional value,
  • money efficiency,
  • time efficiency, (investing only 45min a week to buy food is godlike)
  • satiety,
  • and taste. (Going 100% top nutrition and eating clean sources will up your taste sensitivity by 2000%, midterm).

MY PERSONAL food list:

The Legendary 13 Foods:


  1. Beef Liver
  2. Gelatin
  3. Beetroot
  4. Organic Cacao
  5. Eggs
  6. Magerquark (german greek yoghurt)
  7. Wild salmon (frozen)
  8. Thuna
  9. Potatoes
  10. Legumes (all kinds)
  11. Rice (all kinds)
  12. Broccoli (vitamin E + vitamin C + fibres)
  13. Berries (all kinds, preferably blueberry, strawberry)

Fun fact: I eat only the best quality foods here in germany. I make the best of everything available. Always. The hierarchy here goes:

Conventional < Bio < Naturland < Bioland < Demeter

That’s it. Of course you can just pin down some anchor foods to have an orientation for your daily food choice. E.g.: You have salmon on your list and have to go eat out. You can still eat sushi with other fish etc. and book that under “I ate clean today”. Again, this is fu!ked up shit and all individual. I do not recommend anyone to read my site when suffering under eating disorders etc. It’s just for people who know themselves and feel this is resourceful to them. In a hardline fashion of course.


Check this, folks this is what I am very proud of. AGAIN. I recommend you to not copy paste this lifestyle. Chances are this is not the way your genetical combination wants to be expressed and you will be depressed and miserable. Anyhow, it works FOR ME and I can live this way.

MY PERSONAL non-food list:

  1. Alcohol (I drink Pinot Noir)
  2. Caffeine (I drink organic coffee as a booster, never as a crutch)
  3. Tabacco
  4. Salt
  5. Sugar
  6. Sauces and pulvers (sauces make me puffy, pulvers let me binge and I feel no use)
  7. Grains  (lectin inflammation, kcal density, brain fu!kup -> all kinds of shitty foods that pop out of your life)
  8. Milk fat (neu5GC inflammation, oestrogen, DNA fu!kup, cheese and butter kcal bombs, ethical reasons
  9. Transfat and UFat (The latest hit)
  10. I eat what I want. I’m a human with a free will. And as you know, I do not believe in dogmata.

Now I got some science cred, use it till it’s maxed out. Especially the abandonment of grains and milkfat do the trick in my daily food interaction. Alcohol, coffee and tobacco is a no-brainer for me. Salt and sugar go in handy. So much for that. Good luck with your list and what you can abandon.

Protip: If you get hungry, take 12g of glycine, wash out your mouth with 2g of l cysteine and then 3g of sodium bicarbonate. Eat cacao nibs or powder on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, my life is so much easier for me since I go that hardcore. I seem to respond very well to harsh restrictions and can accept them in a way that made any food cravings stop instantly, just because “It’s not on the list”. Furthermore, buying food is the most time saving thing in the world now. I go straight to my stuff, can buy in bulks and only the dosage varies, weather I am in a bulk/cut or just feel to need more food in my system at the moment.

So, if you feel this is for you or this idea of approaching your food life, feel free to make the best of it and alter it to fit your lifestyle and approach to life.

“In this world of food abundance and the ridiculous overeating on empty kcals, with malnutritioned, malfunctioning bodys as a result it is once again the daily less that makes the real difference.”

ORGANIC CACAO – THE BEST CACAO POWDER BENEFITS REVIEW – Cacao Powder And Your Muscle Growth, Myostatin, Antioxidation and the Best Food of Society.

Whats good? Just came back from my chest workout, so my brain is a lil dizzy. Time for CACAO. For me now and forever, for you (world) I wish the best cacao blessings fore this is in my opinion one of the best foods in the 21st century in western society, where only some foods are selected to be able to buy and eat. So I hope you CHOC UP immediately and forever, too. Let’s get started brahs. Once and for all posts, this post posts it up to the wall of internet nutrition fame (which does not and will never exist I suppose). Share this with your tribe and mama.


You should eat cacao powder every day. That’s a nice fact. I’ll put down some WHYS and you just make the best of that. In whatever manifestation.

Some info at the front.

Get your cacao powder with as little fat as possible. The c16:0s in the cacao are not bad but not optimal and as you eat cacao on a daily basis this counts. This comes down to cell membrane lipids and cell fluidity, permeability so to speak. You wanna stay fluid. So go LOW FAT.

Alright with that said, let’s pile up some KING FACTS.

Top Macros

Protein: 23.08g



Fibers: 38.15g


Top Micros

Potassium: 2238.00mg

Magnesium: 483.00mg

Iron: 14.57mg


Mangan: 3497.00µg


As you can see, some nice iron, zinc, even magnesium, potassium, mangan and copper is in there. Make sure to get enough potassium to improve blood vessel pumps, insulin sensitivity and gainz: and cacao helps you with that in a most graceful manner.

Polyphenol KING

Everyone knows, polyphenols are pretty good. They are strong antioxidants that kick the free radicals from fatty acid oxidation to hell. You want those, too since they lower inflammation in the body which are there all the time but you can help out and be more healthy. Helps you a lot with overall LIFE, lifting regeneration time, diseases, anti-cancer, anti tumors and all kinds of shitty stuff in your life (even that unresolved conflict between you and your ex gf, or is it really your inner conflict? No. It’s always 50/50).

In cacao powder there are proanthocyanidine for sure and that shit dope. It’s a rare flavonole that helps with all above mentioned bearings of life. You don’t want to be getting thrown at with details, just GET IT with CACAO and CHOC UP. Before I forget, this stuff is 18 times stronger than vitamin C and 40 times stronger than vitamin E. It’s highly bioavailable and theres some sick synergy with proantocyanidine and vitamins going on. I don’t even wanna know how cray dat is.

Protip: Just as with beetroot, the nootropic and NO enhancing (and of course radical scavenging) effects of cacao are long, mid and short term wise! That means getting cacao just once a day in the morning for example will relax long term blood pressure, happiness etc and getting it every some hours or so in addition to this would accumulate the effects and keep you pumped, enhanced and protected all day long. The cognitive enhancing effects and protection of your brain for example appear 1-3hrs after eating the chocolate and stay for some 4 hours. Be sensitive, though. Not everyone should pop theobromine and caffeine all the time. Everyone’s different and might live better when not that stimulated all the time (get cacao just in the AMs?). As with coffee, you want to use cacao and caffeine, masturbation and intermittent fasting as a booster, and never as a crutch.

Yin/Yang Balance = Life Performance Optimum

Myostatin Inhibitor and Muscle Reg (THE BEST CACAO POWDER BENEFITS REVIEW 2)

This is the stuff you really wanna know and the only reason you will get some more raw choc in your life. Everyone knows myostatin, this little protein that “fu!ks with your gains”. Theres a natural inhibitor for it in cacao. Not much, not crazy high in uberchemo levels. No, but it’s there. Put into workouts, before and after, and just everytime you feel like CHOCCIN up it has a first small and then bigger longterm impact. Some studies point in that direction and there is even evidence but you know, empirical science is forming our reality. SLOWLY. Keep scooping cacao and you will feel a difference. I promise.

Furthermore, theres clear evidence for about 20-30% better muscle regeneration and performance in the gym. My base pre and post consists of organic cacao powder.

Dopamine and NO

What’s more? Hm yea, depending on your cleanness of eating and therefore food sensitivity you get a dopamine spike while eating cacao powder. Completely awesome before a workout and in general. The reason for this is theobromine, tyramine and a little bit of caffeine in the cacao.

You know I’m a big fan of nitrate and NO (thanks to edubily). Cacao builds that up, too. The flavonols do a great job. This promotes blood flow, relaxation of soft muscle tissue and overall health and even insulin sensitivity. Just as a little addition then, theres a sick nitrate flow going on, too. But you get this with all the BEET ROOT x citrullin malate x arginine (gelatin) and B vitamins from the legendary EATC System anyways, don’t you?

To quote Prof. Dr Andro real quick from this amazing post:

We also and again got:

  • “high antioxidant activity
  • improved insulin sensitivity, beta cell function & carbohydrate metabolism
  • improved HDL/LDL ratios
  • inhibition of detrimental byproducts of the arachidonic acid metabolism
  • induction of NO-mediated, endothelium-dependent relaxations
  • reduced incidence of stroke due to hypotensive effects
  • anti-CVD effects via TGF-β ddecreased tendency of blood to clotting
  • local and systemic TNF-alpha modulation and VGEF suppression => anti-cancerefects
  • immune effects that can protect you from tooth decay
  • protection against UV radiation and rejuvenating effect if its applied to the skin
  • suppressive effect on fatty acid synthesis #Anti Fat Belly
  • increases in mitochondrial respiration #Kill Free Radicals
  • ability to boost serotonine (5-HT), improve mood and lower appetite and cravings” (Just like tryptophan!)

Just to have som scientific background here… Just to make sure ofc. This shit IS superb and dope. Embrace the tissue relaxing polyphenol king that makes you awake and happy and tastes like chocolate. Because it IS motherfu!k!ng chocolate. Not this palm fat + sugar cane bullshit you stuff in in the middle in the night. STUFF THIS SH!T IN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. And then be productive. Face it or face death.

And in the end? It does ALL matter, even the neuroprotective and enhancing effects are measurable. There’s cognitive enhancements, cell potentiation and longterm protection in there (in there = your brain) and therefore your conscious life experience. Remember stuff longer or forever, have a glass sharp and clear window of thought. Meditate and put this little life hack into your daily food routine. You, your family and everyone you serve will benefit from it. In mood, immediate energy, overall longevity and muscle gainz in the gym.

Usage and Dosage

Alright mates, just as the EATC System tells you: Get your cacao powder in a dosage of 40-100g per day. Add your calcium to form calcium oxalates so you don’t get too much oxalate in your system. Use it BEFORE and AFTER training. In the MORNING its awesome, too. If you are not that deep of a  sleeper, don’t take it just before going to bed (caffeine, theombrine mix). You can find some awesome receipts to make cacao-food like desserts everyday on this website.

“CHOCCD UP with theobromine and tyrosine. Party hard. Fu!k yea. Honestly the best food available to us in this time and place. Get it before it’s no longer available to us (in 60 years?) or better: protect it!”

To recap, raw cacao powder or cacao nibs improve your mood, perception of status, wakefulness, blood flow in the brain, insulin sensitivity, protect against cancer and promote muscle growth.

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Whats good pump-heads? This is true shreducation right here. I’ll give you a quick overview and after reading this, you will know everything you really need to know. You’ll have a solid basis forever. I will show you how to lose fat and build muscle forever. Have those three numbers in mind and optimise the process by getting the EATC ingredients in your life.

This mindset should be ingrained in every pump boy or top athlete out there. Let’s pause the trash talk and get some fact flow going.

The only NUMBERS you need to know (Deficit Iso Surplus)

Since we are all completely individual in our physique, sports biography and metabolic rate etc. all of that changing every second we live, YOU have to know YOUR right numbers at every moment.

I DO NOT CARE about all the voices that cry that it is possible to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. OF COURSE is it possible. I did that with excessive intermittent fasting 2 years straight. All in a caloric deficit. It was a cool experience but I’m glad its done. This is about the BASICS and the RIGHT MINDSET. THERE ARE NO TRICKS. When you start lifting and eat healthy, your body will transform itself in a matter that is too awesome to be true, no matter in what state you are in (Deficit, Iso or Surplus). In the beginning the numbers determine only a tendency, but as you progress this mindset will be your bread and butter.

Just accept the following facts: In the long run (4+ weeks) the numbers (Deficit Iso Surplus) tell your direction of progress.

Lets start from scratch.

Get the app MyFitnessPal and it will explain whole blog entries from other sites in 3 swipes. Welcome to the future.


Your caloric deficit. Just that. Get to know YOUR number of calories to be in a caloric deficit. In a deficit, your body will lose body mass. Fat mass AND muscle mass. You want to maximise the fat mass and minimise the muscle mass loss.


I recommend:

  • Constant stimulus on the muscle e.g. 3 times full body, or 4-5 times split  training per week.
  • Train heavy (6-12 Reprange).
  • Protein intake high. At least 2,5g/kg or more if you respond good to protein.
  • Take your time (-300kcal) or go hard and very low (-700kcal) with the kcals, prevent metabolic fu!kup in both instances.
  • Do intermittent fasting.
  • Take iodine, selenium and L tyrosine to keep your T3 burning.
  • Take L carnitine to improve fat oxidation.
  • Take tryptophan because it preserves proteins in your blood.
  • Take citrulline malate because it lets your body stay anabolic because of the NO.


Your isocaloric state that means, the caloric intake where you eat just as much calories as your body needs. This is a utopian place, because your body is doing one thing or the other (gain mass, lose mass) all the time. Only the degree varies. Plus, your body wants to stay in the body composition it is set in. For example: If you run +100 kcals for a week, chances are you are not gaining any weight, because your body is just regulating your heat up, you unconsciously take the stairs or walk more etc.

HOWEVER, you still want to know your kind of Iso number to be able to play with your caloric intake and say stuff like “im -900 kcals for 3 days now, the shred is REAL”. Yeah, -900 kcals of what? Of your Iso.

So thats basically your BASELINE.

Fun fact: When you gain weight (fat or muscle mass), your baseline goes up! Fu!king awesome.

When to go “Iso”?

  • Kind of never, it’s biochemically impossible to know your exact intake and kcal burn.
  • You can flow in the iso range, when you are stressed out and/ or just want to enjoy life like a normal person.
  • When you are happy with your physique and want to stay at that level (haha, utopia again).
  • Lifting heavy, going hard plus going Iso is most of the time shredding.


Your caloric surplus. Get to know YOUR amount of calories to be in a caloric surplus. In this state you are gaining body mass. Fat mass AND muscle mass. You want to maximise your muscle gains and minimise your fat gains.


I recommend:

  • High and constant stimulus on the muscle, this is the time to do your 5-6 bodybuilding split.
  • Heavy weights, true mind muscle working, time to shine!
  • Go high with the carbs before the workout to optimise pump and get the top stimulus on the muscle.
  • Stay in a small caloric surplus (+300 kcal). You are not building muscle that fast, boy. Beware the scale.
  • Go high protein 3-4g/kg to really kick that overall growth hormone release and blood plasma.
  • Glycine and alpha GPC from the EATC System will do their GH release agent job, I promise.
  • Take calcium with meals to block influx of fat into your fat cells.
  • Do some fasted cardio/ fasted HIIT if thats your thing to keep your metabolism high and shred some quality kcals in form of fat (don’t overdo the cardio). Walking around is awesome, too.

Dirty bulking:

Dirty bulking sucks. It’s completely detrimental to our spirit and the longterm goal you are willing to achieve in fitness. There is almost no advantage to dirty bulking. Dirty bulking maximises muscle building AND fat “building”. Fat is so easy for the body to “build” because it’s just stored. Don’t be the guy who gets it all wrong and has to shred 12kg of pure fat after a bulk. See Number 1: Deficit -, why that fu!king sucks.

Theres only pain and overall sadness. Be strong, dude.

The Goal:

Your goal is to MAXIMISE your longterm muscle mass and MINIMISE your longterm fat mass. Thats it. Give yourself time and change your lifestyle.

“The hardest thing to do is bulk when you can be shredded. This is true sacrifice for a higher cause.”


To know is to control

When I was a child, I felt very bad. A blurry entity of information abundance and ordinary custom and example dictated my life.

I asked myself: What is essential? What food should we eat? What is that stuff acutally made of? I was hyped, having found a little flash of light. The internet knew only little and it took me years to carefully gather all the information and at the same time trying it all out. From Intermittent Fasting to going Keto, from Carb Cycling to Nootropics, I tried and experienced all variants of food interaction, always going to the limit of my will and body.

eatcfit is an ambitious and strong compendium to distill all my knowledge and experience to be a cornerstone of nutrition and a go-to for everyone. Together, we navigate the jungle of nutrition.

We only write about natural foods, macro- and miconutrients. We want to invite inner peace and the biological optimum in harmony with our bodies into our lives. For peace and full control of our bodies.

GELATIN – THE BEST GLYCIN SUPPLEMENT STUDY and How Glycine Improves Your Sleep and Recovery.

Moving like the speed of SOUND. BOOM IM MOTIVATED. Lets do this, guys! And by guys I mean everyone reading my stuff and embracing it! Paleo? NO! Gelatin is no dedication towards the big paleo tribe that expands itself as a band like the foreign people did… remember? Don’t get me wrong paleos, I like you but I look at biochemical molecular levels, science, inflammatory stuff and my own perceived long term well being (which is sensed extremely well) and move on from THERE to make biological anthropological sense. Not the other way around.

Let’s check why gelatin is too good to be skipped and what to do if you go vegan (glycine). But still, brothers and sisters. Gelatin is in addition to the extremely praised science based medical value (who needs that shit?) a magical paleo voodoo substance for the ultimate health. And by THAT I mean all the potential that still lies in this cheap, natural substance. There is still a myriad of studies to come that unveil more and more magic and complex amino acid interactions for example. THE BEST GLYCIN SUPPLEMENT STUDY! Let’s roll:


Energy: 343 kcal 1435 kJ 

Water: 14.00 g Protein: 84.20 g 

Fats: 0.10 g 

Carbs: 0.00 g

Fiber: 0.00 g

Isoleucin: 1370.00 mg 

Leucin: 2740.00 mg 

Lysin: 3800.00 mg 

Methionine: 760.00 mg 

Cystein: 0.00 mg 

Arginin: 7450.00 mg 

Glutamic Acid: 9580.00 mg 

Glycine: 22960.00 mg 

As you can clearly see: Gelatin contains almost of amino acids only. IT STILL IS A TOP FOOD, though. I sense it to be more than “just” an isolated amino acid for example or trace element. It is a magical addition to your food intake because it makes your protein intake “whole”. All the protein you eat over the day (filet, fish, dairy) is unnatural in a sense of not balanced like it should be amino acid wise. Your body is lacking certain amino acid amounts it did always get when eating flesh and organic protein. Those we do not know, but we DO know several amino acid functions that are ALWAYS lacking in the contemporary individual (like glycin) and I conclude theres more imbalance going on in the human bodies right now. Not to forget all that good glutamic acid, phenylalanine or lysine (urea cycle/ ammonia/ citrullin malate SYNERGY!). Theres a significant amount of L-arginine in there, which so many of us supplement and methionine which is an ofttimes lacking amino acid, too.

You, me and science doesn’t even know how much more action is going on there with dem precious amino acids, the holy grail of your organism.

Baseline: Gelatin is a no-brainer. Get your 40g gelatin per day and you’ll have every amino acid enhanced and balanced in your system. Every amino acid cycle will run smoother, your organs will laugh tears of joy again and your gains will pop, too of course (through direct and indirect interaction).

Holy Glycine Protect Us

L-GLYCINE is the, up until todays knowledge, magical ingredient of gelatin. It is the simplest amino acid out there and science agrees: It is lacking by around 10g in all humans. Glycine can be synthesised by the amino acid serine, but that is NOT sufficient and to compensate your glycine deficiency. It’s more of a cry for help and making the best of what’s there. (40g of gelatin contains around 9g of glycine)

“In a previous paper, we pointed out that the capability to synthesize glycine from serine is constrained by the stoichiometry of the glycine hydroxymethyltransferase reaction, which limits the amount of glycine produced to be no more than equimolar with the amount of C 1 units produced. This constraint predicts a shortage of available glycine if there are no adequate compensating processes.”

The only thing I red, was: GET THAT GELATIN #weakestlink

But what does glycine really do for ME you might ask. Heres some effects:

Antioxidants and Inflammation

Some random quotes for the always asking buff dudes:

“It is now clear that dietary glycine protects against shock caused either by blood loss or endotoxin, reduces alcohol levels in the stomach and improves recovery from alcoholic hepatitis, diminishes liver injury caused by hepatotoxic drugs and blocks programmed cell death and reduces the nephrotoxicity”

“Glycine protects against shock caused by hemorrhage, endotoxin and sepsis, prevents ischemia/reperfusion and cold storage/reperfusion injury to a variety of tissues and organs including liver, kidney, heart, intestine and skeletal muscle, and diminishes liver and renal injury caused by hepatic and renal toxicants and drugs. Glycine also protects against peptidoglycan polysaccharide-induced arthritis and inhibits gastric secretion and protects the gastric mucosa against chemically and stress-induced ulcers. Glycine appears to exert several protective effects, including antiinflammatory, immunomodulatory and direct cytoprotective actions”

Long story short:

The smallest amino acid glycine is extremely valuable for everything in your body. Your organism WORKS and CONSIST to the most part of amino acids aka. “the building blocks of life”. The most important takeaway is that glycine is super good for your liver, gut flora, other organs on a makro level and super good for your cells transcription, inflammatory levels and well being on a micro level.  Furthermore glycine detoxifies your liver from fructose and alcohol, supports all the other organs, too and therefore makes you feel good. This is not just talk, this is extremely potent evidence and facts.

In addition to this, just 15g of collagen (GELATIN) + some vitamin C increases your exercise-induced collagen synthesis by 100%. That means your joints and cartilage will recover twice as fast when supplementing gelatin (proline and glycine mix etc.)

Leaky GUT and fu!ked up with acids?!

The amazing glycine helps here, too:

  • “increased small-intestinal villus height (could reverse leaky gut and will improve nutrient transport), intestinal transport of glycine, plasma concentrations of glycine and GSH, as well as whole-body growth and protein accretion, while
  • reducing plasma concentrations of ammonia, urea, and glutamine, “


Not to forget all the weight loss studies and results, JUST TAKING GELATIN/ GLYCINE provides. And better sleep of course… ah and all the other amino acids you are lacking..

Forever young with Gluthathionine (GHS)


= Gluthathione production of your own body (the strongest and only intracellular antioxidant of your body)

Gelatin IS in fact the ultimate source to get those precursors as you can clearly see. The ultimate top food for selfmade GHS, as it is supposed to be.

Sleep (Dream and grow with C. G. Jung) (THE BEST GLYCIN SUPPLEMENT STUDY 1)

Science says: Improved measured and perceived sleep with only 3g (!) of glycine supplementation before bed in male subjects. I and my clients can tell: This shit IS strong and effective. You will drowse away quickly, softly, smooth and dream intense. Get that instinctual compensation going on and accept it as a part of you. Growing in life in general and as a structured, ordered construct happens to 50% in the sleep. Its just like lifting, buff heads YOU GOTTA SLEEP and fill dem YIN batteries of your catecholamificated always screaming coffee heads.

-> Glycine delivers.


Glycine is the only amino acid that releases growth hormone.

“GH concentrations after GHRH injection correlated significantly with GH concentrations after gelatin ingestion (AUC; r=0.71, p<0.01, Peak; r=0.81, p<0.01). Further research is needed to investigate if gelatin protein is able to improve metabolic abnormalities”

In combination with my gelatin intake and clean bulking ( Iso + 800-1600kcal ) I can say: If you eat CLEAN and bulk you will gain almost NO FAT with additional glycine/ gelatin. Unbelievable results, and only for those who GO HARD.

It Just came out that glycine ups your gainz aka. “Glycine Boosts Protein Synthesis (80%), Reduces Protein Degradation (-30%) in Muscle Cells” More protein synthesis and more muscle retention is SUPERB. And that in gelatin/ glycine alone! The smallest amino acid really DOES make a difference when synergised with more EATC Hustle and clean balanced killing of goals and destructive antipodes in your surroundings. With the T3 HELLFIRE Combo (+ and EATC ofc.), this shit is like taking steroids. I can tell and people tell me that, too! How good is that.

When aggressively cutting, skip some gelatin days because of all the protein gluconeogenesis kcals and the high levels of GH. 40g Gelatin are STILL KCALS! -> Get glycin here, if you are feeble! (With clean eating and going EATC of course) Being HEALTHY is the absolute foundation of living at your optimum (Lookswise, energywise, moodwise). When familiar with intermittent fasting, you will feel the grhelin spikes after eating a big fu!k!ng meal and know where THAT came from. Glycin will also pop up your GLP-1. Pretty nice for nutrition gathering tissue mate.

Glycine in fact IS the secret weapon against first unhealthy body fat and then body fat in general. This is true in combination with the other EATC ingredients. Especially iodine, selenium, creatine, carnitine, vitamin A and EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE for dem GELATIN GLYCINE BENEFITS!

Gelatin Vs Collagen Vs Glycine

If you worry about your cartilage, get collagen. It’s more expensive and easily digestible. The amino acid profile remains THE SAME. It is just a more broken down form of gelatin. The building blocks are the same, I believe in gelatin and my body to handle my cartilage.

If you stick to gelatin, your digestion will be slower after taking it with food. That’s due to the water binding ability of gelatin. You will still have the ALL WINNING and BALANCING AMINO ACIDS. Just cheaper and without potential cartilage enhancing magic. Get vitamin C and gelatin to repair cartilage.

If you choose glycine to enhance your system, I have to say: Just the 2nd best choice, but better than nothing! I estimate 70% of gelatins magic to be in the high content of glycine. You also see, that the most anti-inflammatory and GH-release effects come from glycine, so it will be a solid choice, too. But you never know, could be less and I like to be on the intuitional side of nutrition to stretch some boundaries with (IFBB) health and nutrition experiments.

Dosage and Usage

Get it regularly and from 20-60g. Get hydrolysate if your stomach is a lil bitch and not cleaned and healthy with 30-100 days.

When bulking, GET IT for the ultimate growth hormone release action. Get it in the evening for the sleep improvement and slower and smoother digestion. Before working out, that would not be optimal. Balance out your system with the aminos it is lacking, give it the tools to repair and flow in it’s own optimal pace. Release your body and make it rain. Embrace the magic of gelatin and finally sleep a night through. Hell, there’s even scientific evidence that glycine helps treatment of schizophrenia (just like taurine does). I guess because of the  calming, ordering and life-giving balance the improved physiology provides for the psyche (and the other way around). Don’t forget: It is all one. To get the real gelatine of glycine benefits you have to meditate a lot and go to bed early. Remember to war a sleeping mask and use a blue light dimmer!

“If you fill your cup to the brim, it will spill. Do your job, then step back. If you take more than you are, the world will balance itself out for you. Get your 40g of gelatin and stay balanced, bro”

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TRYPTOPHAN – THE BEST TRYPTOPHAN SLEEP SUPPLEMENT DOSAGE – Underrated Amino Lord for Muscle Mass, Serotonin and Sleep Hormones.

New day new craft. Time for tryptophan, one of my favourite secret weapons when it comes to getting shredded and expanding the nutritional boundaries of contemporary fitness knowledge. First of all, there are several aids to help you with sleep. And with help I mean balance out your sleep rhythm and depth to normal. You should get f.lux to lower down your screen brightness and stop those hormone fucking blue lights in your whatever screen in the middle of the night. Even apple got their own f.lux going on now but the true shit never dies. Back to the aids, there are melatonin to get you sleeping, 5-HTP which is tryptophan in a smaller broken down form to get you sleeping and then there’s tryptophan itself. The chain goes kinda like this Tryptophan->5-HTP->Serotonin->Melatonin. If anything in this chain is fu!ked, your sleep is fu!ked. Melatonin is too much of a pivotal hormone for me to mess around with + it’s a medical treatment here in Germany. 5-HTP made me able to drip away faster, but I felt stupid taking it and kind of became drowsy. The real KING of this chain is tryptophan in the morning and you will be good to go to sleep and live and ALWAYS STRIVE AND PROSPER. (Don’t forget to play New Level while you break a new strength record on your fronsquat.) TRYPTOPHAN is the way to go then. Lets get some info straight up.

Tryptophan and the Circadian Rhythm (THE BEST TRYPTOPHAN SLEEP SUPPLEMENT 1)

Everyone knows ZMA, that zinc magnesium B6 combo I really like. It’s super expensive and too low in dosage to be bought and taken but the idea and biochemical reach in the gymrat-industry is amazing. All hail nutrition. If you HAVE money and no time, I recommend it nonetheless.

The Idea in this is to promote the production of your sleeping hormone melatonin and help you sleep and gain. Well guess what, you need tryptophan for that first and that’s where we constantly add the little 500-2000mg TRYP per day to promote this.

Science says: “Vitamin B6 With Breakfast Increase Serotonin and Wakefulness During the Day and Melatonin and Restful Sleep at Night”

Get your B6, magnesium, TRYP, zinc etc. ( … standard EATC Synergy) add some glycin (Oh EATC again) and sleep, recover, gain like a suckling GH newborn. I can tell! science, too: “Assumed sleep, actual sleep, and sleep efficiency were significantly increased in the breast fed infants with respect the formula fed infants.” Nuff said, TRYP in breast milk.

Don’t underestimate the circadian rhythm of your unconscience and body and conscience, go to bed when it’s dark and get your TAO. By that I mean your yin, bro. Get some balance, natural enhancement I like to say. Your Psyche will thank me in the afterlife. So become holistic and go to bed at 22 most of the time. Go hard and go home, skip this unimportant shit like going out with friends. Go to sleep, enjoy life with your girl and become the socially accepted fitness guy. #Legit #Purpose

Hidden Gem for Gainz

Ah your gains, almost forgot that (Jk, bro..). You can’t forget gains, the fuel of your life but you can forget to stack tryptophan in your Aminostack. This shit is fairly overlooked and not very well evaluated by science. The leucin brotherhood strikes back again, but we stay strong and give them their credit! Leibniz action: everything and everyone has their cause and meaning.

When going on your daily fasted cardio, everyone is sipping their BCAAs, why not supp some TRYP and CARNITINE, too? Or just get it in the morning with your other stuff like D3, K2, Calcium, zinc etc. and stop your protein breakdown by providing this rate limiting precious amino acid. Intermittent fasting brothers out there, this is your holy grail… It furthermore promotes follastatin, the myostatin inhibitor. Makes sense, more serum protein in your system at all times = More hypertrophy possible!

As always, get your blood protein serum as high as possible for life joy. TRYP is your ultimate friend in this. Overlooked and underrated. But life is not about rating, life is about now and today. How you FEEL. So get your TRYP and serotonite the fu!k up.

“These results suggest that dietary TRP deficiency decreased muscle and liver protein synthesis rates in relation to a decrease in the post-prandial release of insulin following a decreased rate of nutrient absorption.”

Insulin Sensitivity + TRYPTOPHAN = Ultimate gains and protein synthesis


There’s some tryptophan in CACAO, too. Oh wonder. Always depressed and stressed out? Get your magnesium and eat organic cacao and tryptophan.

“tryptophan is also important for the production of 5-HT (serotonin), growth hormone (GH) and the thyroid hormones, TSH, T3 and T4”

Fun fact: CARB UP, when insulin sensitive and get more serotonin!

Yeah, depression, schizophrenia, your circadian rhythm and your T3 are all tied up to form the experience of your reality. And don’t forget the GAINZ in this. Huge factor.

Usage and Dosage

Don’t overdo it, this stuff is even more powerful than tyrosine for your life experience. BALANCE, TAO, SLEEP.

500-2000mg in the morning will suffice. Don’t take it before sleeping, won’t work. Get it on EMPTY or fasted so it get’s into your brain. BCAAs transporter block TRYPTOPHAN transporter. Get it with carbs if you will.

I think it’s NUFF said again, my content gets better as it gets more concise and works with quotes. So UP your life, sleep, dreams and gains. All in one package with the full intuition EATC ingredient tryptophan. So.. Tryptophan in the morning is indeed the best sleep supplement, together with 13g of glycine.

“If it feels right, it is right.”

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CREATINE – CREATINE FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND MUSCLE BUILDING REVIEW – The King of Supplements and why Everyone should take it.

Whats going on? Really not in the mood for trash talk today. Already did that in my head to myself I think. The dreams will tell. (Carl Jung action going with gelatine glycine husl), todays topic will be CREATINE, the real KING of bodybuilding I’d like to say and why this is true. This is the fuck!ng creatine monohydrate benefits review. It really is mandatory for every pump head out there, every athlete, every fitness dude and I would even say creatine is even good for the full-time single mother that want’s to keep her weight in check. (Keep going we are with you in our hearts. Honestly.) Let’s jump right into it. Before I forget, creatine monohydrate is the only way to go, everything else is expensive useless sh!t with the absolute same effects, only one or two chemical steps further broken down etc, which is ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT when it comes to creatine. So keep reading, dear upcoming nutrition pro. Oh nutrition, I Love You.

First things first:

“Natural” Gains with Creatine?

Okay, so it is well known that creatine is the absolute must-have when it comes to making the optimum gains in building muscle or sports in general. Is it natural? Hell, I think taking 5-15g every day your whole life through is more natural than not taking it. Why? Because the human body has developed itself in a triad of different surroundings spread all over the whole world, but one of them was most of the times having around 1kg of MEAT/ day in the belly. The last 7 billion years (origin of men as we genetically are now), we did not have a 5-9 resource system to sit on our asses and get energy in form of money that way. We had to go out and catch what’s there as long as it took to get that meat/ berries/ roots or whatever your band chose to gather/ hunt today. Of course, they did several days of intermittent fasting 48+ inbetween to optimise their ampk cell mode and autophagy… Guess they were amazed by the testosterone and GH levels! Back to creatine, 1kg of meat or fish contains about 5g of creatine in a so much better bioavailable form than monohydrate. Therefore, supplementing creatine is more “natural” than not to. To all the paleo bishops out there, Im not one of you and never will be. I come from a completely BIOCHEMICAL background and try to make contextual sense with the information we have about the nutrition branch of contemporary anthropology to help make intuitional supplement decisions. I come from a different place, so to speak.

The Deep Mechanics of Creatine Monohydrate (CREATINE FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND MUSCLE BUILDING REVIEW 1)

Wow, that sounds good. How does it all work and what is creatine? Creatine can and is synthesised by a 1-2g/day rate by your body from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine. Supplementing it will therefore save those for other useful interactions in your body.

Having a throughout high creatine baseline in your body will maximise the following things:

  • Your Pcr (Phosphor-CREATINE)/ ATP levels in the cells of your whole body increase. (don’t forget, all cells means ALL cells: brain, heart, other organs, and muscle of course)
  • You have more satellite cells in your body, a mandatory factor for hypertrophy
  • Your have more short term ATP mobilisation in your muscle tissue and therefore more ALL-TIME stimulus in your workouts. Same goes for sprinting and other short term high intensity sports.
  • You can finally carb up properly since carbs need a phosphor atom and water to it to be stored in your cytoplasm in the muscle (Water + Creatine + Carbs = Full Muscle)

But there are “responders” and “non-responders” out there, right? NO, some people just have a better synthesis by themselves and eat more meat/fish than others and have therefore a better “no creatine” – performance and don’t respond as crazy as vegan brothers would after 3 years going hardcore vegan and then supplementing creatine for example.

Creatine and Timing

Take 5-15g creatine AFTER your workout with 5-15g taurine and your undenatured and unflavoured whey protein 30-50g.

This is slightly (5-10%) better than taking it at every other point of the day. Your goal is to just take it every day and have a high creatine baseline at every time. 5-15g of creatine monohydrate once a day promote exactly that and “loading” or “creatine pauses” are completely unnecessary  and without any scientific, biochemical or experimental foundation. Just sheer broscience which is the ordinary gym narrative, just like common sense is the ordinary life narrative. Both have their sense and meaning, but not in our goal oriented hardcore approach at EATC BRAHS.

Creatine, Insulin Sensitivity IQ and your Testosterone (CREATINE FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND MUSCLE BUILDING REVIEW 2)

Because of your enhanced ability to store glucose in your muscle and liver and everything, your cells will be more keen to store glucose. Thus your body will become more insulin sensitive which is the holy grail of your metabolism. You want to reach that level by eating clean for a long time without prolonged spiky carbs all day, working out a fuck!ng lot and getting your omega 3s ratio and staying in a nice c16:0/ c18:1 fatty acid intake ratio (best would be 1:3 over a course of 2+ months). Good luck with that hardcore optimisation for the last 3% of performance… Not worth it for everyone, for me for sure. A nice complex formula for optimised insulin sensitivity inspired by would be:

MAGNESIUM + CARNITINE + CREATINE + TAURINE + OMEGA 3 + NO Sources + High Frequency of Muscle Stimulus + Low Frequency of High GI Meals

= OPTIMISED Insulin Sensitivity

= Kill the metabolic syndrome, loose body fat as your second nature


will not increase directly. BUT THE BIG “DHT” BROTHER of it will! How awesome is that? Just a lil quote from the study:  “levels of DHT increased by 56% after 7 days of creatine loading and remained 40% above baseline after 14 days maintenance”. So.. Creatine enhances even the foundation of testosterone.

My intuitional idea about testo would be: The more potent energy is flowing through the body and therefore being able to be released (e.g.: intracellular zinc, T3, Creatine), the more testosterone will be produced and is part of your holistic organism. Makes sense, big energetic potential as a construct triggers the GO MODE.

Your IQ

will raise by 10+ Points. I think it makes sense, since ALL CELL ENERGY PCr/ATP levels rise with creatine supplementation and that includes of course neurons, and other brain tissue. Nice gimmick. I think 10 IQ points will help your brain fluidity to give you that 1% more quickness in the bros before hoes conversation with your gf or when calculating your protein intake for today.

Final Words

Theres not much left to say, creatine is just too awesome to be skipped. It is the ultimate supplement. Cheap, effective and has a lot of other health benefits, too. I honestly think not getting it and not giving it to your kids is a big mistake and will turn out to be irresponsible in the future. Don’t tell your grandchildren, you didn’t know better. Gains are the worth of contemporary society, so get your top food, huge chest and meditate. Ah and your creatine of course. AFTER your WO in the POST.

“Wanna achieve some muscle goals? Hack away the unessential, what’s left has definitely to do with creatine.”

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IODINE and SELENIUM = T3 HORMONES – REAL IODINE WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS and The Best Selenium Supplement To Get More T3.

New post new shred.  That is The Motto in this craft. Like a friend said, the supplemental and nutritional OPTIMUM. This post is originally inspired by Whole credit to that nutrition king, all responsibility to me of course. As always and especially in this topic: Ask your doc, you consciousness, your health insurance and your unconsciousness before taking this stuff in the dosages! If you have some auto immune health injuries, you might fu!kup your whole system even more. For the healthy roundabout person, this will just expand your nutritional horizon, up your protein turnover, overall metabolism and turn you into that crazy human superoven I always talk about in my coachings. To the guy who reads my stuff: I encourage you again and all of you to look up everything (terms, functions, ideas, maybe even apparently wrong and dangerous stuff) you don’t know by yourself on all the other websites that act like they know everything and really know a lot. Get that info and get the real crazy sh!t here. I’m just the nutritional latest information melting pot with a slight Blackwell flavour. A true hardliner on his path. Back to the Fat Burn Selenium T3 Guide. This is the real iodine weight loss for success.

The thyroid-complex is the ultimate screw for your metabolic health and optimisation of your “gains” e.g. protein turnover, fatty acid oxidation, feeling of satiety, caloric baseline, leptin stuff etc.

This will be a kinda quick topic. Some nice facts and then you go GET THAT NUTRITION IN THERE, BOY. (Okay it went bigger than I thought, but now we have IODINE and SELENIUM in one as it’s supposed to be).

IODINE and your thyroid complex

Alright folks, get your IODINE. Our grounds and fields are completely deficient of iodine. You get some iodine with fish and shit, but don’t rely on that dosage. It’s too little for that contemporary OPTIMUM we all thrive for. Don’t miss the details, the chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Never forget that.

Okay so our grounds are deficient, and you don’t get enough in your system without supplementation. In some countries they (the governments) made it mandatory to put iodine in their salt because it raises the IQ and helps with brain and organ development in infants.

Please consider donating to an effective charity on like the Iodine Global Network.

Good folks they are and I’m proud of every government out there that respects mass nutrition like it should be. It honours every individual as it is, fuels it’s life potential and helps humanity to grow in the right direction. So we got salt, yeah. But we don’t want that salt because of the “kalium overflow” baseline we want in our cells. True magic. So no salt, no iodine? Not really: Supplementation is again key to 21st century health. Not a big but maybe weird pill to swallow.

Iodine is one of the KEY COMPONENTS for your thyroid hormones. Turning dem T4 in dat nice T3 all the time in your tissues is only possible with iodine.

Fun fact iodine: Iodine is not only vital for your thyroid and all it’s related hormones, but also vital for brain tissue, testicles and a well known substance to prevent breast cancer etc.

T4 to T3: the Real Deal

The Hypothalamus

is a part of your brain almost exclusively related to your thyroid hormones etc. It is the headquarter of your thyroid complex and senses and regulates everything related to it. Don’t forget that it is directly and deeply connected to your brain with neuronal pathways and, as we do here at eatcfit we look behind the scientific curtain, there’s evidence that eating too low calories for whatever time heats up and therefore promotes activation of “signal of hunger” cells in your brain. This is triggered through your hypothalamus, from the hormonal and organic state you are in right now into your brain cells. Even when you eat again, those cells are still heated up and promote the hunger signal. Sounds like real binge science after you already ate a lot. You can counteract that stuff with our EATC Refeeds by taking care of your thyroid by eating enough, especially carbs.

The Thyroid

is the organ that does the whole direct hormonal job that is connected to your bloodstream. It is a hormonal gland and the place the active and direct one-to-one interaction with your bloodstream is done.

T4 (Tyroxine/ Tetraiodothyronine)

is your relatively inactive thyroid hormone that is flowing in your whole system. Kind of the longterm hormone that is the foundation for the action (T4->T3). It’s made of 4 iodine atoms and 2 TYROSINE amino acids.

T3  (Triiodothyronine)

is your ACTIVE thyroid hormone. It’s made of 3 iodine atoms and 2 amino acids TYROSINE.

If you read this with attention, you will have noticed that the difference between T4 and T3 is a single iodine atom that is “lacking”. Well, that’s the trick of the whole thing. It’s called deiodinase (D1) and your tissue/ organ cells set the iodine atom kind of “free” and creates heat, energetic release stuff and cellular interaction (DNA hustle all the way).

The takeaway should be this:

I skipped a lot of info and gave you only the most important ideas about your thyroid.

Maxing out your thyroid hormones needs the following things. All of them are MANDATORY:


= IST-Combo

= Optimised Thyroid and Thyroid Hormone complex! (aka REAL IODINE WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS)

Why KELPS as the Iodine Source?

Kelps are super natural, cheap and have fucoxanthin in them. This stuff is completely awesome, since it sticks to new stored fat (which you always do over the day, natural fat flux for shortterm storage, e.g.: going to bed and sleeping fat release and fatty acid oxidation) and makes it a little bit more sensitive to being released in the bloodstream and being used as the current energy substrate. Plus, it creates a lil heat INSIDE the fat cell, that makes those burn energy in form of heat. Free kcal fat burn, so to speak.

Definitely awesome and with true longterm results. I can tell. Furthermore they promote a pretty good feel, too! Since you put in so many calories in a refeed, it’s nice to know to have those little fuco fucica fucoxanthinos put in there, too! Nice inside job, mate. Just don’t get emotionally attached.. Kelps for the win, then.


Maxing those intracellular selenoprotein levels TAKES TIME and a HIGH DOSAGE. The extracellular blood flow has to be FULL OF A MINERAL/ TRACE ELEMENTS a LONG TIME (100+ days) for the cells to automatically adjust to those extracellular/intracellular disbalances  and PUT MORE STUFF INSIDE, where you want to have it. Close to your DNA, doing it’s job like it is supposed to be. How its designed by NATURE and the creator . No essentials close to your DNA means no or miserably underachieving essential DNA Transcription, expression and energy management of your cells. Welcome to the future.

In addition to this is SELENIUM an always lacking essential trace element in human bodys. Getting it will enhance your overall life performance, and is even vital to produce the strongest and ONLY INTRACELLULAR ANTIOXIDANT ever: Glutathione (GSH). Your body can produce it on is own and it catches those lil free radical bastards INSIDE the cell. Prevents oxidative damage to your telomeres and therefore DNA and makes you life longer, reduce inflammation and stress in your body/mind/life and you won’t get sick that fast + faster recovery time. Detoxing your organs, especially the liver, too.

Get your own GSH, then

Natural gluthathion (GSH) ingredients for that, OF COURSE naturally included in the EATC Nutrition System:

Intracellular SELENIUM + L GLUTAMIC ACID (liver, almost every protein source) + L CYSTEINE + GLYCINE (gelatin)


Taking it in pure and paying a lot of bucks is stupid, counterproductive and ineffective. Intracellular biochemical enhancements are best approached naturally, longterm wise and out of the BODY ITSELF.


Okay folks, so we got the IST-Combo and will put it to some use in the real fitness life. Whenever you would do a high carb refeed in your diet, just do the EATC Refeed. Use this formula:


= IST-Combo

and do this:

    • Eat as many clean or spiky carbs in combination with a tyrosine protein source (or supplement) as possible with the above supps.
    • Ideally eat almost no fats that day but still LOTS OF PROTEIN
    • Burn, sweat, poop and embrace the fucked up manipulation of your own body.
  • Gain muscle and lose fat in the superior EATC fashion, optimise your body composition in the 21st golden formula!

Dosage, Usage and Results

If you think you will overdose on iodine, this is not likely if you are healthy. Check that before and your immune function etc. They gave pigs a complete overdose on iodine and nothing happened. They gave humans a complete overdose on iodine and after 2-4 weeks the hormonal balance was set. They called it Wolff-Chaikoff-Effect. In those weeks you will feel hotter than usual and sweat more (The IST-Combo is new to your body and it is playing around, adjusting, checking out the new hormonal mileu and usage of it all). After that you will have always iodine in reach to build thyroid hormones and be all clear, fueld and superior. I take iodine in high dosage for over 2 years now and I am doing pretty good. As a reminder: I just share my sh!t and you make the best of it.

Getting your intracellular selenium levels to reach your PERSONAL optimum and getting your “overdose” on iodine and doing IST-Combos, you will finally turn on all kinds of superoven action: More brown fat cells, more protein turnover, faster and better immune function, faster metabolism, higher caloric intake per day, less hunger, more fat shred, getting closer to the golden 21st century ideal of building muscle and losing fat as a whole construct. You need enough vitamin A and zinc in your systemfor your thyrdoid hormones to work properly.


I run around

200-800mg Selenomethionine/ Day, EATC Refeed and

500-2000mg Iodine from Kelps or iodine drops per day.

Last Info

How do you know it works? Well, you will have to poo much more often in a higher frequency (metabolism sped up) and feel hot (fat burn, organs and tissue making heat).

Don’t forget to UP YOUR PROTEIN INTAKE, TOO! Remember, everything in your body is faster now. Protein turnover means more in and more out! Otherwise you could be suffering protein loss and burn muscle, when in a deficit (up it for about 30-40%). Don’t worry though, as a reader of this site you already get at least 250-300g of protein every day and more is “always better”. I’m a protein head, so stick to what works for you.

Take the selenomethione, it’s better than yeast and your body responds resourceful to methionine protein complexes.

Also a newsflash: T3 preserves (!) Muscle tissue when short term fasting. This means you have a higher caloric baseline, burn more fat, build more muscle and preserve muscle with more T3 in your bloodstream.

Good luck becoming shaped shredding fat and gaining muscle through optimised protein turnover and thyroid hormones. Work out to your absolute limits and push those hard every time. Do more than “common sense” and never bow to old  restrictions. Dead info brings death in life. But you know, that’s rookie knowledge around here.

“Think unconventional and go hard in the direction of your heart. Think unconventional, pile up some effort through focus and sacrifice and expand knowledge of humanity/ the believed “possible” in the fashion of your own taste. Risk and pain is your vibe, food and drive.”

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